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After many long years of waiting, Bell's Amusement Park is finally on the move!

It's a terrible location, but I'm willing to drive it a couple of times a year to hit up Zingo again. I can't wait to see what new rides will be added to the mix.

Call me a pessimist, but I'll believe it when the gates to the park finally open... and even then I might not believe it (yeah hi WWW - looking at you).

Any idea why their lease was not renewed where they are? Seems like it would benefit the landowners to keep a popular attraction going where it is at?

^Politics.  It was a mess

Yeah, politics. People playing their little games. Seems like a lot of people never get over the kindergarten thing where they gotta fight in the sandbox. Good people go down, the bastards usually the shortrun. Someday they get to stand tall before the man, and then what will they say? No lies that day, only confession.


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