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Random Talk / Random questions
« on: January 11, 2017, 12:13:41 PM »
Does anybody know any store in any town (I would prefer not online) that has some kind of Sock-Shoes, socks, or shoes that have no traction and will protect my feet from hot cement?

White Water Discussion / Tips for White Water
« on: January 11, 2017, 09:08:07 AM »
White Water is a great park with great rides and music. As everybody knows who has been there lately, White Water has very few trees. New guests think there is nowhere to get out of the sun. That is false. White Water got rid of the trees after the upgrade (I think to make room for more fun). It is my favorite park and I am its biggest fan. Without the trees, it is starting to seem like a cheapo-deepo park, but that just means you need to know what to expect and dont come unprepared. I made this thread to help everybody. Here is what you need to know:


There are like 1 or 2 trees that can work good for shade, but they can only shade the 3 people that can fit on the bench. If you want shade, it is much better to rent a $125+ cabana all day, be under a free cabana, grab a bite at a restaurant, or go into a shop. The more you people you bring, the more you will need to pay so you can get a bigger cabana. Book at least 2 weeks in advance.

4 lounge areas:

These are considered cabanas, but they are not. You do have to pay for these. They come with:

12' by 24' of space outside
No walls, ceiling, tv, fan, or shade at all.
Everything else the small cabanas come with.
This is completely useless. You might as well stand in the road.

25 small cabanas come with:

12' by 12' of room in cabana, plus 12' by 12' of space outside
32' TV with Dish
2 closed walls
2 open aired sides
1 way in/out
Ceiling over half your area
A great view of your choice (Coconut Cove, Splashaway Cay, Lazy River, Side Wave Pool, Kalani Towers, or Waikiki Wave)
Can hold up to 4 people
4 lounge chairs
A rope to keep other people out (like you are a VIP).
4 rental tubes that you can use on every ride that day (you can not take these home. You are renting them) so you wont have to pick 1 up at every ride.
1 ceiling fan
1 locker per cabana for everybody in the cabana to use

1 Family Cabana (Also called a double wide cabana):

17' by 26' under cabana, plus 17' by 26' outside
Can hold up to 8 people
You get everything that the small cabanas get. You should get double everything, so that everybody has 1 of everything. Each locker can hold stuff for 4 people.
Only 1 available at Kalani Towers. Hurry, it goes fast.

Exclusive packages and add ons:

This is the high priced stuff you say you want included with your cabana. This can be added onto Deluxe Cabanas and increase your price up to a max of $200. This is mainly for rich people. Most of this can be bought at Walmart for half the price. This includes:

2 White Water towels
4 Coca-Cola bottles
Souvenior Ice Bucket
4 Candy bars
2 small bags of chips

Free Cabanas:

Very long roof over areas filled with many lounge chairs that are first come, first serve
Bring a towel to put on your chair to lay on and so people know the chair is taken
Come early to get a good view in the area of your choice (Waikiki Wave, Front Wave Pool, Side Wave Pool, Coconut Cove, and Splashaway Cay)


Buy a long sleeved nylon or polyester compression shirt and have everyone in your family wear them. This way, you can ride every ride more without burning, you wont have to take it off, and you wont have to be in the shade as much. Short sleeved is not as good, because it doesnt cover your arms. Lose fitting shirts and cotton shirts of any kind are not permitted on body slides. Lose fitting shirts can go up too high as you are going down the slide and possibly over your head so you cant see, but they are allowed on tube slides and other attractions. Cotton shirts strip the wax off the slides, making them not as slippery and not as fun.

Buy a big bottle of 50 spf sunscreen to use all year. This will help your skin not to burn, especially if you cant buy a compression shirt or forgot it at home.

Bring a hat. A hat with a neck flap (Lowes has them for $10-$15) would protect your head and neck the best. You can wear them everywhere but you must take them off on body slides.

Sun glasses. You might need these if you are on a ride that moves slow, or anywhere outside and not moving fast.

Goggles. Everyone who plans on riding any water slide, especially thrill seekers and teenagers will need googles. When water spashes on your eyes, you cant help but close them. Most rides will have water splashing around you. Every ride is twice as awesome if you can see where you are going and how fast. I wish I could find sunglass-goggles.

Nose/Ear Plugs. Its more fun when you dont have to plug your nose and when your ears function right after exiting a ride or pool. Keep water out of holes it shouldnt be in. This will make your trip more fun too.

Dont try to bring in tubes. Personal tubes cant be brought in. They have their own tubes for each ride and they cant be taken out. I have seen kids wear swim fins or floaties, but you dont need them. They provide free life jackets for both kids and adults that cant swim.

If you dont have at least 1 person in your group who is willing to be the watch dog for your stuff and not get in any pool or on any slide, then you will need to rent a locker. It is $6 for small and $10 for a family size (large), plus $10 deposit that you will get back if you return the key. "Small" has different meanings depending on which area you get. These are old lockers with old keys. They should go with the new lockers like SDC has with the code, which is a key you keep in your head, but IDK why they dont do that. 

Wear a watch on your arm because you will need to know the time and you need something to wrap your locker key on while going on slides.

Bring shoes. After 1 hour of walking barefoot on hot cement, you will have blisters that hurt so bad, you cant even walk with shoes on. I usually wear Toe Shoes. Shoes can be worn anywhere except on slides, but I have also heard some certain kinds are allowed on slides too. Socks are permitted. I tried wader socks on hot cement, but they didnt work.

There are changing rooms in the bathrooms near the gift shop. You can bring in your bags and change here. No need to change in the parking lot or hotel room. The only bad thing is, the changing room is so small that it looks like a waiting area and only has 2 small walls to block the view.

Eat somewhere before you go. Wendys is across the street, has great food, and is cheap. You can eat in the park, but it will be expensive. I buy 1 new thing every time I go just because I love the park so much and Im fine spending extra $$$ on any place I love.

At the end of 2016, they tested the idea of bringing food in small coolers, but I dont know if it worked. Dont expect to bring your own food in this year. You can also eat at your car or at the picnic tables outside the entrance.

Go on days that have little to no rain expected. The park will not close for rain, but they will close all rides if lightning is within 10 miles of the park. There is still enough stuff to do to fill 2 hours, including grabbing a bite to eat, shop in the stores, rest on a lounge chair, listen to the music, or some personal stuff you have to do.

The more crowded it is, the harder it is to enjoy. Avoid Saturdays especially.

Bring your SDC/White Water/Showboat mug for discounted refills.

The wave pool has a clock on the screen, between annoying ads. There is also a timer for the waves.

Stay under a cabana, grab a bite to eat, or go into a shop for half the time you are in the park, unless you will be in and out in under 2 hours, which is almost impossible. There is so much to do and so much you would miss.

If you plan on staying more than half a day, it may be a good idea to rent a cheap cabana.

Buy Season Passes. You will be back many times throughout the year.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Crowd levels
« on: October 28, 2016, 10:03:27 PM »
I do know almost everything there is to know about Branson, but sometimes everybody does still need a little help. Nobody can easily predict exactly how many people will be there any certain day. With that being said, I have reservations for Nov 6 and 7 because I havent been on a SAT for the holidays in a long time. Which Saturday or Saturdays do you think will be the least crowded?

White Water Discussion / White Water Rumors and Speculation
« on: August 07, 2016, 03:51:00 PM »
I have heard a bit about possibly moving WW or moving the parking to expand. But I havent heard anything like ride rumors. Are there any rumors that are closer related to future rides coming in, rides going out, or anything actually inside the park itself?

I want somewhere we can talk about this kind of stuff for WW, like we do about SDC. Hopefully now I will start hearing rumors and can start talking about them.

White Water Discussion / News Video
« on: August 02, 2016, 07:51:40 PM »
I love reading reviews on White Water. Since there are none ever here, I go looking on other sites. This is a video I saw last night. BONUS: Justin Sifford is in it. I have never seen him or anybody else I know out there.

Sorry I couldnt find it on Youtube.

White Water Discussion / 2016 trip reviews
« on: June 15, 2016, 10:28:21 PM »
Went Monday. Started by going up to the bag check guy to ask if my zip off pant/shorts would be ok to wear. He wasnt sure. Said I need to ask a customer service person. So I went back to my car, put the sun visor in, spray on my sunscreen, put my toes shoes on, swim shirt over my arm, ear plugs in, nose plug in my pocket, gogles above my eyes, sun hat on, phone, billfold, keys, and locked my car. Went in about 3:15. Went straight to the lockers first. Rented a locker. $6 plus $10 deposit that you get back if you bring the key back. She told me any slide that doesnt need a tube (bodyslides) you cant wear a shirt on because it could get caught, but you can wear a shirt on any slide that you need a tube for (tube slides). I put my key on my belt loop and asked her if that was ok knotted. She said it shouldnt fall off. I asked her about my shorts but she didnt know and said I would have to ask a life guard. I put my shirt, hat, billfold, keys, and phone in the locker and locked it. I went straight to the racing slides exit to get a life guards attention. Asked him if they were ok and he said they should be. I asked about the small metal zippers in the back and where the pants zip off. He said they looked fine to him. Went straight to the drop slide. When I got to the top, I was nervous but I wanted to try it out. I saw nobody in line, put my gogles and nose plug on, shoes in my hands, sat in the slide and asked, Go? She looked down a few seconds and said go. I went, water got in my mouth because I had it open at first, and almost forgot to open my eyes because I had my gogles on. Once I stopped, I was like WOAH! I think I went like 40 MPH there. I wanna do that again! So I did and watched it. It was fun again. Grabbed a mat for the racing slides, went up there, cleaned the fog off my gogles, layed down next to 2 little boys, put my feet on the end of the slide and pushed hard when she said Go. I went about 40 MPH on this slide too. I raced so fast it was over before I knew it, and I left them in the dust. Almost felt like I left the slide and had major air time. I never remembered going so fast on that slide, so I did it again.

Got a blue tube and went down the blue slide. Talked to a guy who said he thinks they could repaint the slides and make them look better. I said I dont see any chipping. They look fine to me. The slide was long. Seemed like it would never end, but thats a good thing. I say the longer, the better. Then saw the light at the end of the tunnel, thought waterfall, and held my breath. Went down the white slide, saw light after 5 seconds, then went in another slide. Went to Ohana Falls and rode with a couple. Found out it is a 2 persons minimum ride. It is the only slide you get to keep your shoes on on. As we went down, it reminded me alot of Waterboggan, then I started missing it. Even had the drop at the end like Waterboggan. At least I get to come and ride this every time so I wont miss it too much.

Got a red tube and went down right slide of Pipeline Plunge, then left. They are both fun, twisty and turny. No line for any ride so far.

Went to Kapau Plummet, saw they have cubby holes, which is a first for any slide here. It said no loose articles permitted, not even shoes, so I put mine in there and rushed to the stairs. OW, OW, OW, hot cement. I wish they could put carpet everywhere or something besides a ground that gets hot in the sun. Maybe even sprinklers that get the ground wet and your legs as you walk by. I only saw 2 sprinklers near my locker, but no others. Only slide with a line. 10 girls in front of me. Great view!  ;) Stepped on the weight platform. It said 137 but she said it adds about 3-7 pounds. I was even more nervous about this than the drop slide. I saw the trap door is a sturdy piece of glass, with room around the sides of the slide for water to get through. I turned around, crossed my arms, and she closed the door. There is enough space in the top and bottom for you to breathe. I heard a speaker say 3,2,1. I said PULL THE LEVER, KRONK! WRONG LEVER!!! And I went down, it was amazing. Felt like I went 40 mph again. Felt like a water fountain when I got out. Loved it so much I did it again and asked the lady if anyone has ever said what I said. She said, no you are the 1st one and I know what its from. I hope more people say it too.

Went to Splashaway Cay. They traded the buckets for spray guns, like Splash Harbor had. White slide never has worked for me, but the blue one worked after the drop them slowed down near the end. Not as fun for me there since Im not a kid anymore. Went to lazy river, got a green tube that just goes around in there. It was boring. Didnt get wet because the Tiki waterfalls, watertower, and bamboo waterfalls didnt work. When they dont work its boring because theres nothing to avoid that gets you wet. I asked 3 life guards, 1 said they didnt work, 1 said they werent on, and the other had no clue. Does WW not have as good of Maintenance as SDC or do they not care? If I ride something, I want EVERYTHING working. No shortcuts! They put splash pad water guysers in front of Splashaway Cay and Wave pool. I ran thru them trying to step on each 1.

I love this place and always love the music. I was singing Muse -Madness and Natasha Beddingfield - Pocket full of sunshine on the way up Kalani Towers. Im coming every time I come until they close. It was worth $50 already. High priced food and it was high priced for lockers but I had to put my stuff somewhere. I ate before and after I went out there. Went back in after I left because it was 5:30, heard them say they were closing in 30 minutes, and I still had my key on me, so I returned it, got my deposit back, and left. Heard them say every 30 minutes to keep loose articles in a locker (I guess someone tried to do something somewhere they werent suppose to).

Random Talk / New for HFE
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:51:53 AM »
HFE is going a different way. Instead of keeping their minds on the parks, aquariums, etc., they are turning to....children's tv?

It seems HFE is starting to turn out kinda like Disney. Could we see a ride themed to this coming to SDC anytime soon?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / SDC mugs
« on: January 05, 2016, 01:42:24 PM »
Does anyone have a Buzz Saw Falls mug? I am looking everywhere I can, trying to find one. If anyone here has one, I am willing to buy it.

Also, because I want this certain type of mug, this makes me think that other people on here may want to buy or sell items too. Maybe we should start a Classifides type board so we can buy or sell anything SDC related, anything that was bought in SDC, etc.

Construction/Rumors / Future SDC Development Speculation (Long-term)
« on: July 06, 2015, 10:31:31 PM »
Our system of development threads is getting a little convoluted, but perhaps carving one more to the mix will help sort things out a little better.

This thread is for targeted speculation on development projects at SDC past the current year's cycle. Topics such as the "5-year plan" or long term projects are welcome here, but keep rumors/construction talk about the current year's developments in the other thread.

For posting cool attraction concepts or ideas you think would go well in SDC, post here:

For discussion on the current developments, see the current yearly project thread at the top of this board.


Original Post:

When I talked to the Woman running Wings of Wonder yesterday, she heard that they would be making a circle from GE to FL with another guest train crossing across the tracks. I said, I did see construction vehicles over there 1 day, but people said they were just resurfacing the employee parking lot, and they moved the cars back in place once they were finished, so that idea was out for me. She said, well that idea isnt totally out of the picture. I said, that is true. So, the questions are: Are they planning on making a circle here? What rides will be back here? What kind of rides do you think would go nicely here? Where are they moving the Employee Parking to?

She likes my idea of turning HDH into a peaceful park like CC had.

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