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This is your official thread to post updates and speculations dealing the 2022 operating season for Silver Dollar City properties in Branson, MO.

Remember to list credits if you post photos that come from a different site and/or are not your own.

Thanks and happy speculating.

If current rumors stand, we will see a brand new FITH this season. 

Please no.  build an additional new ride

So apparently DW has released a survey talking about potential dark rides, which as we all know is a pretty darn good indicator that they will get a dark ride soon. It's also a pretty darn good indicator that SDC will follow suit with a similar ride based upon the experience of creating DW's.

This is fabulous news to me. I will hold out hope that our classics aren't completely replaced, but I do like the idea of getting back into large scale indoor rides again after so long. Perhaps it will spur further investment. There are several different options listed, from basic dark rides with guns to flying theaters and even an interactive walkthrough with puzzles (not sure how that would really work in reality). I'll take one modern dark ride with a cool semi-historical theme and a flying theatre on the side please.

History Buff:
Something authentic and site-specific would be great.  It doesn't have to be interactive as long as there is a lot to see and ride lasts long enough.  Some of the ideas presented are pretty generic:  that could work for DW more than for SDC, but they could also be adapted for the Ozarks.  Fireflies, wildlife, mining, spelunking, something historical or legendary - I'm on board for being a creative consultant.

Also, I found the word "lead" in there, where the word should have been "led", but that's the teacher/author in me.

And finally, where did the candlelight nativity come in?  One of these things is not like the others.


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