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Random Talk / Re: What's going on is NWA, Summer 15 edition
« on: August 11, 2015, 08:16:22 AM »
Layoffs haven't happened yet.....and the timing of that report seems wrong.  If it happens I would guess that it will be towards the end of a retail quarter (October) and that it is done mostly through position shifting (re-assignments and demotions) than by actual layoffs.  That actually seems to happen at the HO every couple of years.  It usually happens either in January or April though.  Local news usually exaggerates this things when they do happen.  I few years ago when we went through a restructure the news acted like half the town would be out of a job....I think maybe 20-30 people where actually let go and most where voluntary because they didn't want to change roles....not bad for a company with 6-7k of jobs in town.

NWA is as strong as ever.  The childrens hospital is huge news and kind of long over due.  Its crazy the amount of people here forced to travel 4-5 hours to Little Rock for child care health services.  The children's hospital there is amazing but just too far away to serve a community of our size. 

Branson Talk / Re: New Branson Entertainment Survey
« on: August 05, 2015, 07:53:02 AM »
So maybe instead of causing a traffic jam on your land....they could be watching a musical in Branson (and jamming up 76) :)

Opinions about specific topics aside....the show still maintains a following and they do line up with the traditional Branson values that the town as always been known for.  Goofy family friendly with a heavy dose of American pride.

IMO....their TV show is a typical "reality" show that every episode is obviously scripted from the start.  If you watch with your brain turned off it does show a very funny and loving family taking you through their adventures.  Unfortunately....if you really think about what is going on and how it is scripted when you watch then you just feel like they are treating you as an idiot for believing it is 'real'.  The whole thing would be better as a formal sitcom based on their life.

I probably would not go to this musical....but I don't think Branson is in a position to just ignore it.

It is still a "people eater" ride and I assume marginally low maintenance.  I hope they just refurbish it up with new scenes and updated technology to help keep it relevant.

If they do refurbish it the need to move the exit to go back to the entrance (that gets tricky for some family s)

If you really think big about it....maybe take the water out and make is a 3D sim ride?  Idk how much of the existing ride could be really used if it turn 3D though.  Compare FM to the modern shooter rides (justice league, buzz lightyear, Toy story) and it just looks and feels tired and old :( 

I have many of those memories that you all have about the ride and I'm fine keeping it the same.....but I know my kids just seem to find it boring :(

I'm not sure if their is enough space around it to do a mystery ride coaster?  It seems to be tightly tucked between the RR on one side and the shops on the other.  I really can't predict what they would do with the ride/area if it were to close.

If they where to get rid of it why spend dollars on marketing its final year....especially some type of big year long campaign?  I just don't see that announcement causing the general public to fill the park.  If it where to happen I would assume that they would keep that tight lipped until after the summer season....maybe announce during the fall to 'help' with late season tickets.  Hopefully they would have a primary marketing announcement for the next year at the same time with what will be added so the public gets the goods news with the bad.   

Branson Talk / Re: Tell me what you think
« on: July 23, 2015, 08:15:00 AM »
That looks like a fun park....

Where are you getting these plans?

Branson Talk / Re: Tell me what you think
« on: July 22, 2015, 12:56:49 PM »
Fun...planning that for Fayetteville?

I don't think you'll be able to get away with a wave pool within the lazy river.  Don't the wave pool have rather large infrastructure that goes behind them?

I might actually go out for the movies if I got a waterpark day with it.

John H

Construction/Rumors / Re: Land size ..
« on: July 21, 2015, 08:35:59 AM »
Wow....That is interesting information....

Wonder if the church/college has any influence over the park then?  Do they get a say in ride development, shows, etc?  Maybe they have a handshake agreement for a cut in revenues?  A cheap lease on the land would be a huge cost benefit for the company (and helps keep our ticket prices down).

I wonder if HFE has ever tried to buy it from them or do a land swap....It's hard to imagine that the church/college would ever cause the park to close (huge impact to Branson) over a land issue but it should be concerning as it is a big financial risk to the long-term stability of the park. 

Other Parks / Re: Stone Mountain Park Under Fire
« on: July 15, 2015, 01:12:00 PM »
HFE better stay far far far away from it.  Even if it could be acquired at no or low cost it would be a legal and PR nightmare.  All future SDC roller coaster $s would be sucked away to this place on legal fees and/or PR.

I know of a little Arkansas company that should have kept their month closed recently on those types of issues and are now dealing with a PR nightmare of "but that offends me too....why do you still sell X, Y, and Z?". 

Just stay away from this conversation HFE...

I've always thought that SDC would be 'flooded' with starving artists/craftsman who would love to have their stuff featured in the park.  Seems like a great way to get your goods in front of people who just might come back and be a regular customer outside of the park.  You could even have some type of schedule of different artists and craftsman who could be featured to meet/watch through the different 'festivals'. 

I'm guessing the profit margin for selling the outside cheap goods are hard to ignore on the bottom line and I doubt any one feature artists/craftsman will increase ticket sales enough to justify hiring him/her over the cost of a 'regular' sales worker:(

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: SDC Memories
« on: July 14, 2015, 12:44:27 PM »
Yikes....I would have lost it in my pants high tailed it away if they did that too me :)

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: SDC Memories
« on: July 13, 2015, 03:40:27 PM »
That might be it.....the skulls where on some type of float trip?  I really remember having to float by skull head with the bright jewels as eyes.  I'd probably had just seen Indiana Jones too:)

Like I said....I've just got a few vivid visuals and memory's of mostly of the scary stuff:)  I'm pretty sure it was the first amusement park visit I'd had.    

I think my parents just assumed I'd pick up on some of that stuff.....or maybe they did try to calm me down and explain things but my sheltered and 'imaginative' mind was going full speed that day:)  I had no idea what I had got into.  

It's actually kind of shocking that they even took me to an amusement park...they only took me to WoF after years of asking later in my young life....but I'm sure in between the rides at SDC we where listening to some bluegrass which probably got them there to begin with:)

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: New times
« on: July 13, 2015, 03:13:22 PM »
That's a great idea (surprised I hadn't thought of it:))

I thought they have been pulling back on the extra passes the past few years?  or limiting the days?

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: SDC Memories
« on: July 13, 2015, 03:00:11 PM »
Don't have a lot of details to this story/memory but thought some would find it funny.

I have very vivid but vague memories of my parents taking me to SDC with I was very young. I would have been in the mid-80's and I was probable only 5-6 years old.  In fact I did even realized that these memories where from SDC till I visited again in my mid- 20's.  Some even came back that I didn't realize I still remembered :)

Basically....SDC really really scared the heck out of me......(I was a pretty chicken kid)

Diving Bell - I don't remember what it looked like from the outside.  Just remember being in a weird place and I picked up enough of the story line that I did really think that we where underwater and in trouble.  I don't think my parents every really explained that it was just for fun and confused the heck out of me.

Saloon Show....I remember it being loud and crowded.  The bad guy and his gun scared me.  My Dad got pick to go on stage and I thought the bad guy was going to get him.  I didn't understand why he and my mom where so 'relaxed' and laughing.  I really just wanted to leave.  (this memory came back to me at the show the first time back)

Train - Seriously!!!!  bad guys robbing the train (I don't think I ever caught my parent cues that it was in fun).  In my later years I'd assume this was from WoF.

Flooded Mine - I'll need some help with this one....but didn't the flooded mine have a more 'scary' theme before the guns?  I'm 99% sure was in tears scared to death through most of the ride when I rode it at 5-6.  I remember things like skulls with lights for eyes and vividly remember a giant saw above the boat the used to move down like it was going to get you.  While riding it again when I was 20 I had to put my gun down and started to freak out with memories.  That was really when I realized I had been here done this before:)

Add to that I remember my Dad teasing me about going to the SDC jail (probably cause I just had freaked on everything else).

BTW....I also vaguely remember the balloon ride, Treehouse, and cave restaurant without the terrifying moments:)

Now days I'm a big amusement park fan and love SDCs classic rides....I wish I could remember FiTH (not sure if we rode it).  My own little ones are a little chicken too but its been fun to take them on the same rides and watch them experience it all:) 

In fact one of my proudest little parenting moments was when my oldest was 4 and wanted to go on FiTH to be a 'big kid'.  She seemed very emotional through the whole ride and had a death grip on my arm that was over her lap.  She was quiet from the end of the ride to the exit door....I thought I was going to be dealing with a little me and have to face a wife who didn't approve....but before the end of the exit ramp she started screaming "THAT WAS GREAT....LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!!"

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: New times
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:19:52 PM »
Season Pass question....I haven't seen a new Times yet.

I live in NWA and used to get seasons passes almost yearly but I took the past two years off from season passes for the family (added a kid, nothing new excited me).  I'm thinking about saving up for a pass next year.  Do they ever run any promos late in the year for seasons passes for the next year (2016) with an admission ticket for the current year (2015)?  I know with the popularity of Christmas time that probable doesn't happen.

With a family of 6 I'm just looking for the best deal.

Halloween Scare Festival - Let the other kiddie parks do that ;)

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