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Branson Talk / Branson Nantucket
« on: November 18, 2022, 02:21:39 PM »
Not sure if this is OK to post on here.  If not, please feel free to delete.
I have 2 one bedroom units and 1 four bedroom unit available at the Branson Nantucket resort for the week of Dec. 24th to Dec 31st.  I booked the units a year ago because I was going to lose the points and I thought someone I knew would use them.   I would like $100 for the one bedroom units for the whole week and $300 for the 4 bedroom unit for the whole week.  It isn't necessary to stay the entire week.  I will also be staying at the resort that week.  You will not have to listen to any timeshare presentations unless you want to.  These units have kitchens and also bathrooms for each bedroom.   Please respond to the post if interested and we can find a way to contact each other.

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