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DH and I got to the park before opening on Friday. Went to Sullivan's Mill to get cinnamon bread for breakfast; was disappointed the bread was cold since it's usually HOT first thing in the morning.  :( We were the only people on FITH when we rode -- could have ridden it again by ourselves but decided to pass.  Like the improvements to the scenes.  Went to the first saloon show of the day (it wasn't full) and was able to walk out of the saloon and walk right into the Opera House for the first Acrobats show of the day.  Thought that the acrobats were much better than last year.  We also rode the Flooded Mine and saw the Mexican show (excellent).  Saw part of the Ireland show.  Decided to swap our 7 pm OMD tickets for 3 pm ones.  Loved the show!  We sat in the upper area and were able to get to the Red/Gold Heritage Hall before the skies opened up.  The Fiery Fiddles show was FANTASTIC.  We walked around the park some after the show and took advantage of some of the after 5 pm food specials.  We left at 6. 

Saturday we arrived at 10:30 and got in line for the noon show.  Had a brief rain shower before the show started.  It got hot when the sun came out.  Great show!  Afterwards we went to the Mexican show; another excellent show that was totally different from Friday's show.  Since the park was so crowded, we decided to leave.

Sunday we waited until late afternoon to arrive.  Waited in line an hour to get into EH for the evening praise and worship event.  DH and I like praise and worship music but we were very disappointed that there were no hymns or gospel songs --also very disappointed that there was no live music, just tracks to back up the singers.

Overall, it was a great weekend!

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Saturday, May 1st Schedule!
« on: April 28, 2010, 05:33:01 PM »
Thanks for the info.  I've been checking SDC's website but the entertainment schedule still hasn't been updated.

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: In Memorium
« on: March 26, 2010, 06:36:56 PM »
I remember Arkie Phillips well.  So sorry to hear of his death.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Crowd Levels
« on: September 01, 2009, 09:07:56 AM »
Was there first thing Sunday morning 8/30.  Crowd was okay but neither morning show we attended was full (Red Gold Heritage Hall and Riverfront Playhouse).  Was easy to walk through the park on our way out in the early afternoon.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Do they ever make candy anymore?
« on: August 03, 2009, 04:08:54 AM »
I've seen them make brittle several times this year plus have also seen the workers dip strawberries in chocolate.

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