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Announcements / Re: New Forums
« on: June 27, 2024, 05:36:41 PM »
I’m here!

Branson Talk / Re: OYO/Classic Motor Inn closed
« on: June 23, 2024, 08:47:03 PM »
Exactly the reason for SDC to identify as being in the Ozark Mountains and not Branson

I think the award is also for Theme Park - which Silver Dollar City does extremely well. Yes, they could use a nice long ride (hyper or giga) but the ones they have were top of their game when installed. But the main reason my family loves going to SDC over anywhere else is because there is something for everyone: Shows, Rides, Shopping, and Food. Also, the cave is pretty cool too.

Same reason my family loves to go to Busch Gardens, Sea World Orlando, Disneyland, etc. There is more to do than just rides, carnival games, and bad food.

I'm not 100% sure how SDC beats out Universal, or some Disney parks - but SDC does an excellent job campaigning for their park.


Agreed about what is offered.

As for Universal and Disney, the company machines are completely different. I can’t imagine that they really care about these awards.  You don’t need the endorsement of a non-scientific poll when you are already at the level everyone else can only dream of reaching and when you have the IPs and other supports to lean on.

As a confirmed member of the Not In Miss Mary's Day club, I'd like to see the signs be hand painted again, and not computer printed.

They replaced quite a few sings this season and they are hand painted.

Anyone seen the TV screen menus at the new Sadie’s Pretzel Dog Place?   Ugh.

I second each of the items above. All in favor, say aye.

When I was at the media event for FITH 2.0 the SDC big wigs said that Thunderation is undergoing a multi year maintenance overhaul so it can be enjoyed for years to come. SDC recognizes the uniqueness and nostalgic value of that coaster considering it was their first big thrill ride/coaster. As for the old FITH I directly asked about it and all they would say is what's not going there is a new Train Station.

That’s a shame.  It seemed like a good idea to get the train a larger station and more space for waiting during three Christmas season.

Pretty sure I heard on a ride review of FITH 2.0 that the water tower in the last scene is supposed to "fall" or at least create the illusion of falling, but every POV video I've seen since the first one was posted doesn't give me the impression of that at all. Can anyone confirm or dispel that? On a separate, but related note, the fiber-optic chasing fuse leading to "blowing up" the water tower seems like a super cool and well-executed detail.

That scene happens so quickly that it needs the action of the tower falling to tie everything together.

Wildfire’s “wildfire” applicators over the trains are operational again.

Good to hear.  Without it, the ride is not as good.

Isn’t the Grand Opening just a party to which the media is invited?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / 2024 Trip Reports
« on: March 18, 2024, 09:30:44 PM »
Cold on the last day of winter before the first day of spring. 

- Grabbed some plastic passes in lieu of the digital passes. They just seem easier to fiddle with.
- Not many guests, so parking was very easy, but the new lot arrangements, exit lanes, and name/number/color designations and clear signage are very nice.
- Most people seemed to have stayed away with 29-45° temps.  Crowds were minimal in the Monday of many Spring Breaks in the area.
- The windows at the demonstration area for Heartland Furnishings seem like they will be a constant source of glare and reflection. It may be hard to watch the demo without putting hands around your face and getting against the glass.
- Play some music in the furniture showroom for crying out loud. The place is like s very uncomfortable museum. Very awkward to shop in there while some family sits in the couches (to stay warm) and stares at you.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
- It was nice to see candy and taffy demonstrations in process for a change.
- I really would prefer if the seasonal acts could take it upon themselves to dress more in theme and use music that also gets closer to the theme.
- Kettle Corn bucket refills increased price from $2 to $3.  The $10 bags the sell appear to be significantly smaller as well.
- Wanted to get a cave tour with Cave Guide Cory, but I guess I’ll have to do that later in the season.
- Even though temperatures reached 44-45°, the only coaster in operation was Outlaw Run.  We were quite disappointed that the park never opened the others even when temps reached the levels they list.  Not fun when the 13-year-old has his heart set on taking his girlfriend in her first ride on Powder Keg (not that it wouldn’t be experiencing other shutdowns).  We left the park around 3:30 or 4:00.
- Upgrading our season pass mug to unlimited refills for $10.80 seemed to be a no brainer.

Some notes from our visit on the last day of winter:

- Agreed:  FitH is not dark enough. We don’t like seeing the ceiling of the show building.
- On board audio is too loud to allow hearing of the external storytelling
- Is the new recording of the theme song anywhere?
- Do any of the mannequins move besides the one in the pond under the bridge?  We couldn’t tell what effects might not have been working.
- Is the water tower supposed to move?  Seems like it should.
- We thought the digital screen work was great, and I spotted some nice background artwork that added depth to the experience.
- All of the scenes seemed very close to riders, presumably to allow for more scenes and characters.
- Blowing up the water tower gave purpose to the final exclamation of the ride’s name. It wasn’t really clear why they shouted “Fire in the hole!” in the original.
- I missed the crickets at the beginning.
- I wish the sign at the beginning said Marmaros instead of Silver Dollar City.

I may nitpick, but all in all, we were pleased with the update.  It doesn’t feel as homespun or as homemade as the original, but we couldn’t expect it to.  Hopefully it stands up for a long time.

I don't want to be a party pooper, but should that link be allowed in these forums? We all know that it's out there. Heck, I've watched it myself. However, in years past this forum wouldn't allow things like that to be posted because taking the video was a violation of park safety rules.

I know this site isn't sanctioned or affiliated with SDC, but I believe we have always tried to do things to maintain good relations with the folks at the City.

I agree. I removed the link. I've always typically enforced this, but we don't have many stated rules around here. It makes sense not to post any POVs that break park rules. I haven't been to the city yet this year, but I imagine they have plenty of warnings about not recording on the ride, similar to the old FITH.

Sorry everyone for the post!  I didn't know that was a rule, but understand the reasoning.

No worries!

I respect your understanding.

The biggest problem is that they have made the Bald Knobbers out to be a gang of thugs and seem to ignore that they were vigilantes.  I know that was inevitable, but I’m sorry to see them become 1950s comic book villains. 

As far as I know they were unhappy that the law was not being enforced and based together to enforce it themselves before everything devolved into violence, the establishment of another vigilante group - the anti-baldknobbers - and even more violence.

The minimum height to ride has now been confirmed as 36” and not 39” as originally announced.

And one must have a minimum of one natural leg.

(No mention of a maximum)

Has there been any rumors of projection in the ride? This about digital displays from the press release seemed like new info; "The coaster is housed in a five-story, climate-controlled building and features 14 immersive scenes with state-of-the-art technology, including onboard audio and enhanced digital displays."

I guess I did kind of assume that there would be projection in it after they posted about filming for the final scene of the ride where all of the townspeople are celebrating.

There will also be commemorative "First Recruit" stickers given out.

Full press release:

Also:  “That heroism is brought to life in an exciting new way, pulling riders into the action with special details that make each ride a different experience.”  I’m going to assume that projections may run for longer than the rider sees them, so you have to ride again to see different sections of the projection sequence - sort of like you never quite hear the rest of the Red Flanders dialogue because the car is going too fast.

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