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Branson Talk / Re: Ride The Ducks Boat Capsizes in Storm
« on: July 21, 2018, 06:11:31 PM »
Well, for those of us that were wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe somehow they didn't know the storm was coming, hadn't looked at radar, and got caught by the nice weather when they went out on the water...

CNN and Wall Street Journal had an interview with the surviving adult in the family of 11. She says they were told a storm was coming, and they actually changed the route to go to the water first in an attempt to beat the storm.  Still a lot of investigating to do, and we're still in the early stages where a lot of misinformation can come out.  But that would not be a good thing.

Branson Talk / Re: Ride The Ducks Boat Capsizes in Storm
« on: July 21, 2018, 12:14:55 PM »
All I can say is that I arrived at the IMAX at 6:15 with clear, sunny skies.  My hubs commented that there was cloud cover to the north over Springfield when we were talking about hoping it would rain.  At 6:33 I got a weather text alert on my phone and was surprised to see it. At 6:48 we were looking at a radar that showed a heavy line of storms moving in. I believe at 7:03 the boat sunk.  It happened that fast! It's a tragic, tragic event that breaks my heart thinking of the pain families are dealing with.

There are a lot of people who don't realize how fast it moved in.  Not only that, but the strong winds, which were the real problem, were 11 miles ahead of the storm, and those don't show up on radar. Brandon Beck of KY3 posted the radar photos of it.  I know it caught us by surprise at home- sky looked mostly clear when we were getting hammered by the winds.

Just sad and tragic in so many ways.  The loss in that one family is unimaginable. I'm sure it will be investigated, examined, and analyzed thoroughly, and lots of people will point fingers and put blame without knowing the details and circumstances.  But I know a lot of people are hurting, and that should be remembered first and foremost right now.

Branson Talk / Re: Ride The Ducks Boat Capsizes in Storm
« on: July 20, 2018, 02:35:32 PM »
Such a horrible, sad moment.

The "captain" survived, but the driver didn't.  That was Bob Williams, who is well known around Branson, as well as being a local minister.  Well loved guy that I've heard wonderful things about.

There was a storm watch posted, and severe thunderstorm warnings went up about 40 minutes before it happened, but it's likely that the 2 ducks that were on the water had left base to start their trip before that.  No clue if the warnings were relayed to them when on the road or not, but based on them both being on the water I have a feeling they weren't.

I know when it hit our place, it went from a beautiful, gorgeous day to incredibly fierce winds almost instantly.  If they didn't know before hand, then it would have caught them completely by surprise on the water.  It tore down branches and trees around us, and you can see in the videos how harsh it was on the water.

I'm afraid that even if everyone in it put on life jackets it wouldn't have helped.  As others have pointed out, the flaps were all down and sealed, which only left the back door open and no other way out when it went down.  And it looks like once it started to capsize it went down pretty quick.  :-(

I know reddit is ablaze with all of those who know better than everyone else.  And had a couple out of line comments on my video I did that I had to delete.  Hurting for everyone that is affected by it.

Random Talk / Re: The Newbies Thread
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:32:52 AM »
Hi I'm Kimber and my friend, dianagail, told me about this site! I probably won't post too much but I love SDC! I loved introducing my youngest to all the new rides and can't wait to take him to White Water in a few weeks!

Awesome.  Welcome Kimber.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:24:12 AM »
And to get back on topic...  :-)

here's the first video I've put together from Israel, showing the light festival they had in Jerusalem.  Quite neat to walk around the old city and see the light projections and other things, and to experience it with thousands of other people from all sorts of cultures.

I'll be getting more videos posted of our time there in the coming weeks, along with digging through the 5000+ photos my wife and I took.  lol

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:11:22 AM »
^ LOL  Thanks History. :-)

Nice edits and changes to your posts Swoosh.

I stand by what I said earlier, but not my tone and attitude.  I apologize for responding in the manner that I did.  I was out of line in how I put a few of those things, and for that I'm sorry.

As far as your changes in your posts from stations to control panels, while there are a small handful of rides that have an enclosed operators booth, even still the vast majority of them are open air and outdoors, and out with the ride attendants.  Very few have AC, and it still wouldn't cover the vast majority of the workers nor any of the guests.

I'm happy to hear they added a lot of landscaping.  They needed it.  There were a couple of places that were nice, but much of the park was in need of it.  Good that they addressed that.

RE: my comment about not seeing things that are right in front of you- I phrased that very poorly. It was not meant rudely, but it sure sounded like it.  Sorry.  What I meant was that when you have worked at a job, you will see, note, and observe things that other people who have not worked that will not.  As teachers you and I can walk into someone's classroom and probably within about 5 minutes- even without the students there- I'll have a good idea of if that teacher is organized, has good classroom management, and how they relate to their students just by things I observe around the classroom, their desk and their lesson plans.  Things that a student, parent, or other adult would never notice, but because of our experiences we do. 

The same is true at a park. There are going to be things right in front of you that, if you've never worked at a park, you won't notice.  Even if you've visited hundreds of parks, been on a thousand coasters and heard from a bunch of workers.  If you've never done it, you just won't notice certain things.  That's not a slam, just simple fact.  But I expressed that very badly.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:22:08 PM »
Video evidence from last year:

Having "cover" over a station means nothing when that cover is a metal roof or clear plastic that turns the station into a furnace (e.g. Mamba), has no actual protection from the sun (boomerang), or overcrowds a station with no air circulation (Patriot), or in the case of practically every single flat has no cover or protection at all.  And as I show in that video that not only did almost none of them have fans, but the one station that did (Patriot), they didn't work.

And air conditioning?  Outside of their enclosed wipeout, where do you find that myth?  Seriously, now you're just completely making things up.

and I noticed it because as guests we were overheating in their boiling hot stations- where it was cooler to stand outside of them than in them, and because I sympathized and understood what the employees were enduring.

Are there areas of cooling shade?  Sure, there are some. There are also plenty with none.  Outside of the non working fans at Patriot we found one (1) misting fan over in the China theme area, and no others.  No other places where anything was being done to provide a way to move air to help cool guests.  And outside of a few areas with shade trees, or going inside of stores, no places for guest to cool off at all.

And then you say their landscaping is better than SDC?   ::) ::) ::)  I don't even need to say more at that point.  You've pretty much shown how little credibility you have with that statement.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:08:55 PM »
I guess I must be going to a different WOF than you guys because I cannot think of these barren open places you speak of.  Spinning Dragons and? Iím not sure how well traveled you two are but WOF is much more forested than most parks

Try the ride queues and stations.  I show quite a few of them- and point out the lack of cooling and how hot they are- in the videos I shot there last year.

But then you aren't looking at it through the eyes of an employee, so it can be easy to miss what is right in front of  you.  :-)

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:29:18 AM »

Went to Worlds of Fun today, it was too dayum hot to take a picture. This place rivals Six Flags America for some spots void of shade, the lack of fans in the queue, zero misters working anywhere. The dispatch times sometime borderlined 10 minutes, no foolin'. Prowler was going out at a min of six minutes a train. It made very short lines a bit of a wait for front and  back seats.  We were at SFA last year on a similar day in the 90s and didn't get as drained as we did today. It'll be another 10 ears before I'm back

That was pretty much my main complaint when we were there last year- the complete lack of shade, misters, and fans in many places, including and especially the coaster stations.  The slow dispatches may have simply been the employees trying not to get heat stroke.  Those kinds of work conditions are ridiculous and inexcusable today.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2018 Trip Reports
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:26:06 AM »
We had a great time last Tuesday.  Crowds were light so little to no wait for most things. No music still on Flooded Mine or Fire in the Hole, but most of the other sounds were working at least.  it was a lot of fun to bring the whole family from California and Maryland to experience the park.

biggest beef- one man robber show because of how they do breaks now.

You can see the video at:

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: SDC ringtones
« on: July 15, 2018, 08:29:42 PM »
I have an SDC/FITH mix ringtone in .mp3 format. Send me your email so that I can return it as an attachment.

I'll send you mine!  I used to have it in mp3, but I can't find it.  Possibly, it's on my old nano somewhere.

thank you to KBCraig for it!!

I actually looked on my old phones, checking those, but apparently I had it on a microsd memory card, and no clue where that would be now, so my originals are probably gone for good.  But grateful for the replacement file.  :-)

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: SDC ringtones
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:42:56 PM »
Here's to necro'ing a really old post!  LOL

I was looking for some background music for a video and remembered these old ringtones.  I used to have them on one of my phones.  But I've since changed phones, and sadly the links to the downloads no longer work.  Does anyone by chance know a place where these might be downloaded?  Or have copies of them they are willing to share?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Train robbery
« on: July 07, 2018, 09:57:58 AM »

To be honest I do not know who you are talking about. But, I had not rode the train in a few years so that is on me. My main concern was the lack of emotion or acting or whatever you want to call it. The skit was just boring and the cast looked and sounded like they were just rushing through it. If this is the best that can be done I would just say end it also. They basically got blank stares from the crowd.  Or, maybe develop a new skit that is fresh. This one has been running for 40 years probably ?

The problem with a "new script" is that it's actually been tried a number of times and run into two issues- it's a lot harder to write a script for it that's actually funny, and there was a huge demand from guests to bring back the old one.  I've actually seen a "new" version that was pretty funny, but a large percentage of the train wasn't happy with it simply because it was different.

Also, what many think is a 40 year old script is actually bits and pieces that have been cobbled together over the years.  A line would be spontaneously used, get some laughs, so they'd try it again.  if it still got laughs, it would continue to be used.  There are actually a couple of lines that were created and added to the show while I worked there.  So really it's a compilation of various ad libs, changes, and bits that were tried out and worked.  Several are actually from gags the robbers tried on the conductors and they worked so well they've just stayed in the show (the missed day of the week started out that way)

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Ride wait time App.
« on: July 06, 2018, 09:22:54 AM »
I've noticed that the wait times on it are horribly inaccurate or often times not available.  I don't even both with that anymore except to see if a ride is open or closed.  That's about as accurate as it gets.

Even showtimes aren't necessarily accurate either.  last time I was there the app didn't have the saloon show listed at all, under any name.  I thought at first they didn't have it that day- until we walked by and people were lining up to get in to the show.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Train robbery
« on: July 04, 2018, 08:50:53 AM »
The main issue is the park is in a very RED part of the nation but the companyís headquarters is in a very BLUE city. 

Except that it's the PARK leaders making those decisions, not HQ.  They're local decisions, made by people who should know better, on their own.  Can't blame the national office for what the locals are doing and deciding.  It's been an internal park struggle and fight for a long time now.  We fought over the guns and things they wanted to do when I was there- and all of it was coming from certain managers and leaders at the park.

When you work there and people complained, who did they complain to and/or how were you made aware of their complaints?  This is ridiculous.

Guests can make comments, suggestions, compliments or complaints through the guest relations office, email, phone calls or the company Facebook page.  If they were specific to a ride/ attraction/ show or to employees they were passed to the supervisors, then to the leads, and often to the employees. That included both compliments and complaints.  My lead was great about sharing some of the comments the train got, both good and bad.  I don't believe all of the leads do that though.

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