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Did anyone go to White Water today and if you did was it packed with people?

White Water Discussion / Re: White Water 2022 possible project
« on: July 28, 2021, 06:34:41 PM »
Why would that move White Water? They have invested 6.5 million+ into the water park in the last 10 years, and well over half of that went into there lazy River something that they can moveÖHonestly I donít really think the park is as bad as you guys say it is or make it seem anyway...It has some of the best theming I have ever seen at a water park.Itís is smaller but not as small as you guys would make me think it is.It has six different water slide Towers which isnít a super lot but they are all costumed design for the terrain or there location, and they are all the water park-Industry at its best.Donít get me wrong they need a new water slide but even if they donít Iíll still be happy with the water park.

2022 Project update
Next time I go I am planning on asking the General Manager (if I see him)if they are getting a new addition in the foreseeable future.Hopefully he will give me a clearer answer (like a year or something)

White Water Discussion / White Water 2022 possible project
« on: July 26, 2021, 05:24:30 PM »
Back in 2018 their was a threat of a new 400+ million dollar water park a year later in 2019 white waterís Guest Survey asked you to rank interest in the addition of body slides, large raft family rides and a grotto activity pool.Which makes me think one of these additions will be making its way to the park next year or 2024.I think the parkís original intentions word to open the ride this on going season but COVID-19 delayed this possible project.I honestly think that this possible addition will open next year or in 2024.My reasons being that the park is at a yearly attendance high here in 2021.Nearly every time I have when this season that park has been crammed full of people.Heck even on there website itís warning itís season pass holders the parks going to be extremely crowded on Saturday as well back in June they extended their operating hours to 7 pm and in August they had added a operating day and extend their hours on a couple Saturdayís to 8pm.So why wouldnít they resume or reboot this potential projectÖ?I would attract more 2 park season pass holders it would give the park some needed media attention and it would added a new shiny water slide or pool to their collection.Anyway guys I really think their will be a possible new addition between next season and 2024 the only reason that this project would of been canceled was because of COVID but like I said earlier this has been one of their busy seasons.But Idk let me know what you guys think please

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