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General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Opening Day at SDC
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:24:49 AM »
We just left a little while ago.  Arrived at around 1, then it started raining.  We rode everything in the rain and left about 4, just as the sun came out.  TNT was even more rough it seemed.  FM had some lighting added and new sound effects.  The jack hammer guy was working, but the guy turning the pump  on the pipe was not.  The 2 dudes pumping up and down were working.  They even added some new sound effects at the buzz saw area, which was spinning again.  The water explosion outside in the lagoon is working once again.

The water game whatever you call it was taken out over by the TGS, as was the milking cow thing.

TT last car on one of the trains continues to not work and they ran it empty.  This seemed to be the case for a lot of last year as well.  WOW.

Firefall did get new seats and also lap belts which will add a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to loading and unloading.

FITH seemed to be in good shape, smelled of fresh paint. 

Food prices continue to rise.  The buffets are now $17.49, way out of control for that if you ask me.  I remember just a couple of years ago it was $12.99 which was about right.  I noticed the hamburgers all seemed to be well over $10 now, as were all of the skillets.  I never did really notice where they moved the rib house since they tore all that down. There is sure a massive amount of construction going on there. Drink refills on the refill cups is now $1.72 IIRC. 

The taffy place at the front is totally redone with the side porch being enclosed and the registers are in that area.  The inside has been redone and is more bright inside.

Under 20 bucks for a buffet at a theme park is a steal.

Branson Talk / Re: The Branson Coaster Addition?
« on: March 12, 2019, 04:57:34 PM »
If it is a spinning swing of some kind, I dont think it will be big..  I drove by acnd looked the area over,  They made a whole new little area, all fenced in.. Not very big is diameter...

I have a few pics, I will try to get them posted later...

Typical Star Flyer only needs a 50ft wide circle

Branson Talk / Re: New Video: The Aquarium is Coming in 2020!
« on: March 01, 2019, 09:38:49 PM »
Nice of the city to kick in 13%  (7 million dollars) of the taxpayers monies for this project...

Never know what the city may decide to back next.... ::)

I totally agree. TIFs and tax breaks = Corporate welfare at the expense of taxpayers. Branson taxes the hell out of tourists and then gives it away. But, not any different than any other tourist destination. When your hotel tax is almost 12% maybe you do not need my business anymore.

OK, Rant over.

OK AOC, can't give it away if you don't make it

Branson Talk / Re: New Video: The Aquarium is Coming in 2020!
« on: February 28, 2019, 01:04:20 PM »
This gets money but the proposed indoor water park hotel with outdoor white water course gets pee'd on.

Are you referring to the one proposed by Westgate resorts?  Did that one get the ax or is it still going to happen?

Westgate, ha ha, no not that one.

Branson Talk / Re: New Video: The Aquarium is Coming in 2020!
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:34:10 PM »
This gets money but the proposed indoor water park hotel with outdoor white water course gets pee'd on.

I cringe at those two procreating.

Branson Talk / Re: New Video: The Aquarium is Coming in 2020!
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:29:00 PM »
Nice of the city to kick in 13%  (7 million dollars) of the taxpayers monies for this project...

Never know what the city may decide to back next.... ::)

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Season Pass extras question
« on: February 24, 2019, 06:27:36 PM »
I wish they would offer a gold level pass that ran about 50 bucks more that got you free admission to all Herschend attractions instead of 50% off.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2019)
« on: February 24, 2019, 02:35:48 PM »
WOW!!!   Thats a schedule!!  Hope all goes well for you, with no problems.....

That is me going slow.

Son's first of 4 treatments start this Tues. Hoping for the best.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2019)
« on: February 22, 2019, 09:54:14 AM »
Well, somee things have come up since my last post on my planned Euro trip. Life has a plenty of obstacles for even the best laid plans. Our Son was diagnosed with ITP which is basically a very low blood platelet count. We were extremely worried that it was Lukemia at first, he had a bone marrow biospy and that did not show anything. They started hin on Prednisone steriods and he had an initial positive response but his numbers have fallen again. So, we are to start Rituxan IV treatment this coming week. 4 treatments spaced out over 4 weeks. Hopefully this will do it otherwise we are looking at removing his spleen and getting refered to Arkansas Childrens. Needless to say, it was a good thing I took out insurance on this thing. We are still operating under the assumption this will still happen. The Dr.  Seems to think we can work around this. There have been some tweeks.

Sat-XNA-ORD-LHT. Booked! We have a very long layover 8am to 9:30 pm. We'll hit up a pizza place in Chicago for lunch go up one of the towers and catch the Cubs/Reds game at Wrigley at 1:05pm before getting back to ORD at 6 to 6:30pm.

Sun- We touch down at 11:30am. There is an arrival lounge we can take in and grab a snack and a drink before we head to the Heathrow Express to Paddington. There it is a very short walk/taxi ride to our 2br apt rental. We have nothing planned. We don't know how we'll feel or how much sleep we'll get on the redeye. If we are overcome by excitement, we'll head out into London to do something.

Mon and Tues- objectives are the same, Changing if the Guards, Tower of London, Churchill War Rooms, V&A , British Museum. Anything else is extra.

Wed, we don't know what we'll do just yet. It will either be a theme park between London and Salisbury/Bath or touring the country side and stay in and around Salisbury/Bath or we will book it to Alton Towers for the day and come back toward Salisbury and hit up a B&B in the Cotswolds for the night. Either way, we'll be leaving London.

Thur- Salisbury/Bath area a mid afternoon visit to the Stonehenge Visitor Center leave for Dinner and be back before 8PM for our Inner Circle tour. Stayong at a very nearby Holiday Inn so we can get to bed afterwards.

Friday will be busy as we'll end up at Efteling that night. We'll get up eay grab some Breakfast and head toward London. We'll have time for a couple of things. I'm thinking maybe Legoland Windsor before we have to be at St. Pancreas station for our Eurostar Chunnel train trip to Brussels. We might hit up the RAF museum. It depends on what we do on Wed. It would be much cheaper to fly but the Wife and Kids are facinated with the Chunnel train.

(The thought is to get a Merlin UK pass that allows us to visit any Merlin attraction in the UK. That includes the London Eye, Sealife and The Dungeon there in London,. On Wed and Fri, we can choose Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland, Windsor Castle, ect, ect ect, going to and leaving Stonehenge.

Fri, Sat, Sun- staying at Efteling. We'll do the park either Sat or Sun depending on weather, the other day will be an Amsterdam day trip with the objectives on Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum and a canal cruise.

Mon-Leave Efteling pretty early and head to Phantasialand. We'll do Phantasialand on Monday and stay on site at Hotel Matamba that night.

Tues- either stay at Phantasialand for the day before heading back to Brussels or explore Aachen and Colonge before heading to Brussels. I would like to hit up the Bastonge area, we'll see. Only thing set i  stone is a hotel stay in Brussels.

Wed- flight to Barcelona, Tibidabo Amusement park in late afternoon to Sunseta, Tapas late night.

Thurs- Our Guadi Day, visits to major Guadi places like La Familia Segura, Parc Guell, Casa Batlo. More tapas that evening.

Fri- leave early for PortAventura, drop off our bags at the new Hotel Colorado River. They'll take them to the room when it is ready. Room comes with tickets to PortAventura/Ferrari Land with express pass wristbands and breakfast buffet. It consists of a double bed and two twins. So a new room in a deluxe hotel, 4 tickets to the themeparks with express passes, four buffets breakfast meals for a hair under $400. We we able to book it with my Chase Points so it also basically had a 25% discount.  Compare to a night on resort at Disneyland Paris with tickets, this is a steal.

Sat- Cruise departure day, we'll check out and hit up the Roman Ruins in Tarragona, there is a great section of an aquaduct and amp in the area. We'll drive along the coast to Barcelona, I'll drop off the others and luggage at the port and then drop off the car nearby and take the metro to meet back up. We'll board around 2pm. I'm not one of those must get on as soon as you can types.

Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur,- cruise days and port excursions.

Visit Eze, Cinque Terre, Pisa/Lucca or other Tuscan village and Pompeii.

Fri off at Rome. Have an apt rental near the Vatican , either a night visit to the Sistine and St. Peters or early Sat morning for a more involved tour.

Sat- Rome sites like Trevi, Spainish Steps, Borghese

Sun- Florence day trip by high speed, late night tour of Colosseum

Mon- early train to Venice, night tour of St Marks.

Tues, early visit to Doge Palace and then an early afternoon train to Munich. Stay near the Central station and hit up Hofbrau for the night.

Wed, either take the early train to Strasbourg or rent a car and drive to Fussen to see the Snow White Castle and back and then train to Strasbourg. Either way we'll be staying at the new Rulantica hotel at Europa till Sat.  So sad the water park will not be done, it looks awesome.

It has crossed our mind to cancel the first night a Europa and stay along the way after Fussen and get there in Thurs. I found the one way car rentals from Italy to Germany astronomically high but point to point in Germany is much more manageable. However, cross over to Strasbourg and it becomes much more expensive again though nothin like the Italy to German charge.(nearly  1k for the one way fee alone)

If we skip the Fussen day trip from Munich, we'll daytrip one day to Rhine Falls and some nearby Castles.

On Sat, we'll train to Nantes and wind up at Puy du Fou that night for the big show This would a high speed/direct train, about 6hr.

Sun- Puy du Fou

Mon- Puy to Mont St. Michel to Bayeux

Tue- D-Day sites

Wed- Bayuex Tapistry to Giverny(Monet's Garden) to Paris (Disneyland)

Thur- Disneyland w/Studios with the add on fast pass tickets

Fri- Paris proper, Louvre, d'Orsay, Catacombs

Sat- More Paris am. Afternoon at Versailles with the night fireworks show.

Mon- here is where this trip currently ends. We'll hold off and see how my Son responds to his treatment before going farther but the ideal is to to go to Copenhagen and then to Stockholm or back to Spain to hit Madrid instead, or Dublin/Ireland. It will depend on award flight availibilty as well. If that is the case, we may come back to the States and do Boston/ NY but this will be the week of the 4th so it will be slamed.

That is pretry much the final rough draft. Most hotel stays and tours have been booked, even the Versailles fireworks show.
 We decided to train as much as possible on high speed lines so as to not worry so much about baggages fees over flights.

That said, sometimes the flights are srupid cheap, we are flying Brussels to Barcelona for 20 per person but it'll be 200 by the time we add a couple of check ins and seat assignments. We may change the plan and stay in Venice all day of that Tue and take the night train to Munich but I think a train ride through the Alps  in daylight might be nice.

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2019 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:14:55 AM »
Do you think they would plant grass or begin to plant vegetation around TT? Everybody I've heard from said they don't like how the rock/clay/dirt looks and that it still looked like a construction site even after it was done. I really do hope they planted some new trees and some grass.

They could have easily added mulch to the area last year, they didn't. So...don't hold your breath

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDCís 2021 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: January 23, 2019, 08:19:48 AM »
Just keep it mainly a dark ride with some coaster sections, not just another indoor roller coaster in the dark.

I agree Cowboy.
FITH is NOT an indoor roller is a DARK RIDE with coaster elements. I truly hope that when it gets rebuilt it will not be an indoor roller coaster.


I totally agree. Just to drop in another outdoor coaster and give it the  FITH name would be a injustice. Keep it a dark ride totally using modern technology.


No VR and I really don't want to see 3D glasses

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDCís 2021 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: January 17, 2019, 12:29:13 PM »
We are still a little far out from 2021, but the whispers are getting louder that FITH will be torn out at the end of the 2020 season and will be completely demolished to make way for a brand new version.  Of course things change over time but definitely something to keep an eye and ear on

As long as it keeps the core concept and addea a drop track element at the burning bridge followered by a launch, should be a winner

Branson Talk / Re: 'Skyscraper" - New Attraction for Branson.
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:56:50 PM »
I would still love to see a  Star Flyer in town and wish the Track would get a GG woodie.

Random Talk / Re: Snowpocalypse 2019
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:33:30 PM »
I'm heading east to put the hurt on some ducks now that something has come along to push a few south. I hope y'all get completely covered up for the next 3 weeks.

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