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Received a Silver Dollar City survey email today -- mainly about a possible SDC resort. Had 4 different options of building design. Asked about perks I would value staying at the resort -- tickets for SDC, free parking, shuttle from the resort to the city, fast pass, show lovers pass, food package for the park, early admission to the park, etc. Average night rate would be $199.99.

There were also questions about how often I visited Branson, what attractions I visited, when was my last visit to SDC.

Anyone else get this survey?

I didnít get one.

However, our family can not wait for SDC to finally build a resort. If it is anything like the DreamMore it will be awesome. Even though we love about 40 minutes from SDC, if the average room price was in the $199-$250 range we would do around 4 staycations a year there.

I'm very curious about the design options they presented.

I did not get one, I did a guest survey in early September but it was just a general how was your visit survey.

The first design and the one that had the most questions about it was the Herschend, a 1950s style country estate. There was one that looked like something from a national park like Yellowstone, another one that focused on craftsmanship (had Chihuly type glass lighting fixtures), another one that reminded me of Adirondack style with lots of stone and wood.

Interesting. We knew that a resort was in the works, but this is the first visible sign. Guessing we'll get an announcement sometime around August 2024.

Like the sounds of the craftmanship idea. We'll probably get a little of that mixed in with the Adirondack style I'm guessing, based on recent HFEC design trends.


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