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Looks like FC's old SF team is back in town again. Burke and Story have been busy the last couple of years building up another empire of theme and water parks. FC is their first dry park, but WWB makes their third water park so far. They've been busy expanding their two other water parks like crazy already, just like in the good old days.

I'm not terribly excited about this team - they're famous for building up parks with rides and attractions but not paying attention to anything else, resulting in the famous six flags stigma we've all referred to at some point. However, they're not in control of the capital ex. purse for FC or WWB - CNL is, and it doesn't look like they've budgeted for anything new at either park this year. Hopefully, Burke and Co. can get them to invest in some new rides at FC, because right now that's all the park needs. PARC did a great job cleaning up the place, now it just needs a couple of new headlining attractions.

I doubt we'll see any improvement in day to day operations though, which means more of the same teenage ride operators, terrible food, and overpriced everything. At least that's nothing new for FC.

I agree Shave...I got excited when I first saw the headlines in the paper, but after reading a few seconds I had the same thoughts.  At least they sometimes have pretty good concerts there.  I haven't been to WWB in YEARS.  Probably not since high school.  I only go to FC when the checkbook allows me to.  It's not near the bang for the buck as it used to be.  I'll keep my SDC season tickets!

have to see what/if any improvements they make....

This will be the first time in several years that I will not have a frontier city pass. Last year they gave them away with a single day admission

this posted today:

The new name for Story & Burke’s management group is, Premier Attractions Management, LLC. According to CNL, Premier will be taking over the management of not only Frontier City and White Water Bay, but also Splashtown in Houston.


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