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I love the new change to have the big name bands play in the evening at echo hollow, but what is the plan for it raining? Most are there only one day and if it is raining like now, I am assuming shows will be cancelled. But is there a fallback plan?

I plan to leave from work every night to get there for the headliner... so if the show id definitely not going in would bd good to know before wasting time/gas

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Running sound?
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:52:31 PM »
This is slightly random but I don't have an answer...

What does it take to be able to run sound at SDC? I know in general it is probably a matter of knowing the right person. But I've seen a younger girl there doing it too.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Bluegrass And BBQ Shirts 2018?
« on: May 20, 2018, 07:52:55 PM »
Has anyone found these this year? They were usually in the Frisco Barn but I have checked the Marketplace and the hospitality house and have not found them anywhere. Am I just missing them or did they not do them this year?

Dollywood Discussion / Dollywood first time
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:54:08 AM »
So I have gone to SDC since I was a kid (40 years) but my family never made it to Dollywood. The week after Thanksgiving this year, I am taking my second Epic trip of the year from Springfield, MO east to the ocean and then to the gulf. I already drove to California this year... Anyway, one of the stops is going to be in Dollywood on the Saturday after Thanksgiving... I know, horrible day to go but it was either that or black Friday with the rest of the itinerary.

So this being my first time there and I will just be there the one day, what should I not miss? I don't much do rides so mostly will be shops/food/shows that I should not miss

I used to run sound for various bands and churches and generally always sit near the sound board when I go to any shows... Including It's a Wonderful Life And A Christmas Carol.

I saw A Christmas Carol on the first Sunday after the start of the festival. The sound was just off. The vocals were too low and the music too loud. I had seen it many times, and this was the first time I had ever noticed this. I kind of chalked it up to it only being the 4-5 performance of the festival. But I went to it's A Wonderful life yesterday and it was the same way. During the traveling song, you could not hear the vocals at all for most of the song. And several of the others were the same way. And what you could hear seemed to have the midrange boosted way too high. This was how A Christmas Carol sounded as well. Normally everything sounds so full but it is as if someone just took the mids and slammed them.

Anyone know what is going on this year? Is it different sound men than in years past or what? And if it is different sound men, why do both shows sound so "off"?

So i took a job in Springfield and will be moving from St. Louis. I am looking for short term housing (i am planning to go home to St. Louis until we find a place) that is reasonable.

I am also looking to rent or lease to own a house that is ok with 4 dogs. I am willing to pay larger deposit and monthly fee for the dogs, but getting rid of them is not something i will do - although one is older and probably doesn't have much longer

I know as they were constructing the parking lot I thought it was confusing. I hoped it had gotten better. I only went to SDC one time last year and that was by motorcycle so parking wasn't an issue, but I went last weekend and still get extremely confused by the parking lots... where to go, where to exit. I mean, I have been coming to SDC for nearly all my life (I'm almost 40) and never had issues with the parking lot until the changes a few years ago. I mean, even the entrance says one lane for parking and one lane for preferred... but once you get past the entrance, you have to get over to the right lane to park in the "Stop 2" area - which is only even remotely clear if you remember the old parking situation. And LEAVING the "Stop 2" parking area??? I mean, nothing is clearly marked. Thankfully I haven't left when there was a mass exodus from the lot as it's just so not clear where to exit. And again, entering the "Stop 5" lot... Headed into it you have 2 lanes, 1 says parking and the other says to 76 or something. But the parking lane is a through lane also... so people leaving the other lots could panic based on the signs and try to get over to the through lane when really they don't have to but it's all a blind curve so again, crowded situations just lead to chaos. Not to mention that AGAIN, the exits and how to get to them are SO not clear when leaving "Stop 5".

Am I the only one that is just totally confused by the layout? Maybe time will breed familiarity, but I would hate to be a newcomer and have to deal with all of it as it is just so confusing. I consider myself fairly intelligent (an engineer) and it really bothers me that I have so much trouble navigating the parking lots now. Is it just me? Like I said, I only went once last year but about 4 times the year before and mostly I spend the time trying to park or leaving cussing these days and it never used to be that way 

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