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General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: New times
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:19:52 PM »
Season Pass question....I haven't seen a new Times yet.

I live in NWA and used to get seasons passes almost yearly but I took the past two years off from season passes for the family (added a kid, nothing new excited me).  I'm thinking about saving up for a pass next year.  Do they ever run any promos late in the year for seasons passes for the next year (2016) with an admission ticket for the current year (2015)?  I know with the popularity of Christmas time that probable doesn't happen.

With a family of 6 I'm just looking for the best deal.

Halloween Scare Festival - Let the other kiddie parks do that ;)

We also need to mindful that I'm sure right now with the addition of FL....SDC is probable at an all-time high in the number of rides it's currently operating.  Each new rides has continuing operations costs with them.  I wouldn't be surprised if the need to balance those cost out in the future by having to close attractions before opening new ones.  I've always wondered what the business cost cap is on that.

I love good air-time woodies as much as anyone else but I that that would be the worst idea on this board.  They just put in one of the best in the world?

As a Dad of 4 young ones who also loves me some big roller coasters I'd love to see a good modern 'starter' coaster be installed. fire be able to share the fun with the kids.  I also agree that the park needs more inside (AC and/or heated) a quality dark ride (or FITH rework) would be welcomed.

Imagine a people mover type of Disney rework for FITH?  (Don't hate me)  Or just make sure the remake includes a higher load rate for the ride.

SDC should almost by embarrassed by really needs to be either replaced or refurbished ASAP.  The cheapest option I'd like to see is using the 'American' part of it and just work on the theme around that.

FM can just needs new 'modern' tech for the guns.....add some results for the boat at the end of the ride....a few new 'easter eggs' to find.

I really hope SDC gives at least one old rides some love next year and follow up with a family coaster or another 'big' ride/attraction the year after.

1. Saloon Show - 5
2. Ribhouse - 2
3. Dockside Theater - 1
4. White River Mercantile - 1
5. Riverfront Playhouse - 1
6. Echo Hollow - 3
7. Flooded Mine - 3
8. Grandfather's Mansion - 4
9. Treehouse - 2
10. Midtown Shopping Area - 3
11. Boatworks Theater - 2
12. Carousel Barn - 2
13. ThuNderaTion - 5
14. Kiddie Rides (the insects/frogs) in Grand Expo - 5
15. Storytime Theater in Half Dollar Holler - 3
16. Corkscrew Pass - 5
17. Hill Street - 4
18. Homestead Area's non-paved area - 3
19. American Plunge - 4
20. Frisco Barn - 4

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: SDC tornado/storm shelter plan?
« on: June 03, 2015, 04:32:29 PM »
Ironically...The Glass House seems like a good place to take least near the furnaces

Beyond the cave and the cave restaurant I wouldn't feel to safe in 90% of the structures at SDC.  Maybe the Jail...mine ride...TNT queue....behind the scenes of FITH?

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