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Re: New Park - American Heartland in NE Oklahoma
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There are a lot of people in the area, and they have good access due to the turnpike, but I still say that without a major IP or something to draw people, it's just a random big theme park with a generic americana theme in the middle of nowhere.

Their main hope of creating a draw is simply building enough themselves to get big, but I still don't see where the $2 billion is going to come from...

Are we already forgetting how SDC came about and put Branson on the map??? Nobody would have started any show in Branson if SDC wasn't here because shows alone don't draw people in.

This park is just outside Vinita, 45 minutes from Tulsa, on Route 66, next to the I-44 Turnpike, and West of Grand Lake. That is NOT the "middle of nowhere"! Route 66 attracts thousands to millions of people every year from all around the globe and brings in more tourists than anything else in Oklahoma.

As they have said, the company already has the money.

Plus, like History Buff said, everyone is tired of Disney and their Woke ideology. We need more companies who are against the woke regime and the creators of this park have already said that they are extremely anti-woke.

There is absolutely no way this park won't thrive because of all these factors!

I'm seeing a lot of red flags with this project. 1st, how is the park fully funded? According to sources, Gene Bicknell’s net worth is estimated to be around $240 million. The press releases say the park is all privately funded from one source, Gene. Where is 2 billion dollars coming from? Also, Gene is 91 years old. What happens if he dies before this is complete? Other little things really make me question this operation. Things like cheap signage for the RV park construction. A 2 billion dollar operation is using PVC pipe and zip ties for signage?