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Yes Folks! We announce for the 2012 season a new facility, the 3,000 Post Club will be opening for a trial run/ rehearsal to a limited audience of 1 in early November until we feel the facilities meet the needs and standards of the exacting standards that our 3K clients have come to expect. I, at this point will hope to become the first member of this elite group with several others soon to follow. Expect exponentially more elaborate views of the rolling Ozark hills, a private fishing hole and spring, as well as a Sarsaparilla fountain that would make the Bellagio in Vegas look like an elementary school drinking fountain. We expect to see several members in the Club uring this inaugural year, and  if you have any questions about the expected ammenities, feel free to ask.

I'm not too far away from reaching the 3,000 mark, and would like to request my own chorus line of saloon girls to dance for me, please have a jug of the "shine" from Moonshine Stump" ready, and a personal visit from a few of my old, fellow "citizens" would be nice...ah, when they are on a lunchbreak! Good work on the clubhouse, and hope to see you there very soon!

Rube, great idea... 

My reqeust is an easy one.... ;D ;D

I want a chair next to juniors!!!! :o :o :o :o

Sandune you have definitely made a HUGE jump in the time since you have joined! At this pace I will be passing off the hammer and nails to ready the 4K club for me when I get there. Much has come up lately and You have given me a run for my money on this 3K posting, but I think the odds of me making it there in first are very slim. Let's enjoy the club!

Junior I have asked the Saloon to ready the dancers at a moments notice, and Sanddune you'll have to hear my stories until Juniors Stagecoach arrives!

thats just fine, i will listen to your stories all day,

but can we get the dancing girls before junior joins?
tha way we can make sure they are practiced up. ;)


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