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I thought this was EH last year?  These rumors are confusing.

So the coaster will not be build over the EH site?  Doesn't seem like there is enough room between EH and TnT?  Will it wrap around EH down and run down around GE?  Will it invade the TnT lot? it a down and out design or more condensed?

I still say it's 50/50 on if that is just a sidewalk SDC is just messing with us for fun.....guess time will tell if more markers start showing up and/or shovels start turning dirt.

Construction/Rumors / Re: Your Attraction Ideas
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:07:10 AM »
^^^^ Why did you sue

After I posted I thought about looking to see if West Branson had one (since I come in that way).  I know I'm not going back to the boarder I just used....they do a great job and kept her on a farm.....she got to run free multiple times a day and fond of chasing the chickens.....but I can't afford that every SDC trip.

Construction/Rumors / Re: Your Attraction Ideas
« on: April 18, 2016, 01:36:56 PM »
Not sure if this is the right place to put this idea....but here it goes....

SDC needs a short-term pet boarding facility.

As I shelled out $60 to board my dog for 2 nights over the weekend....I thought about how many SDC regulars probably are in the same situation.  I'm sure there are a lot of pet owners among the SDC crowd and it made me wonder how many specifically don't go or don't go as often because of pet care.  The trip before this one I used a neighbor boy who forget to let her out so we came home to a mess.

I'd imagine some kind of shed/kennel to be built near one of the train stops and just have every one wanting to use it go to that stop.  It would have have to be I assume same day drop off and pick up overnights.  Would probably take an extra couple of employees to run and I'm guessing most people who use it wouldn't mind a small fee for the service.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2016 Trip Reviews
« on: April 18, 2016, 10:08:44 AM »
That's why Wildfire had a line out the building.....I was wondering since I've never seen a line for it that long since it's first year.

My trip review for 4/16:  Got some relieve this weekend from having to take care of our special needs child and decided to run off to Branson a night.  Wife and 3 kids at a great time at the park and in town. 

Bribed the family to get up early Saturday by saying I'd get them some cinnamon bread if we made SDC by the rope drop....but ended up leaving the house late anyway:(  Still made it to parking around 9:30.  Went straight to Powder Keg as the wife and kids started planning the shows they wanted to see.  Couldn't talk my chicken kids into riding any of the big ones with me today:(  Got 2 walk on rides on PK in and remembered how great those first two air hills are!!!!  The lift hill view is great too!!!  Headed over to OR next as the family got in line for the Saloon show.  Got 3 straight walk-on rides on OR!!! Got a front row and 2 back cars rides in.  The trains where literally scream through the coarse.  The overbank hill through the lift was extremely loud as the wheels screeched over the bend.  Such a great out of control ride.....I prefer the back of the train for the best air time and the slowest role at the end. 

Got 5 awesome rides in by 10:10....get to the park early coaster fans.  I could have called it a day then....headed back to the Saloon and made it for the 10:30 show.  The park is advertising that the Saloon show was "new" and we where really looking forward to a new show.  We didn't see last years show so maybe it was different from last year but the show we saw was almost word-by-word the same show we saw two years ago.  The performance was good and entertaining as always....but we where really frustrated that it was all the same.  "Didn't recognize you without your warts", etc.... 

We headed back to the square after the show stopping at the shops on the way.  My 7yo found a lightweight leather jacket that he begged us for.  He thought he was a big shot with it on and the wife gave in and bought it after a few smiles from him.  Both his grandpa and myself I have few of our own.  Actually not a bad deal for it ($40) and he wore it the rest of the day with his head pointed to the sky:)  Found out later in the hotel it was Made in China.....going to have to cut that off before his Grandpa finds

Ended up going through Grandpa Manson.  I also broke down and picked up some cinnamon bread between those two.  Make sure to grab the extra icing with it!!!

Rode FM and found multiple issues with guns again.  My oldest gun would score with every trigger push (without any target around).  My younger daughters hardly ever seem to work.  It's still my 7yo sons favorite ride in the park.

My oldest rode TnT with me then we headed to GE for a few rides before the Zuma Zuma show.  My oldest broke away from us to ride the swings in GE as we got in line to go to the show.  The swings operations was extremely slow and we barely made the show.  The stopped the ride because a mom had a cell phone out.....brought it down....took the phone...rechecked the seats and started over.  They show let us in right before it started after begging the door attendant that my wife had seats and we wouldn't do it again (save seats).

The Zuma Zuma show was a 6/10 for me.  No doubt the performers where good and talented.....some of the balancing acts where amazing and the pole performance very impressive.  I liked having a live band for it too.  That all being was mostly didn't tell any stories....the music rarely broke and I good as the acts where it was just mildly entertaining from end to end.  They are worth going to see but I wouldn't have paid extra to see them and I don't need to see them again.

After the show we headed to got some flat rides in.  We started to circle the park to go to the Opera house show and find some late lunch but we ended up deciding to skip that show and hit a restaurant in Branson.  So we left the park around 4.

Ended up at Montana Mikes since I was craving a Steak.  We've ate at the Branson location before and my mother-in-law works at a location in KS.  Had pretty good service and food.  Noticed that they had raised the price of the ribeye to $19 from $17 :(

After late lunch/early dinner...we 'cruised' the strip.  Ended up at the Pirate Adventure Mini Golf.  Played the challenging Blackbeard coarse and had a great time together.  I headed us towards the IMAX for a late movie but I was outvoted to just go for ice cream instead. Found a new DQ north of the strip and had a 'dessert dinner'.

Stayed at our usual mom-and-pop hotel....the Rosebud Inn.  Nice simple clean and cheap rooms at a great location.  Plus the donuts they serve with their breakfast are the "best cake donuts ever" according to my kids.

FYI....all shopping in Branson doesn't open till 10.  We where out and ready to shop at 9:)  Sent most of Sunday at Tanger and hit the road back to NWA by 2 in the afternoon. 


General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: How busy is today 04.17.16
« on: April 18, 2016, 09:13:38 AM »
I was there....OR was a walkon in the morning too till about 10:30.  It was crowded around lunch but seemed lighter than it was on Saturday 3 weeks ago with all the show and shops not open.

Random Talk / Re: How young is too young for SDC??
« on: April 11, 2016, 04:35:03 PM »
I could probably write a 20 bullet point list of tips for taking little ones to SDC:

I've brought at least 2 of my 3 kids to SDC while they where still infants (nursing).  For the the most part SDC is very accommodating for families with babies.  They have a couple for nursing stations (GG used to have one, and the one by GE) and the vast majority of guests and employees are understanding of an occasional outburst as long as the parent(s) are quickly attentive to the baby.  Biggest issue I've had/have is it seems the men's restrooms aren't as 'friendly' for the babies as the ladies.  But it's a theme park bathroom so my expectations aren't very high.
Of course....I'd recommend a good lightweight stroller and bag (you can take with you) only with needed items (food, diapers, change of clothes, sun screen).  Keep the baby covered in all weather as much as possible.  Limit your time in the park on hot days.   You have to be mentally prepared to leave at any moment (prep other kids for it too).  Do some extra planning during the day to make sure baby and mom (or dad) get the extra breaks for the extra care they need.....don't skip a regular feeding/nap schedule while at the park!!!!  If the baby usually naps at 2pm and you're in the stallion show then too....its not going to be a good some time to walk the nap or let the kids do GE rides during that time.....just be smart.

We've never had to put SDC fun on hold because of a baby.  I saw a few out at the park a few weeks ago and smiled because I realized I'm past the pushing the stroller age!!!!

We're getting a new train too?

I love the earth tone rides around SDC.  It feels and looks more majestic than riding around on a highlighter six flags colors.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2016 Mugs
« on: March 30, 2016, 12:52:40 PM »
Do they refill?  How much?

Branson Talk / Re: Dixie Stampede renovations
« on: March 28, 2016, 03:05:28 PM »
Cowboys and Indians....that's a lot more

I bring up doing interactive stuff with smart phones specifically because of demographics.  If you have have a business and don't know how to interact with you customers through a smart phone than you are going to lose you younger customers.  You can tell SDC know this with the improvements in the app they have made and the marketing of the celebrations that they have been doing this year.

Lord knows I wouldn't want to have to be staring at my phone for half the show but that is not what I'm saying they should do.  A couple of well done brief interactions could be huge for marketing to the younger crowd and creating some special moments.  Have people take selfies during pre-show, and/or quick surveys (where you from, whats your nickname, etc) during the pre-show....could be done completely before the show.  They could be displayed (filtered) for use on the screens and maybe create opportunities for the show to play off of.  It gets people more engaged and creates more marketing through social media.

I use tools like survey monkey regularly for business's a modern world friends.....Disney has done stuff like this for years....and the tech is easy....and can be done without getting to far on your lawn (messing up the old show).

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2016 Trip Reviews
« on: March 28, 2016, 09:30:03 AM »
Interesting to hear I'm not the only one concerned by their first trip this year.  I didn't want to seem to negative in my review but I was seriously concerned about the rest of the year based on my first trip too.  I agree that if I was making my first SDC trip I doubt I would wanted to come back.  The food service was horribly slow and crowds painful to navigate with kids.  The only rides we really got to do without a 30+ minute wait where the morning rides we did pre-rush crowd.  We even had a 30 minute wait for FL after lunch.  I had to keep reminding myself how much better it would be if the shows where active, shops where open, and water rides full.  I may have to invest in a trailblazers pass for myself next time so I can ride coasters without my family of 5 waiting for me for 45+ minutes for a ride.

If my next trip is like this (with everything open) I might cut down my 6-7 planned trips back to 3-4 trips.  I will also completely avoid Saturdays this year and might sneak the kids out for a weekday visit before summer break.

I can remember going the SDC two years ago over spring break and riding OR 2-3x, and PK, WF ride in before 10 without any issues.  Then had the whole day for the shows and kid rides.


off topic warning....

I know the transfer track section on PK is there because the reuse of the station and track from the previous ride......I'm speculating that 90% of the rides maintenance issues and expense is due to that transfer section.  Hindsight is 20/20 but I wonder if it would have been less costly in the long run if they would have just moved the stations and/or the track to line up with a first hill without the transfer?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2016 Trip Reviews
« on: March 23, 2016, 03:00:12 PM »
I had that thought about pricing last weekend too.  I'd be mad if I paid full price last Saturday.  Pretty much no shows, 3/4th of the shops where closed, no one was on the water rides (in the 50s), so the ride lines where as longs as I've ever seen them. 

But it was still jammed packed.....makes you also wonder if they could get away with increasing the ticket price too  :-\

I was looking over EH from the main path through the leafless trees and was starting to image B&M track winding around that huge space!!!.  That could really be an amazing setup!!!!  Not sure how they are going to be able to pull off the theme though :-\

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2016 Trip Reviews
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:19:44 AM »
Time to make my first trip review on this board.  Wife and I took our 4 kids Saturday morning to the park for our first trip in 2 years.  Family was Christmas gifted season passes from the grandparents this year!!!!

We left NWA early to try to make rope drop but it's tough to get a crew of 6 dressed and ready to go.  I did manage to make parking around to use preferred parking tickets that was also gifted.  Not sure if it is worth the extra costs.....actually seems like more working from those spots to the gate and the kids didn't get to ride the trams.

Told the little ones today was all about getting them on the new rides.  I'll probably theme most of our trips and/or get 1 or 2 top to dos from them to try to help manage expectations.  It's can be hard to keep a family of 6 happy when they all want to do different things.

We headed straight to FL and we all where impressed.  My oldest (11yo) and I headed to firefall and the younger ones started riding all the flats.  I wasn't expecting much from firefall but it does pack a fun little punch.  Was more intense than I thought.  Wish it could be taller and/or have another tower to help with capacity.  My 11yo felt like a bigshot riding it too:)  The little ones all liked the other flats....overall the area was a big hit!

Looked through Lucky's toy store then went back up to GE.  Kids got a few rides in.  My 7yo was begging to win a basketball but I didn't want to have to drag it around the park with me (or pay for it).  Was going to grab the kids some food from the stand in GE but the line was huge and not moving.  Ended up walking back toward the front of the park.

Oldest and I stopped at TnT as my wife stopped and talked a neighbors we ran into by the ride.  TnT seemed to be running fast for a cold morning!!!  Ended up eating at the hamburger place off main street.  Service was friendly but slow!!!!  It is painful to watch the 60yo worker slowly prepare item at a the whole line and 4-5 other workers wait on her.  Probable a 30 min wait to get our food with only 6-7 people in front of us.

After lunch walked up by PowerKeg that had a huge line....then FiTH had a line running out of the building.....then to Outlaw Run that had a 45 minute wait.  I skipped them all:(  We kept running in to friends from NWA and did a lot of chatting.  Park was packed and with the shows closed and a lot of shops not open the rides where packed.  Ended up going over to try to catch the train but ended up on FM.  My two little boys love FM and wanted to go twice.  We let the kids play in that area by the train station for awhile as we talked to yet another set of NWA Friends while waiting.  Finished the day by going to the candy store and getting some funnel cakes.  We left the parking lot around 2:30 and people where still coming in.  I was able to get us home back in NWA in time to see my Jayhawks play at 7:)

Pretty good day at the park...I anticipated the rides being crowded and park being pretty full due to decent weather and the first day of spring break for a lot of people.  I wasn't expecting to get a lot of rides in on the coasters and we got the kids on most of the flats they where wanting.  FL was a big excited about going back.  It was more crowded that I thought it would be.  We didn't get to do as much as I hoped for but part of the beauty of having seasons passes is that we can pace yourself each trip and don't have to feel rushed to get your monies worth. 

I've been debating on if I'm going to go.  I was wondering if my SP would get me in or if it was only for the youth group kids that day.  They don't have very many shows scheduled this year yet and it's been awhile since I've seen them.  The SDC show will actually be their first of the year as they have been working on a new record and take time off touring.  I'm wondering if they'd try something new.  I wasn't sure about dealing with the teenagers crowd.

I'm 36yo and was gifted their first CD around 20 years ago.  I got to meet them (the Coopers anyway) a few times during the early part of their career at smaller shows.  Its been exciting to see their growth and success.  I've been a panhead for nearly 20 years have been to 8-9 shows. 

If you haven't heard of them....they are an 'arena rock' band who had a lot of success the past 5-6 years both in the christian market and especially in the secular rock market.  One of the few true rock bands that are selling new material.  Pretty unique because they use strings (sympathetic rock), has a female drummer who sings backup/lead, and typically puts on full epic rock production with their shows (video boards, light wall, fireworks, risers, crypto, pyro, etc).  I've got a feeling that Echo Hollow will have to be a much more laid back show then their normal :)  I've seen them live in a few different settings and its amazing to see how much both kids and older fold find them entertaining.  Kind of a throw back to 80s hair band vibe with more positive messages.

Sorry....kinda off topic....

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