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Branson Talk / Corn Crib Theater
« on: June 08, 2010, 01:03:09 AM »
Where on Highway 76 was Shad's Wilderness Settlement and Corn Crib Theater located?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: SDC Overflow Parking
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:44:15 PM »
We parked in the lot past stop 3 on May 24.  Looks like they've gone about as far back as they can for now.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / New Crosswalk
« on: May 31, 2010, 11:38:33 PM »
I noticed on our trip last weekend that they have added a new walk-path that goes all the way from the main lot down to lot 5 (which is conveniently located down the hill from Deer Run Motel).  This is a welcome addition. I know it wasn't there last Christmas 2009.  The only problem with the walk-path is that they allow parking on either side of it on the main lot.  And some cars don't park in front of the walk-path--they park OVER the walk-path which makes it extremely difficult for those using the walk-path to get through, especially if you have a stroller. This can lead to a dangerous situation.  I saw a mother and stroller almost get hit by a car the other day because they had to walk outside of the walk-path since cars were blocking the path.  I'm thankful to SDC for putting in this path.  It really saves time in having to wait for the trams.  I wish they could add some kind of barrier, parking blocks or something to keep cars from parking OVER the walkpath.

Lets keep in mind that this is a theme park...not a restaurant.  They have the luxury of preparing on demand for the most part.  SDC doesnt have that luxury, let alone preparing in different manners.  Yes it can be expensive, buts lets keep things in perspective.

Fair Enough.  But SDC advertises the "House of BBQ" on their website by saying "Try the nation's most popular flavors at The House of BBQ. From Memphis dry rubs and sweet and tangy Carolina vinegars to smoky Texas-style tastes and the Midwest's own Kansas City-style."  They didn't have that variety when I was there.

We just came back from Bluegrass and BBQ. The Bluegrass was great.  The BBQ was somewhat dissappointing.  We started at the all-you-can eat BBQ buffet at reunion hall.  I paid for 3 adults and 2 children.  The cost was $84.00 (including drinks).  Now you get 10% off for a season pass. So thats about $76.00.  Recently I spent $72.00 at Tony Romas for 3 full slabs of ribs, sides and drinks.  The last time we ate at Bandana's it cost us about $67.00 and these were not all you can eat places.  So the pricing on the BBQ buffet wasn't too outrageous. The quality of the BBQ varied--the chicken, brisket, and pulled pork were nice and tender and juicy. The Ribs were about as tough as leather.  I like ribs where the meat comes off the bone easily.  These ribs were a challenge to eat.  The same was true with the House of BBQ.  Juicy brisket and pulled pork...tough ribs.  Overall the house of BBQ was a disappointment.  We went there on Sunday (May 23) and the line was too long.  Went back on Tuesday (May 25) and all they had open were three booths open--one serving SDC's original sauce, another with the new honey-blackberry sauce and a third with a Carolina-style sauce.  I didn't see anything advertising Texas or Memphis style.  Also all the meat is cooked the same way in the same place. The only differences were the sauces used on the meat.  I was expecting a little more variety in the way the meats were prepared.  Regarding the rest of the park fare--of course the skillet, and bakery products continue to be wonderful.  It would be nice to see them come down in price on some of their food prices.  If they dropped food prices 15-20% and continued to offer the 10% discount for the season pass. That would seem a bit more reasonable.  But of course we're talking about theme park food here.  And food in a theme park (or ball park) is rarely reasonable.  Or, they could do something like Holiday World (Santa Claus, IN) does and offer free soft drinks in the park. Or wait, they have a Show Lovers Pass and the Trailblazer pass for the rides...what about a Food Lovers Pass--Pay $10.00 and save 20% on your food purchases for the day! Combine that with the Season Pass discount and that would be a pass I would buy!

Branson Talk / Re: Titanic
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:37:48 PM »
We have been to the Titanic exhibit with our kids ages 5 -13.  It's definately worth checking out if you've never been there before.  Perhaps the most chilling exhibts are the ones that feature half of a life-vest on display.  We were told that the reason there is only half of a life-vest is because it was cut off of a dead Titanic passenger found floating in the Atlantic.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Anniversary Weekend
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:31:57 PM »
What is the safest/easiest way to walk to the SDC from Deer Run now that they have the new roads going through?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2010 SDC SEASON PASS PRICE
« on: November 14, 2009, 11:31:59 PM »
(First time poster...long time lurker)

They allowed me to upgrade my 2009 ticket for a 2010 season pass.  The cost was only $48.00 but did NOT include any of the "bring a friend" coupons.  I bought 5 Season Passes, 3 adults and 2 children for $240.00 verses $325.00 at regular price.

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