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Also a Cabela's is going to be built near Rogers on I-540

Branson Talk / Crystal Bridges American Art Museum in Bentonville Ark
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:11:25 PM »
Pet project of Alice Walton will open up this November.

Admission will be FREE TO ALL. The facility is impressive.

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 22, 2011, 08:52:45 AM »
Expect lawsuits. I do believe the landowners adversely affected by this should be compensated if a land owner decides to affect the area's quality of life.

Wife has relatives that worked at Dogpatch. Her family roots are in Newton Co. Place is a mess now. Sad, Sad, Sad.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Refillable Mugs
« on: July 16, 2011, 09:57:45 AM »
We have four of the old 50cent mugs. I was told as long as the refill price was not faded out, they would honor them. HAnd wash, people. Dishwasher will fade them out.

I'll say this, since the park has started selling the 20oz bottles, some contraband comes in the wife's bag in a slushy state ;D

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 14, 2011, 09:59:05 PM »
Article in the ADG today said that Arkansas will require that 3/4 of residents in a 3 mile radius approve it before a track can go forward with the expection of the county that Pine Bluff lies in. Also some talk of Hot Springs. I doubt it flies.

Again a 3/4 miler is a dead in in my opinion. I've heard talk of Tunica dreaming of a superspeedway.

I hate the fact that the Nationwide has become so attached to the hip to the Sprint.

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 13, 2011, 07:17:39 PM »
Not really.  They're both touristy areas and your argument was "traveling a long way for a race" -- Daytona is pretty much in the middle of nowhere in Florida.

Folks here in the shop have traveled to Talledega or Texas on numerous occassions. One finally went to Kansas this year.

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 13, 2011, 09:09:19 AM »
Hot Springs is too close to Dallas, straight shot on I-30. JMHO

Race proponent open to laying Arkansas track


   FORSYTH, Mo. — The developer of a $150 million motor speedway in southern Missouri plans to meet Friday with representatives of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.
   “We will not deny that we have a planned meeting with Arkansas state officials in Little Rock on Friday,” said Nathan Adams, a spokesman for developer Russell Cook of Hollister, Mo.
   Scott Hardin, a spokesman for the Arkansas agency, said he couldn’t comment.
   The Branson speedway project, planned for an 800-acre site near Ridgedale, Mo., has hit a few bumps lately.
   Area residents have complained about the noise and traffic that races would generate. And Johnny Morris, the founder of Bass Pro Shops, opposes the racetrack, which would be about 2 miles from his Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake.
   Morris has said the proposed raceway would spoil the scenic beauty and quiet of the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri.
   Cook said he intended to build the speedway in Missouri, but he’s considering all options.
   “I’ll be honest, because I’ve lived up here all my life I’d like to see it up here,” said Cook. “But it has got to be a business decision. We’re going to build a racetrack. Whether it’s here or down the road a little farther south has yet to be determined.”
   When asked about a site in Arkansas, Cook hinted at several possible locations, including central Arkansas.
   “Hot Springs is a destination,” he said.
   Cook has cleared 70 acres of land for the track 2 miles north of the Arkansas-Missouri line in Taney County. After scheduled completion of the 1.25-mile track in 2013, Cook has said he hopes to bring NASCAR races to the venue. According to NASCAR’S website, the organization sanctions more than 1,200 races at 100 tracks in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
   When asked if he would move the project after doing the dirt work, Cook said, “That black dirt you take up, it goes back down.”
   On Monday night, a crowd of 400 people attended a public hearing on the project in a gymnasium at Forsyth High School. It was the Taney County Planning and Zoning Commission’s second meeting regarding the speedway. The seven planning commissioners will meet again Monday to vote on the proposal.
   Bob Atchley, Taney County’s planning administrator, said 95 people signed up to speak at Monday’s meeting and about 50 spoke. The meeting lasted six hours, adjourning about midnight.
   Based on applause, Atchley said the crowd seemed evenly split for and against the proposed racetrack.
   Cook didn’t attend the meeting, but his team did a presentation and later took questions from the crowd.
   Bryan Wade of Springfield, Mo., an attorney representing Big Cedar Lodge, spoke next.
   Wade said Cook doesn’t have a good track record for developing projects in the area. Land was cleared for two of Cook’s projects, but no buildings have been constructed, Wade said.
   Wade referred to Tuscany on the Lake, a condominium development on Table Rock Lake, and TanStone Plaza, a commercial development in Branson.
   “The land has been scarred, and no development has occurred,” Wade said as he projected an image of the Tuscany on the Lake site on a screen for the audience.
   Wade also said there has been “a lack of transparency” about how the speedway would be funded.
   Cook has said he has funding lined up but has declined to reveal the source.
   Adams said Cook has signed a nondisclosure agreement with Arkansas economic development, which requested financial information regarding the speedway proposal.
   Tom Gammon, director of construction and development for Branson Sports Entertainment Complex, as the proposed speedway is officially known, said 1.9 million people live within 100 miles of the proposed site in Taney County. He said that’s a sufficient area to draw racing fans to the track and to support ancillary development such as retail and restaurants.
   Much of the discussion Monday night concerned noise levels.
   Representatives of HNTB Corp. of Kansas City, Mo., which is doing work for the developer, said noise from the track would be 30-45 decibels by the time it reached Big Cedar Lodge.
   Keith Crawford, who lives a half-mile from the proposed track, said the noise would be 60-70 decibels at his house during a race.
   “That’s approximately five times louder than the normal ambient level and three times louder than conversations,” he said.
   Adams said the track would host races about 20 days each year.
   “Everybody thinks it’s going to be used just for racing,” he said Tuesday. “Well, it’s going to be used for concerts, community events, faithbased rallies and Fourth of July fireworks, too.”
   Stands accommodating 65,000 spectators are planned for the site in Taney County. Full build out, over the next 20 years, could include 1,700 acres and seating for 100,000, according to initial plans for the speedway.
   Cook wants help from the state of Missouri to pay for $70 million in infrastructure upgrades that would be needed to handle 22,000 cars traveling to and from the track on race days. But Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a bill Friday that proponents thought might provide funding for the speedway.
   House Bill 1008, sponsored by Missouri state Rep. Thomas Long, R-Battlefield, would have allow the state’s Highways and Transportation Commission to enter into agreements to repay any funds spent on road improvements that benefit the county or a private entity.
   Long thought the bill will keep projects such as the Branson speedway from moving out of state. In 1997, Missouri lost the Kansas Speedway to that state because Kansas provided more incentives, he said.

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 12, 2011, 06:47:04 PM »
The Memphis track sold for 2 million but is showing a pulse:

Memphis Motorsports Park open for testing: The oval track at Memphis International Raceway is open for training. The raceway's new owner, Moroso Investment Partners, said Thursday that the three-quarter-mile paved oval track is ready for stock car racing after months of facility improvements. Moroso says two of the facility's three race tracks have received clearance to host racing events. Crews have scraped and ground the drag racing surface, installed and upgraded a computerized timing system, and improved and painted concession stands and restrooms. Oval track rental prices start at $5,000 per day for one to four race cars and increases to $5,500 per day for five to six cars. Moroso closed the $2 million deal to buy the former Memphis Motorsports Park in January. The last NASCAR event held there was in 2009.(Associated Press)(6-17-2011)

Memphis Motorsports deal closes: Moroso Investment Partners, the ownership group of Palm Beach International Raceway, has closed the transaction on purchasing the Memphis Motorsports Parkfrom Dover Motorsports Inc. for $2 million. Moroso was the high bidder at an auction Dec. 14. The purchase includes all 342 acres, including a quarter-mile drag strip, a three-quarter-mile paved oval and a road course. A news release Monday from Moroso said the new owners hope to have the track open in April. Dover Motorsports closed the park in November 2009. Pam Kendrick has been named vice president and general manger of the facility. She previously was senior director of administration and finance of the facility under Dover Motorsports. Chris Sowell has been named facilities manager. The Memphis facility will reopen sanctioned as an IHRA facility, with Summit Super Series bracket racing and weekly test and tune sessions, the release said.(Memphis Commercial Appeal)(2-1-2011)

Memphis track sold: After being vacant for more than a year, Memphis Motorsports Park sold at a live auction Tuesday morning for slightly less than $1.9 million. Independent investor Joe Lubeck placed the highest bid for the tract – $1.875 million – after the bidding opened at $3 million. Lubeck is managing partner of Jupiter, Fla.-based Palm Beach International Raceway, formerly Moroso Motorsports Park. Jason Rittenburry, Lubeck’s partner, ran the track for 11 years. The bidding took place onsite at one of the facility’s parcels, 5500 Victory Lane, near Millington. The property’s two tracts were sold as a whole after Morris Auction Group LLC had publicized it could be sold as separate tracts or together. The multi-track complex includes a 0.75-mile asphalt oval, a 0.25-mile championship drag strip and a 1.77-mile road course. The auction drew a big crowd but only a few serious bidders. After no bids at the opening price, Morris Auction Group quickly dropped the price to $2 million and then $1.5 million. In April, Andy Cates and Preston Thomas of Colliers International listed Memphis Motorsports Park for $6 million, a price “substantially below value,” according to the website created by the commercial real estate firm to sell the property. A 10 percent buyer’s premium was added to Lubeck’s bid, bringing the total to $2,062,500. The closing will be within the next 30 days at the law offices of Harris Shelton Hanover Walsh PLLC. The real estate sold within less than 10 minutes of the auction’s open. The personal property was then sold individually, including everything from tractors to kitchen equipment. In all likelihood, the property will remain a motorsports park. Tuesday’s auction comes after the NASCAR and NHRA 2011 schedules have been released. While the NHRA has 140 tracks, Memphis was one of only 23 to host a national event and was sanctioned in 1988 as the host site of the Mid-South Nationals. “I can only imagine that it would be challenging to try to be added to their schedule at this point,” [Gary Camp, director of communications at Dover] said. “But the facility is in great shape, and with some minor work, both the NHRA and the Motorsports oval could be race ready.”(Memphis Daily News)(12-15-2010)

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 12, 2011, 06:43:28 PM »
I dont do the race thing,  BUT i am surprised they cant build/design a track as chitlins says..

accomadate several needs in 1 facilty...

Is it really that hard? or price prohibitive?

it seems  like all the newer tracks are 1.25 milers. They lack character. They all want to be Charlotte-esque. The big time car owners are for it due to the similarities and their being able to set up easier thus decreasing costs but you get what you have had nearly the past decade. Heck, Nascar is becoming predictable.

Now on the noise issue, Fayetteville had a dirt track down near Drake Field. Thats the same valley that the West Fork of the White River is in. I'm in the same valley out Ark 16, a good 6 miles away and when they raced there, it sounded like they were in your back yard.  Valleys are horrible that way.  That sound will reverberate across Table Rock water.

I was recently in KC at Schliterbahn and the Cabelas by the Kansas Moter Speedway and open wheelers whined all day from practice. If the track is worth a dime they'll always be some activity  there.

Google Memphis Motorsports Park, This is sounding a lot like that. If I was Taney Co. I'd research this cat's history long and hard and if there's any doubt , just say thanks,but no thanks. I'm sure Morris is concerned about runoff and him doing that dirtwork without a permit, no doubt muddied the water more than it sould have. That's shady right there. I'm betting that he didn't have half the stuff required to prevent tunoff. . Folks familiar with the White below Bull Shoals knows what fly by night dirt work on top a hill can do to a stream.

I give this  about as much chance of being successful as Morris' vision of turning the Memphis Pyramid into the world's largest bait shop. about 30%

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 12, 2011, 10:56:20 AM »
Ok, I'm going to say this after reading that it's only a 3/4 mile oval. It'll never see a Sprint Cup race. Memphis built a 3.4 mile track that widely regarded as one of the finest less than mile tracks ever built. It only got Truck and Nationwide level races. They also had a road course, NHRA drag strip, and a dirt track at that complex. Its sitting idle and for sell.  It woul be great for Nascar to incorporate more short tracks into the Sprint Cup mix, especially new ones. It's getting kinda bland and needs more rubbin', but I don't see it happening.  

tracks are loud, and he can't just say it'll be on race weekends either. With practice and testing they'll be noise a good amount of time and ol' morris may have a great point. more deserted North Arkansas along US 65 between the line and the 412 interchange would be better suited and still very close to Branson. Branson would still get the loins share of hotel and tourism dollars.

And don't worry cheap beer drinkers, Boone County done went wet,0,1193564.story

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2011 Crowd Levels
« on: July 11, 2011, 11:06:25 AM »
I agree that the hospitality house product selections needs reworked. Wish there was a steakhouse type of restuarant on site.

Needs a woody, the theming screams for a woody.
Needs a modern version of the diving bell. I would like to see it back with the technology out there now.

We had decided not to come during the summer this year and only during fall fest where some of the craftsmen having things that interest me more. That brings me to missing Wilson and Wilson Decoys. Blakely has a great folk art shop on Eureka where some of the hand carved decoys can be bought.

Branson Talk / Re: Branson NASCAR track
« on: July 11, 2011, 10:34:31 AM »
Update of sorts

In the state paper down here today, there was an article about this. Seems Mr. Bass Pro is agin it and thinks it would negatively impact Big Cedar. Arkansas maybe enticing them to move farther south. Something is happening with the Taney Co. planning commisssion in a week or two. Dude sez they have the money for this and funding isn't holding them back.

Construction/Rumors / Re: Your Attraction Ideas
« on: June 14, 2011, 09:43:52 AM »
I'd like to see a woody that incorporated the terrain but actually go underground long enough to totally blackout. The flooded mine takes away it being a mine theme I guess.

I'd like to see a rebirth of the diving bell. with all the advances in simulation rides and video screen like Oled that can bend it would really be as realistic as possible. Maybe incorparate 3d into it.

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2012 Project
« on: June 14, 2011, 09:39:43 AM »
I forgot KC is getting an SeaLife Aquarium and a Legoland at the Crown Center.

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