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Re: Coronavirus
« Reply #105 on: May 09, 2020, 11:48:33 AM »
Wow... you take that as a rant? I was just trying to get people to look at things from a worldwide perspective. And no. You have mistaken me for someone else in “leaving the site for good”. I am supposed to be leaving the country, but I never said anything about leaving the site for good

But seriously if you think that was “ranting” you have a very large problem. If you think this was "ianappropriate" perhaps you are part of the problem and not the solution. I addressed several things in the last 4 pages of posts with logical discussion and not party bias. How is this "inappropriate"? Because it goes against your beliefs and you have trouble arguing it? Because I am logical? What exactly is the problem?

I was trying to bring the discussion around to solutions and not the arguing that has been going on. If that is "inappropriate", perhaps you are the problem

I didn’t say it was inappropriate, I said that there are more appropriate platforms for you to post something like that on as in not here.  Your post read like someone who feels that they are better than everyone here.  You basically called the posters here the problem.  This is not the first time you’ve tried to prop yourself up as an elitist on the topic.  So please leave like you said you were going to earlier.  It’s obvious that the posters here disgust you so do us a favor and take yourself out. 
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Re: Coronavirus
« Reply #106 on: May 09, 2020, 12:00:27 PM »
I think it's clear that people in control of our global response are reacting to situations that are beyond their control.  Does that mean one answer is better than another?  Maybe.  Is there something to learn from the situation.  Definitely.  We should be able to present information and ideas in this forum without accusing each other of racist or xenophobic intentions, without cutting down what you believe are conspiracy theories, and without assaulting political leanings.  If you're coming here because you think you know better or that you are more enlightened because of your political direction or your social transcendence, or you think you have evolved to a more advanced human being than the rest of our members, you have come here for the wrong reasons.

Friends talk about religion and politics, and sometimes friends disagree.  That's OK until they get into a disagreement that includes attacks call into question their beliefs, their patriotism, or their fears.  Right now, you can find all kinds of research and expert opinion to support any side of the debate with which you agree.  Right now, we cannot rely on a single source of information for a complete picture.  Right now, there is more hearsay than you can shake a stick at.  The dust has not cleared.  Most of us don't know who is shooting or from where they are shooting.  There is a lot of friendly fire due to the confusion of the situation.  That's not what SDCFans is all about.  I, for one, do not check SDCFans for my C19 news.  I do not come here to read anybody's cutdowns or paranoia.
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Re: Coronavirus
« Reply #107 on: May 09, 2020, 02:30:50 PM »
None of this is productive at the moment ;D

Honestly it will just be nice when people can stop arguing about how to respond this virus. There isn’t a good solution. All these stay at home orders have negative consequences just like going out has risks. I wish people could just let people do what they feel is right.