Author Topic: I got this in e mail today...... white wing lodge goes condo??? ( yeah right!!)  (Read 1312 times)


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I used to stay all the time at White Wing for many obvious reasons, price, location, free shuttle. After COVID they went VACASA rental and the quality dropped like a stone and the price sky rocketed, so I moved on. its a shame it was a good place. anyway I got this in my e mail ( i suppose I got on some list from my vacasa rental.)

anyway it seems they are trying to unload some of the bigger rooms into sales as CONDO"S??.
The price seems very high for the quality of the building and the rooms IE everything is still late 90's.

Not sure how you can call a hotel room a condo.

Just though any of you who used to stay there might find this interesting.

my two cents.


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Sounds like a good business plan on their part to raise some capital… sell them as a condo for vacation rentals and then offer to manage the vacation rental for you.

They get a nice cash infusion from the condo sale, get yearly income from maintenance and other fees, and get income from managing your rental for you…. But is are their enough gullible people that will buy them?🤣


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But is are their enough gullible people that will buy them?🤣

Yes.  :(


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What a scam. That hotel is old and basic. The best part about it was the location - everything else is as basic as a Branson hotel could be. I can't believe they shoved a kitchenette in there and called it a condo. Total ripoff. The fact that they are selling it as an "investment opportunity" is a major tell. We'll probably see some lawsuits in the future if someone is gullible enough to buy one.

Entrepreneurs are so lazy now. Guarantee there is a "passive income" personality behind this ownership. Someone wants to make a buck quick and offload it onto someone else so they can continue "building their empire".