Author Topic: Fat Guy Needs Some Advice Please on SDC from peeps that know the place well  (Read 5988 times)


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Well let's just own up to it, I'm fat. Not just fat but like really fat, I apologize in advance. I don't want to go to SDC but every year some of my family go and they always beg me to come with them. I say no because I don't want any embarrassing moments like trying to get on a ride with them and not fitting. This year they wouldn't take no for an answer and they rented me a cabin and bought me tickets. So now I'm in a pickle and scared that this will end badly for me.
I have an electric scooter and I can stand and walk for 10 minutes at a time so I think getting around won't be too much of a problem. Other than that I need some real advice from those of you that know the place really well. If it makes a difference we will be going the week before Thanksgiving so according to their website they will be having their Old Time Christmas theme.

1. Is my scooter gonna be able to go to most areas of the park without much trouble? Like any obstacles you know of that I might have trouble with?
2. Are there any really fat friendly rides I could go on? I don't care about rides personally but they are gonna spend a lot of time on them so I figure if there are a couple I won't have a problem getting on, then it would make my time go by faster.
3. Please tell me what to absolutely avoid so I don't embarrass myself. Be honest I don't care, I'd rather you tell me upfront that I shouldn't try this or that, rather than I make a fool of myself in front of 15 family members.
4. How is that bathroom situation there? Are there a good number of places to relieve yourself and do they have those larger handicap stalls?

Lastly just any advice you can imagine I'd need, again don't be afraid to shoot me straight. I'm 400+ and I don't blame anyone but myself. I try to avoid stuff like this but my family doesn't understand how to take no for an answer and they already spent some money booking things. I'm trying to convince myself that I can just go and enjoy the sightseeing, maybe a couple of music shows and a bit of shopping. If you know of any other things I could do to pass the time, please fill me in.


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You definitely won't be the only person getting around on a scooter. They are pretty prevalent.

The big issues I see are the crowds and the hills. Old Time Christmas is actually SDC's main season, and some times it gets so packed out that they close the gates early and don't let anyone else in. Inside the park it can get difficult in times to walk through, let alone ride through on a scooter. You just have to go slow and be patient.

The park is built on a ridge-line, and the West side of the park is the most hilly. Depending on the brand of your scooter, you may not be able to get up the hill on that side. The ADA-route follows the East side of the park. To get  to the West side you either have to go all the way around by Fireman's Landing, or jog back past the train station to get to the circular ramp in the center of the park. It's a bit of a maze, so familiarize yourself with the park map.

The main "fat friendly" ride will be the train. I'm sure you can probably get on Flooded Mine as well, but you will have to go around to the back exit and send someone in to let them know you are coming. It's not setup well for ADA access.

Bathrooms are fairly prevalent, and they do have handicapped stalls. Again though, it will be very busy and some of the restrooms are hard to get around in a scooter even if they aren't packed. I think the ones near Crossroads Pizza and the ones at the back of Fireman's Landing are probably the easiest?

All-in-all, don't sweat it. SDC is magical at Christmas, and there's plenty to see and enjoy with your family.


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Ty for the response Shavethewhales!  My scooter is a heavy duty model made for very large individuals so it has a dual motor system. It doesn't have a problem with hills as I've had it go up some pretty steep ramps and it has so much torque that it is capable of handling the terrain. If it were a smaller normal person size scooter I'd probably be worried about the hills. I appreciate the info on the crowd size and letting me know that they can close the gates if population gets too large, we didn't know that. Also, appreciate the description of the bathrooms, I was a bit worried but I don't have to take the scooter inside, I can park it outside the bathroom and walk in if need be. Just I'm a larger person so I prefer bathrooms that have one of those larger stalls.

Your advice to get familiar with the map is very welcome indeed. I did not know they had an ADA route so I will definitely download a copy and study it before leaving home. Thank you again so much, any info I can get ahead of this trip is very appreciated!


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A larger friend of ours who was in a power scooter similar to what your description is....used the bathroom by the First Aid station. It was easier for him to use that one and it usually was vacant.


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Planing ahead is a good idea and you have been given great advice above.  I will mention that the week you choose was probably the best you could.  I go that weekend yearly and always have great light crowds.  I do not go on Saturday and would recommend you skip it if possible.  The numbers on Saturdays are crushing if the weather is nice .
The crowds dont come on strong till after Thanksgiving.  You should have a good time!


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You will be able to get into most of the shops, but in my opinion (I had to rent a scooter once), it was so tight getting thru the door that I wished I hadn't.  If you aren't interested in rides, look at all the city has to offer and go the shows.  They are very good! Depending on crowds, ride time could be limited. Enjoy your day!

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I totally understand how you are feeling.  Avoiding embarrassment costs some of us way too many
Opportunities for fun.
Flooded Mine
There are no bars or belts on The Flooded Mine, but you have to be able to get down and up two steps.  There are sturdy bars on both sides, but you will be stepping up out of the boat. 

American Plunge
This is a log ride that requires stepping into and back out of the log.  At the end of the ride, you pass through an observation area where people watch everyone coming down the big plunge.  No belts or bars that I remember.

Lost River

This ride has a belt, but you can ask for an extension.   Again, this requires stepping into and climbing out of the boat.

Fire in the Hole

This one has a bar, but it might work. If not, it would be pretty embarrassing to leave as lines of people are watching as they wait.

The train ought to be perfect.  The best view of the action is on the right side of the cars in the middle car or the one behind it.

I can’t tell you anything about the roller coasters or newer rides.

The only turnstiles are at the front gates, but you will go through the gate with your cart.

Don’t attempt to go down Cardiac Hill.  Go the route to the left side. It will get you down the steepest part and there are stores along the way.

The positive: the shows are great.  Be sure to see the saloon show first to avoid a longer wait later.
Everyone else will be worn out, but having an electric cart will make it much easier for you.

It is an amazing place.  You will not regret going.   Just get excited about shows and see them when your group is doing the “not for everyone“ rides.


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Lost river is gone.