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As of today I finally went back in and forwarded everything to the forums. The "old site" hasn't been updated in years. It was mostly just a home page with SDC social feeds, but since the recent twitter updates most of it wasn't working anyway.

Going back in to the site's code made me think of the good old days when I used this site to hone my programming skills. At one point it was sort of an encyclopedia of all the niche SDC knowledge, with detailed write ups of all the rides and lots of weird little history that I and others had compiled. I'll have to dig some of it out this summer.

For the foreseeable future, I'll just keep the forums going until they aren't useful anymore. I always thought we would eventually migrate to FB, but with the way major social media sites are going lately we might outlive them!

Not sure if it's possible to add to the forum homepage, but the list of recent posts that was on the homepage made it easy to quickly see new posts.

*I did just notice the "Show unread posts since last visit" up at the top right. That is helpful to know about.

Thanks for hosting the forums!

You beat me to it, MG - I was going to say the exact same thing. 

Personally I will be glad when Failbook and Twitler go the way of MySpace.

Thanks for keeping this going. Even though this is a year off for me from SDC, I still check in often to keep up with what is happening at the park.


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