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General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2018 Trip Reports
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:06:24 PM »
When they built Fireman's Landing, they put in the infrastructure for a train Track crossing(see photo).
That could easily be used as part of a new pathway to connect Fireman's Landing and Grand Expo. I theorize that they would only claim the southern half of that employee parking lot for this. But if you look at how FM, Frisco Barn and the area left from the Water Boggin and you have the making of a space for a coaster. Other wildcards are RiverFront playhouse and the open air theater and if Valley Road stays.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2018 Trip Reports
« on: September 23, 2018, 07:38:57 PM »

Sounds like SDC is about to get their own new area similar to dollywood. Waterboggin footprint and Employee parking lot.

Bad News for Flooded Mine?

Highly doubt it.  I've heard some interesting rumors from the craftspeople that I never saw come to pass.  We know that they are redoing the festival event next year, as evidenced by the departure of the Wild West Show and a few other small changes they've announced.  It's very possible they're just completely reworking how they're gong to do that whole event.

But if they were doing a major remodel of an area of the park, you can bet they would have announced it and been milking it for all it's worth already.  That's not the kind of thing they are going to do under the radar and not say anything about.  Remember how early the hints were dropping about Christmas in Midtown- a full year before it happened.  They're not going to have a major project like that go by and nothing even hinted until a quiet rumor 6 months from when it would be complete.

Which is also why I laugh every time certain people start talking about the redone entrance and moving it or Echo Hollow.  Again things that the PR department isn't going to keep hidden.

Not if it's for 2020.

New shows/festivals next year, new area /revamp with a major ride 2020. Something like that would take more than a year.  Could we see the at grade train crossing go bye bye for a overpass/underpass?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Refill Cups
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:04:48 PM »
We got ours at the coke  refill station between the new chicken place and the skillets across from Time Traveler.
They were 2012 Old Time Christmas cups.

We're leaving town next weekend as the bikes roll into.Fayetteville and plan to hit up the park at least once though we are going to Branson for the mountain coaster and other stuff.

I'm 45. I might be able to visit the expansion before I get on Social Security 8)

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2018 Trip Reports
« on: September 20, 2018, 02:11:06 PM »
Talked to a couple of vendors we always stop and talk with who told us that they were told they aren't being invited back next year.

Is this due to them not having this festival next year or they just don't want the outside vendors?

You know, I'm not really sure.  I didn't want to ask too many questions when it was brought up.  The two that spoke about not coming back were in the Frisco Barn.  One mentioned that the entire back of the park was in for a remodel, but not sure how he would know that.

Hmmmm...... this is so close to the waterboggin tower. Hmmmmmmmm..............

Sounds like SDC is about to get their own new area similar to dollywood. Waterboggin footprint and Employee parking lot.

Bad News for Flooded Mine?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Refill Cups
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:28:40 PM »
They are currently selling retired mugs for 8bucks with free refills for the rest of the year at certain places. It was a better deal for 4 of us to just do that considering we have at least two more visits left.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:38:21 AM »
Thanks so much for those Memphis Belle photos. Still, I wish it had ended up in Nawlins at the WW2 museum.

Man, my Europe trip is getting real, I just booked 3 nights at Europa at the new hotel Kronosar. I do hope the water park is open by mid June. Otherwise I may switch it over to the Roman themed hotel, but we are coming from Italy so......a bit overkill

We are flying from Strasbourg after this to Bordeaux and to Pu du Fou. They open up for booking for 2019 on Oct 1.

My D-Day itinerary
9am Ste. Mere Eglise Airbourne Museum and Church

11am- Utah Beach and Museuem

1pm- ish- lunch

2pm- Pointe du Hoc

4pm- American Cemetary at Omaha beach, watch Flag lowering and playing of Taps at 5pm,

We'll head to Arromanches to view the  Mulberry Harbor remains, don't see how we'll fit in Arromanches 360 though.

We'll spend the night in Bayeux. Next day the Tapistry and Caen Memorial museum and head to Rouen for the night.

Wild Adventures Discussion / Re: Wild Adventures 2019 Alligator/Kids Area
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:31:04 PM »
This looks like a great idea. 
Kids will dig it as well as the parents... 
IF you cant have dinosaurs.....  Gators are the next best thing,

Too bad that doesnt fit SDC theming, that could be made to fit into the wasted space at HDH!! Under the swinging bridge and in view from the treehouses for the kids.....

I say go for it.  There are alligators in Arkansas and probably some in the wetlands shared by MO and AR

Nope, I -40 is currently about the extent of their year round range. Some Male juveniles may venture north in warmer weather but the head south  come fall. I grew up on the banks of the St. Francis and spent countless hours out in the Sunkin Lands. Grandpa even had a house boat on the lake.  They have tried to introduce them to help control the beavers but they don't last. I have 120 acres of bottom land hardwoods along the L'Anguille River between Wynne and Harrisburg, 80 on the west bank and 40 on the east. No gators and we have a slough they would be all over. Now, talk to me about  cottonmouths. Fantastic Duck hunting.

Wild Adventures would be a fantastic park for one of fun little Gravity Group coasters.

I'm going to stop at Parc St. Paul just to ride that one and also get a PAX credit. Too close to Monet's Gardens not to.

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: Pictures from the Past!
« on: September 08, 2018, 11:55:04 AM »
Oh!  Thats a great idea...  An assortment of wild flowers maybe?
I couldn't care if it were weeds and Virginia creeper, seems like when wildfire was added it was decided stripped hillsides were acceptable.  Our latest example being TT valley that is an abomination to the natural beauty of the Ozarks.  I miss the green lushness of the old mill wheel pic, its a place I desire to explore, unlike the bald ground.   I hope they do something with that valley and lay off the weed eating.  I will tell you if we threw a few packs of Morning glorys off that bridge the valley would be in bloom for years to come.  Once morning glorys take hold you can't get them gone!

At the very least, they should have mulches it up. But, yeah, they could have done much better with pocket of plants that would never in order with the rides. I hate seeing basic chainlink fence as well knowing that it comes coated in browns and greens.

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: August 24, 2018, 10:26:40 PM »
With Spring Break being our really big trip for the year nearly 6 months in the rear view window, I'm getting really jittery needing to pull the trigger on things for the 2019 Euro Trip. I had a fairly set plan and that's evaporating quickly.

Anyhoo, as it stands, The mood of my clan is go, go, go till the cruise which will provide a relative rest. They want to see as many places as feasible. I have always said this was an appetizer sampler plate where we will see what we like go back for more in the following years. I already know my wife will love Italy. As it stands, we'll fly into Manchester. I've planned a brief stop at SFOG, after leaving MEM around 6am before getting over to ATL for a evening hop across the pond on Virgin Atlantic. Supposed landing time 8:30am( my body clock will think it's 3am. I hope we all get  couple hrs of napping in before landing because I know my crew will be incapable of sleep with being in England.  I'll have two options, either one effects the days in London and I'll i'll have to pull the trigger soon as my apt rental pool there is getting shallower by the day. We'll either head to Blackpool and hit up Pleasure Beach for a few hours till it's time to head to Alton Tower's resort to check in and crash or head to Alton Tower's park straight away and hit the park whilst we wait for our hotel room check in. We'd likely get in as much as we can and this will be our day at Alton Towers.

If we go for Blackpool, well do a full day at Alton Tower the following day and drive a bit and spend the night at Stratford upon Avon. I may see if any plays at the Shakespere theater interest us. IF not, we'll leave Alton Towers and spend a couple of hours here and off for a Cotswold drive and a stop for lunch, then on for a late afternoon visit to Stonehenge and a night nearby.  The next day the theme park junkie in me screams Paulton's before heading into London but the wife on the shoulder says backdoor the RAF Museum, ditch the car at Stanstead and head into London via rail/tube.

London will have at least two full days. One is what I call London Tower day, we'll tour the Tower and Bridge as early as possible, eat a late lunch and then head to the British Museum for however long we can stay. I'm sure we could spend an entire day there but...  That evening after supper I'm sure we'll lose momma to rest and the kids and I will hit up the EYE and surrounding area or find someplace to explore like Oxford St. or market area. Day two will be the Changing of the Guards day, I hope to get in the Churchill War Rooms and Buckingham Palace tour as well. We may do the V&A. That depends of the museum interest of the clan, I'd love to hit up the Imperial War Museum. That evening I hope for a possible play at the Globe or modern fare in West End.

The next day depends on what we decide upon arrival. If we hit up Alton Towers first thing, we have another day in London. If not, ee are off to Disneyland Paris via the train and Chunnel.  We'll be literally at the front gate around 2:30 pm. We'll use Disney's luggage service to deliver our bags to the on site hotel we decide to stay at. The New York conversion to Marvel will not be done and Sequoia's major pool refurb won't be done but I'm leaning there over the gosh awful expensive Disneyland PAris Hotel and their Cape Cod knock off. We will hit up the only park that Disney has that makes Hollywood Studios appear well thought out and competent. We'll ride the rides and eat at Chez Remy and depending on what we have accomplished and the operating hours, head to Disneyland and get the Fireworks out of the way that night. The next day is Disneyland and then we'll head into Paris that evening and do the Eiffel at night. The next day is the Louvre early, the kids we tire of art quickly so no more than2 to 3 hrs. We'll cruise the Seine, take in the Champs and the Arc, see Luxembourg Gardens, some trendy area and head to catacombs as late as we can(book it really early) and tour it.  The next day we'll hit up D'Orsay, try to incorporate a short visit to Jardin D'acclimation to credit hound the new gerstlauer as we head to Versailles for the Afternoon.

Next day, pick up rental, pick up the rest at the hotel and head straight to Caen, hit the museum, head to the American Cemetary, Point du Hoc, Ste Mere Eglise, the Utah Beach Museum and head to close to Mont St. Michel for the night. Either visit at night or catch it at Sunrise the next day and head to Puy do Fou for a 11/2 days and two nights there. Yes, I know, no Bayeux Tapestry. The kids would be bored. That's a dish left to sample later on with just the Wife and I along with wine tasting and the Loire Valley. Can you say river cruise.

Then off to Spain either via Nantes or Bordeaux, all depends on flight times, I'm sure we'll stop at least at one winery. The daughter demands it as she's legal there.  ::)

I'll pick up later.

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:08:25 PM »
I wonder if they will have the season pass sale for 2019 like Six Flags always do. Highly interested in getting some Gold passes on the cheap.

I got a code from Virgin Atlantic for signing up to their millage program. Only that the closest place they fly is ATL.
This give us a great deal on transferring and using points for their Premium Economy seats on the outbound hop across the pond. Direct to Manchester on a 747, chance for the kids to get a ride on one before they are gone, this far out even a seats up in the bubble can be had.

Anywho, we'll have to drive to ATL from MEM, I want to leave early and hit up SFOG for 5hr to 6 hrs and wear them out and head to Hartsfield. I figure we'll get there and be so hyped at 8.20am We'll head to either Blackpool and get there at opening and spend time there before heading to Alton Towers and the hotel and crash or head straight to Alton Towers get some park time in till the hotel room is a go and then crash.

I want to fly into a place close to a Six Flags or two. Thinking I might sneak in LA and hit MM and possibly Star Wars land  :o 8) I know I'll spend 8hrs to ride two rides but...ÖÖ...

Branson Talk / Re: Microbreweries
« on: August 24, 2018, 08:55:42 AM »
Would love for Boulevard to open a tap room down at the Landing, with all their selections plus partner brewers with handles, could be nice. Have an on site made variety.

Branson Talk / Re: Grand Palace is sold at auction...
« on: August 24, 2018, 08:50:59 AM »

46,000sf is rather small these days. Sadly, once you have been to The Georgia Aquarium, all others in the states fail to compare and one has to keep an open mind about respective markets. Otherwise, one has to traverse the globe to find peers.

The Boardwalk? Hopefully this mirrors Parrot Island in Pigeon Poop. Replace the Big Wheel(Since The Track has the former Navy Pier one)with a 300 to 400 ft. Star Flyer and we 'n bidniss.

Agreed !  Donít fix what ainít broke.

Sadly the problem is FitH and FM are broke and getting "broker" and they're not fixing them.

One of the guys out there (who posts here sometimes) put a huge amount of time, investment and effort fixing up FM last year, and it was looking great last season, especially at the beginning.  But it almost seems like last offseason and this year the park is refusing to do anything other than basic work to keep them running and ignoring everything else with the rides.  Which is tragic.

I'm sure someone thinks that FM would make a good water feature turn around for a new coaster for the Water Bogging area.

Let's be honest, SDC got Fireman's Landing sans a coaster but Dolly got the coaster that fit that theming but none of the rest. Fireman's Landing needs an appropriately themed firefighter coaster, but that's currently FITH and it's detached from the area. I fear it would be very expendable along with the Playhouse for a new coaster. The pottery shop and Boatworks would stay

Random Talk / Re: Your Travels Thread (2018)
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:56:51 AM »
The plane belongs in the Smithsonian at Dulles, at the very least a, if not the, signature piece at the WW2 Museum in Nawlins. Memphis leadership was horrible under Willie Herrington. The city is still trying to recover from his reign of ineptitude and cronyism.

A great read:

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