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Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2023 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: January 06, 2022, 03:49:12 PM »
I have been following SDCfans for some time, but just registered today.  I was at SDC last week, but wasn't able to see any of the development.  I did get a facebook message from SDC showing a 2022 in the background and a baldnobber quote from FITH in the middle.  Would this mean that the replacement might open later this year?  In looking at where the current FITH is now and the condition of the Saloon, I think building a new Saloon where the current FITH is would be a better move than putting a new train station there.  The current Saloon could then be replaced with a new train station.  This would allow a much bigger Saloon that is fully disability compliant and much more room.  There might have to be some re-grading done to the train track if it needs to be level at the train station, but I think there would be room for that.

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