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I believe that internet forums need to be as open and accepting as possible, so I avoid most forms of censorship or strict rules. This forum is intended to be fairly relaxed and self-controlled. Basically, don't be an ass. That's the all-encompassing rule.

With that said, here's a few guidelines:

* Absolutely no posting of confidential information relating to SDC or HFEC. This includes, but is not limited to, leaked ride announcements or information on future attraction development obtained from legitimate sources that was not meant to be shared. We do a lot of speculation on here, but there is a line between rumors and leaks. Ask me for more information if you are unsure of whether or not you will break this rule.
* You can have links in your signatures, but if there are too many, or if it looks too much like an ad I'll take them out.
* Debates are allowed, and encouraged, just don't turn it into a fight or take anything too seriously. If I see anyone continually taking "potshots" at each other, I'll force them to take a break from the forums.
* You can post links to other sites, but don't spam. We actually have an entire board for posting sites as it is.
* Be nice.

I have a quick question:

What are the maximum size limits for avatars and signature banners? Are they going to be allowed?

~ "Becky" Joy ~

Avatars can be 100*100 pixels, and yes, signature banners are allowed, just don't make them huge and annoying.

Okay, thanks! :)

~ "Becky" Joy ~

Finally remembered to update this thread.


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