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Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2015 Project
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:06:14 PM »
OMG! The ride in that video is the best log ride ever!

And the award for worst log ride goes to, American Plunge, because of that "upgrade" that they did, which was really a downgrade. They took all the fun out of it. It's now boring and everything looks broke. I feel like it just tells a story of death now, and I don't like that. I expect it to go before 2020. They're not making much money off of it. It's probably only worth $250 to $1,000 now.

Random Talk / Re: Summer Music
« on: March 09, 2015, 10:52:31 PM »
Wait, no. You have got to be kidding me!!! Dave Mathew's Band and the Oldies band Chicago are coming to SDC to do a concert?!?! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO AWEEEEESSOOOOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!!! #EXCITED

Random Talk / Re: The Newbies Thread
« on: March 09, 2015, 10:46:59 PM »
Hello, my name is Laroy. I am 19, man, from Oklahoma. I go to SDC every 1 or 2 weeks, when they're open. I have been going ever since I was 3 and I got passes every year. Fire In The Hole is my favorite ride because it's the only ride with nothing bad to complain about. Its pretty much perfect.

I found this site going on Google and searching for a site where people are asking questions about SDC so i could answer them. I have been going to SDC so much that I'm friends with many of the employees. They tell me a lot of stuff that other people don't know about. I also am one of the first people to know when rumors are going around about future rides and if any construction or upgrades are going on, I'm one of the first to know.

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2016 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: March 08, 2015, 02:19:02 PM »
Sorry about that last post guys. :-[ I didn't think to look at the date. I didn't even see it.
Now lets get back on topic. Fireman's Landing is opening in less than a week and nobody is more excited than me! This is the biggest upgrade in history, I think, especially because of the Accelerator, which the park desperately needed. With that being said, I think whatever ride is coming next, will be even bigger and better of an upgrade. It might break the record for best park upgrade. I feel it in my gut and I want to know if anybody knows what it might be? Is it coming in 2016 or 2017? I always get excited when i see construction going on. Has anybody heard anything about the next ride or rides? Please, do tell!

Construction/Rumors / Re: Your Attraction Ideas
« on: December 24, 2014, 06:25:27 PM »
That is exactly what i mean. Thank you! It should be in the Pathfinder because it is a show. People need to know about it so they can see it. I think they would probably put it down near where they put the street shows, under the Echo Hollow Show, in Park Happenings.

Construction/Rumors / Re: Your Attraction Ideas
« on: December 23, 2014, 02:01:04 PM »
Ok ok.... I hopefully just thought of a show that we would all like to see just now. There used to be a small stage in midtown that now has a wagon on it. Back in the 1800s and 1900s there were a lot of traveling salesmen. Some selling tonic, the were called Medicine Men, and some were more like Rainmakers. I looked this up. I heard there used to be something like this in SDC a long time ago. The medicine man usually said, "Come one, come all! I have just invented a magic tonic that can cure any ailment and it will make you live longer." This sounds like a really good character and show i want to see. It would be very short. He isnt really selling anything and its just a small, brown bottle of water.

They can also do a Rainmaker like show where he has 1 kid put 1 foot in a round metal pan on the ground and a stick in her hand. He tells her to hold it high and say a chant like, Ooya Ooya Rain come here today! Then he flips a switch behind a curtain in the wagon and water comes out of 2 sprinklers on top of the wagon.

There should be a halloween festival with a scary ride or haunted house. During this festival, there should be a casket in place of the wagon. He says there is a 6 bedroom, 3 bath house underground and the casket is the elevator. He chooses a man to go inside and he closes the door. Once he does a hooded figure opens the back door and taps him on the shoulder to switch places. He then asks are you done looking yet and tells everyone to come up close. He opens the door and the hooded figure jumps out, scaring everyone. Then he goes back inside, closes the door, switches places with the man, the man comes back out, and the hooded figure stays behind the casket where he cant be seen.

I know not all of you will agree with the halloween part but the Rainmaker and medicine man show are very good ideas because they were very popular back then. Btw, i do TRY to stick with the theme all the time but i want to see the things come back that i grew up with. I also think they can add stuff to the park that would make it a lot better, and im tired of them trying to change the theme to a cowboy theme. The old theme is not bad but if you want to change it, dont change it to a cowboy theme.

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2016 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: December 19, 2014, 11:21:10 PM »
Over the years, the park has gone down hill because of many things. First, in the past SDC was a great park that i was proud of, with a great, old, park that played great oldies which wasnt from the 1880s but it was close enough and they were good songs. Then about 7 years ago, they change the park theme for some odd reason to a dumb cowboy theme. I dont know why. They got rid of all the good oldies shows and started playing stupid country. Why? What happened? How? It used to be a great oldies park like celebration city. They even built Outlaw Run and gave it a cowboy theme. I mean come on! Ever since the theme changed, the only time i heard a good song that i wasnt playing, was in a few shows that brought their own good music that they like. Which were 3 shows. David Willey, birds of prey show in echo hollow, and the Flying Ace All-Stars. They played a few good oldies and some great Rock songs.

These are the shows i want to see at SDC or come back:

1. The 50s/60s oldies show in echo hollow which was so awesome! Why did they bring a stupid all country show? There needs to be a good show that plays 1 good genre like oldies, rock, or pop, or a mix of every genre, so there is something for everybody!

2. The lumberjack show.

3. The pig races

4. Great shows during summer fest like a BMX Bike stunt show, veggie tales show, or an old school, Cirque di Sole steam-punk like variety show, kind if like the saloon show but with jugglers and acrobats.

5. The Parrot show, the Skinny Improv, or a show like Ignite The Night from Celebration City.

6. The guys from Uhkraine who dance like theyre croutching on their shins. I liked them. They were great dancers.

7. Chinese shows are always good and very interesting.

8. David Willey had the greatest Science Show ever! Keep him!

9. The birds of prey show in echo hollow.

10. Flying ace all stars

11. The Australian singer. I cant remember his name. His last time was about 7 years ago.

12. A Wild west gunfight stunt show that is actually good this time! The pinkerton man sucked because every year there was sone kind of bad music or stupid song. Go to Frontier City in Oklahoma City and watch their stunt show! That is and always will be the best stunt show ive ever seen! You will learn a lot from that show! It has everything you could ever ask for in a stunt show. Good Rock music, FIRE, an explosion, lots of shooting with blanks of course, comedy, and great fighting. I feel like im at a wrestling match when i watch it because its so thrilling! Plus they are professionals down here. You can learn a lot from Frontier City.

13. A scary, sideshow, freak show. Where people do weird tricks with their body.

14. Some new acts for the Street Shows. They have done the same ones for the past like, 8 years now abd im starting to get bored wuth them. Dont get ne wrong, i really do like them. But ive seen most of them 5 times so far.

15. Young Christians Weekend. Why dont they get awesome bands that everybody knows and loves? I wanna see SKILLET and Matt Kearney! They are my 2 favorite Christian singers.

16. They say they play bluegrass now? Which is just another word for country, pretty much. Tgen why dont they get a good Bluegrass / Rock band? Why dont they get MUMFORD & SONS? They are awesome! They have taken bluegrass to new heights and showed that you can play a banjo in a rock song and make it sound good! Mumford and sons....I will wait. I will wait for you!

Construction/Rumors / Re: SDC's 2016 Project(s) and Park Developments
« on: December 19, 2014, 10:00:48 PM »
I like that we have a place to talk to other random SDC fans about any random stuff. I live in Oklahoma and I go to Branson almost every 2 weeks, so a lot of the employees are now my friends. Like Zar, Fire Chief Jessi, T-Bone, Miss Daisy, Terry Sanders, Catfish, Shorty, Lair, Tom and Tim who play Scrooge in A Christmas Carrol, Bart who plays Jacob Marley and works in the maigic store, Ric, Fred-die, Cathy, Jason, Larry, and Kenna.

I have thought about a lot of stuff that I would like to see.

1. A suspended coaster like the one in the blueprints on Undercover Boss. I want it to go above everybodys heads because I know they have some unused room here and there around the park. So put the poles in the unused space. People can watch thier children and take pictures from the streets. Making a coaster go underground is also a good idea. They have lots of unused room underground.

2. I miss Celebration City A LOT!!! Open it back up as a the same 50s/60s theme and put in any cool rides you can find online. I want to ride bumper cars, free go karts, scrambler, free mini golf, tilt a whirl, fireball, chaos, and the flying aces again. Either that or bring expand SDC and bring them there. We really need bumper cars, free mini golf, go carts, an arcade, the ferris wheel, and tilt a whirl. They also need to do something with Wildcat. Like maybe buy 2 new trains and bring it to SDC.

3. I want a forwards and backwards coaster like the Boomerang Coaster that is at a lot of parks.

4. The Ferris Wheel either go in between the Waterboggan tower and Firemans landing, if not then i want a big mini golf course there (its looks like a great place for a mini golf course), or i want the ferris wheel in the small space on top of the small waterfall that never works anymore between Riverfront Playhouse and Boatworks Theater.

5. I want to see another railroad crossing going across the tracks behind Firemans Landing, along with a coaster and carnival rides back there.

6. Ive heard great things about how Fire in the Hole used to be, when it told the story and went on a longer track including a track broken bridge track that went down somehow. I want to see this come back so I can see what it was like. Im tired of telling the story myself.

7. More rides up the road from Outlaw Run. Connecting Wildfire with Powder Keg also sounds like a good idea. Make that into a big circular road and put another ride back there.

8. I want to see some kind of ride or show on or over Lake Silver. The Lumberjack show was awesome! Bring that back!

9. Rides going over each other sound cool. Like a coaster over a water ride. You wont know if you will get wet or not. You know you wont get wet during the winter because they dont run water rides then. So getting soaked relies on another ride, while you are already riding one.

10. Either change the American Plunge or get rid of it! Ever since the horrible upgrade it got 6 years ago, its become bland and boring! I liked it the way it was with the manicans and lights that came on, which told a story. Unlike now. Traveling thru a dark tunnel slowly, that tells no story. I usually scream, shout, and talk with other people while in the tunnel for something to do.

11. I am soooo excited for Firemans Landing next year! But why did they build Half Dollar Holler and  do a lot of advertizing for it when there wasnt much there? Plus, theyre moving the lil swings to Firemans Landing. Why did they build them in the first place? I hope they put something there. I hate seeing an area die like that. Put a ride in place of it!

12. Ive heard good things about the diving submarine thing or whatever it was. I never seen it but i really want to know what it was like. Please bring it back.

13. Redo the treehouse or take it out! Its an eyesore that nobody can use. Its useless.

14. Some kind of a scary ride and a halloween festival.

15. There are a lot of couples or people who are in love who come. I want to see "The Tunnel of Love" telling a story of a regular couple in love. Going thru marriage, child birth, raising kids, growing old, and getting grandkids.

Please comment or say what you guys think.  ;D

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