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Construction/Rumors / Re: New Steam Engines Arriving at SDC
« on: June 18, 2018, 06:38:21 PM »
Video clips are live.

Construction/Rumors / Re: New Steam Engines Arriving at SDC
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:27:47 PM »
Was this engine running last week?  Kept forgetting to look at the number of the engine every time it went by but it had a great whistle.  Big improvement over previous whistles in my opinion.

No it wasn't, at least not during park hours.  Today was it's first official day of operation.

Photos posted at and video coming in a bit.

I myself have always liked the Cajun Connection and tried to catch a set everytime I was there.   But...I have to admit it is probably time for a change to be made.   Yes, Pure Heart moved on (or pushed on) and also Frisco Jack & John the second string band disappeared a couple of years ago.  Not sure what happend there,  it could have been just a retirement thing.  They would play in place of the Pickers when they were gone.  I also enjoy the Sons Of The Silver Dollar but the way its going they just might be next.

Pure Heart is still doing a lot of singing and shows around the area, but not as much as they used to, even when they worked at SDC.  But you can catch them here and there.

Frisco Jack retired about a year back.  I haven't seen John in quite a while though.  Not sure what happened to him or if he's even at SDC anymore.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Fire In the Hole/Flooded Mine
« on: June 18, 2018, 04:53:41 PM »
Rode both today and there was no soundtracks/ music on both.  FITH had the Ned Flanders line and the "Fire in the Hole" on the drop, but pretty much no other sounds.

Flooded mine had none of the sound track working at all.

it was really odd with both of them being so quiet.  And kind of sad.

Construction/Rumors / Re: New Steam Engines Arriving at SDC
« on: June 18, 2018, 04:24:47 PM »
I've got a bunch of various stuff uploading before I leave for Israel tomorrow, but I was out there and got several photos and video segments.  Look for it to be posted in a couple of hours if I don't overwhelm my bandwidth.  :-)

I really want to take my family to SDC to see all the lights but I am afraid of the crowds. I am thinking of visiting on Thursday, November 8th because I have read Thursdays are best but I wasnít sure if that held true with Veteamsís day being that weekend. Anyone have advice?

So I'm reading your post and everyone's response, and I have to admit, I'm a bit confused.
You're wanting to come on Thursday, Nov 8th.

Veterans Day is technically Sunday, Nov 11th, and will be observed on Monday the 12th, which is AFTER you would visit.  It really shouldn't affect the day you would want to visit at all.  If you were talking about the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of that weekend, then yes, I would expect it to be packed busy on all of those days.  But on Thursday?  It should be pretty light crowds I would think.

Unless they are doing the Thursday cheap tickets still at that point in time.  Then it can be pretty busy.

So if there are no Thursday cheap tickets, then your Thursday before Veterans Days should be a great time to visit, as I would think the crowds wouldn't hit until the day after.  But if they still have the Thursday specials, then yes, the Sunday previous to that would be better.

Branson Talk / Re: Fritz's Adventure
« on: June 10, 2018, 09:10:07 AM »
I donít see how they stay in business with how outrageous the prices are.

Because even with those prices they get a lot of people visiting.  I've had a number of friends go, and they've always commented on how busy it's been.  Even during the week.

And then add in an amazing number of school field trips to it...  I don't think they are hurting at all.

Branson Talk / Re: Bigfoot sues man over review
« on: June 09, 2018, 09:18:57 AM »
All could be true...  Not wanting to start an argrument...   

What I wonder..
IF it is/was a bogus review, why did he rate it at 3 stars? instead of 1..
The quoted review is not "strongly" worded, or nasty...

IF I feel a negative review is merited,,,,  LOL.  Believe me!  it is negative.. :)

Supposedly he originally gave it 3 stars then changed it to 1.

Branson Talk / Re: Bigfoot sues man over review
« on: June 08, 2018, 05:41:36 PM »
On another forum one of the comments said that the Bigfoot owners don't think the reviewers ever took a tour since the tours are $40 and not $10. The owners think the review was fake and are suing on that basis.

The review is almost surely a fake.  They information they give about the prices and what they supposedly did on the tour are both obviously factually wrong for anyone who has been there.  Here's what I wrote in a couple of spots talking about it:

 I don't think the lawsuit will help. If you've been to Bigfoot (I have) you will realize the problem isn't that it is a bad review. It is a blatantly false review. It's all a lie, from the cost to what you do. With that part being false that indicates that the story about the phone calls almost surely is as well. And I'm sure that is why they are suing. A fabricated, falsified review of lies is libel and slander. But people aren't going to see that. They are only going to see them suing over a bad review. That isn't what is happening but I think the suit will do more harm than good in the court of public opinion, which often doesn't pay enough attention to understand details like that

I believed at one time Dollywood had an indoor 3D  flying theater  that featured Dolly and a Cousin  in a Bi-plane flying over the Smokies. Dose that still exist?

No ride anymore.  It's a show theater now. When I was there last summer it featured a show called "My People, My Music" that features one of Dolly's brothers, cousins, and a couple of other family members.  It is also running again this year


I don't know of ANY park that doesn't allow food into the park in the case of those with restricted diets because of allergies or illnesses.  Even those that generally ban food from being brought into the park will make exceptions for babies, small children, and those with illnesses.  I really don't think that's something you'll ever need to worry about happening at SDC.

I was shocked when I found out I wasn't allowed to bring plastic, still factory-sealed water bottles into Whitewater last summer.

Actually that doesn't surprise me at all.  Water is readily available from drinking fountains as well as any of the counter service places which will give you a free cup of water.  There's no reason for them to allow in something that is already available there, which eliminates the "specific diet" exception that they might otherwise allow.

Now if you had brought in a personal reusable water bottle that  you could have refilled within the park, that might have been a different story.

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: Favorite "spots" in the city
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:58:45 PM »
the homestead, either sitting on the porch with the Pickers, or in the back watching the animals.  I love to hide and relax back there.

My son's would be on the cooking school's back patio deck in one of the rockers.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:57:04 PM »
Love the TR.  Just had to comment on:
Current stadium is really impressive but lines for concussions where horrible....

They were lining up for concussions???  Who smacked their head on a wall and came up with that idea?  They must have had brain damage or something...

Or maybe they were from Texas.  (sorry, had to get the Texas joke in there.  it's a joke.  really!)  ;D ;D ;D ;D

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Attendance numbers
« on: May 25, 2018, 08:13:26 PM »
Over 10k today?  Really?  Wonder where all the people were.

My daughter and I were there for under 2 hours today (closer to 90 minutes), and the park didn't look like it had any more than 6k in it.  If that.  Time Traveler was a 15 minute wait at 2:30.  Wildfire and Outlaw Run were walk ons.  Trains weren't even always full.  When a steam train passed us the end seats were empty and it was only leaving every 30 minutes, which are signs of a slower day.  Otherwise it would be full and they would have trains every 20.

There weren't even lines for anything in Grand Expo, and the rides there were all only about half full when we were riding.  The number of rides we got in those 90 minutes, including a full lap around the park, in the middle of the afternoon, would be more like what I would expect in the first hour or two the park was open, and even then I think we beat that.

Just wish my daughter liked Blue Grass music more.  lol

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Fire In the Hole/Flooded Mine
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:55:43 PM »
While I like Flooded Mine and FITH also, they donít draw new people to the park. What most people care about when traveling to a theme park is the roller coasters. Big, new coasters are about the only thing that bring new people to a park. While I would like to see the old rides being rebuilt/fixed, I donít really see it happening if it wouldnít bring in new people.

Mmm, yes and no.  I wouldn't say "roller coasters" per se, but rides that interest and intrigue them.  As an example, there are reasons that Six Flags started putting in Justice League rides in many of their parks.  Because they drew interest and brought people in.  There are other rides and other ways to draw people's attention and interest, and make them want to visit, beside roller coasters.  Coaster tend to be the most obvious, but I think SDC also did well with the Fireman's landing addition.  And not a coaster in the area.  :-)

I truly believe that if they were to put in another indoor ride or two- a well done dark ride, 4d movie/ simulator, or something else similar that families could do together, that it would go a long ways towards reinforcing that it's a park for families to enjoy together. And that can be done very well to bring people in.

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