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Branson Talk / Re: Classic Motor Inn - 2019 - K.D.
« on: April 19, 2019, 07:31:29 PM »
Unless it is a busy weekend or something and the whole town is booked, the rooms we book on our special rate would most likely go unsold anyway so our $42 is better than $0

Branson Talk / Re: Classic Motor Inn - 2019 - K.D.
« on: April 18, 2019, 06:24:57 PM »
Do we have any hard data on the amount of revenue our little group brings to one of those hotels on an annual basis?  Even the $42 rate seems like a great deal to each individual but I would think when you multiply that over all of our members that take advantage of it, it would add up to quite a sum over the year.

That is great news.  Might make a trip up there this week or next.

SDC Memories/ Park History / Re: SDC Ride Timeline review
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:52:29 PM »
Great article.  But I have to admit that I am very impressed with this bit mentioned in the article:

Silver Dollar City unveiled the Grand Exposition expansion in 2006 at a cost of $8. In what was the park’s biggest expansion for kids, the Grand Exposition features 10 family rides of all shapes and sizes.

They only spent $8 on all of Grand Expo!!  That's incredible!  I'd spend that to put it in my backyard as well.  :-P

Gotta love when editors miss obvious mistakes like that.  hehe

Yes, so imagine what all different variety of things they could have added with the price tag of TT, not that TT is not nice but....

Branson Talk / Re: Classic Motor Inn - 2019 - K.D.
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:16:13 PM »
While we were driving over there last week the wife was on her phone and somehow came across a website or something that has several of the motels in Branson were for sale. Since I was curious I googled and came up with this.  I wonder if any of these are currently American owned and may soon not be.  Maybe we should all chip in and by one of them

Branson Talk / Re: Classic Motor Inn - 2019 - K.D.
« on: April 15, 2019, 06:39:12 PM »
The last couple of times we have not stayed at one of the Hilton properties we stayed at the Honeysuckle Inn which is right next door to the Imax.  Price is just a few bucks more than the classic rate was supposed to be but the place is a lot nicer.  They have a much better breakfast and they have a nice indoor pool and hot tub area.  I think it was about $60 with tax and everything Saturday night.  I wonder if those folks would be open to a group deal for us.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: I am a complete moron
« on: April 15, 2019, 06:35:29 PM »
So they say that is a 10 story drop out of the station, so however many feet that is.  It is surprising the phone is not worse off than it was.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: I am a complete moron
« on: April 14, 2019, 07:46:38 PM »
So I now have the phone back and here is how it went down.  Arrived at the park around 9:30  before opening this morning and headed on down to the TT.  Talked to the ride workers and they said nothing had been found, no guarantees it would be found.  Headed back up to lost and found.  Nothing turned in.  They said when maintenance checked the ride they were concerned about the ride safety and not my phone, but if they happen to see it they would turn it in.  I get that. Headed down to the square and watched the opening ceremony.  My wife went to school years ago with Larry, the big tall guy who is one of the performers there.  He was doing the flag raising so we went and told him the situation.  He got one of the dudes who is in charge of maintenance to come over.  He walked us down to the TT and talked to the workers.  He said since the ride was closed because it was too cold to run he would see about getting somebody to go down and look.  He made a call on the radio and a few minutes later a couple of other people showed up.  He said that because of the rain overnight it might not be safe to send somebody down now but he would check.  If it was too wet, they would send somebody down there later this afternoon.  Well we were not planning on spending much time there but figured we could go ahead and ride some rides and maybe watch one of the shows and see if they turn it up.  We went and got on the FM.  About as soon as the ride started we got a call on the wife's phone.  Evidentially they went on down and found it and it was now up at lost and found.  It seemed it fell out at the drop right out of the building.  Not surprising the screen is destroyed and the phone is not usable.  I dug out and old phone and will have our hardware guy at the office transfer my number to this one until my new phone arrives.  Hopefully I will be able to download everything back onto it from the icloud.  I guess when you know people who work there, you can get things done quick!

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2019 Daily Attendance
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:02:53 AM »
Another poor weather related saturday...

only 4400 people...

Okie- You should have had a good couple of days!!

Yes, it was downright pleasant yesterday except for the trip being ruined over losing my phone.  I am going back today to hopefully retrieve my phone.  Looks like the rain is about done up here now but it is still cold and wet so I bet it is slow today as well.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: I am a complete moron
« on: April 13, 2019, 09:07:02 PM »
A similar thing happened to me last year. I was at the park in early June with my brother. While in line for PK I was checking my phone. When it came to our turn it board, phone was in my side pocket as usual. We get off the ride and start walking. I feel odd, so I check my pocket, no phone. Uh oh. Go right back to PK. Ask the operators if they've seen it on the platform in case I actually dropped it while putting it in my pocket. No luck. So I fill out a lost and found form. Get home, check my iCloud, phone located somewhere near the PK location. I don't have much faith in getting an operating phone back at this point so I file a claim with insurance, get the phone remotely wiped and deactivated, and wait for my new phone to arrive. A few days later my dad gets a call from SDC, as I had listed his number as a contact in case I couldn't get my phone replaced, and they had found my original phone. Go up to the park to retrieve it and aside from a dead battery it was in complete working order! So maybe give it a couple days and it'll be retrieved. Probably unfortunately be waterlogged and useless by this point but stranger things have happened.

My phone is still online as of now and it has been raining for a while.  It appears to have survived the initial fall anyway but lord knows if it will survive the night sitting out there in the rain.  I sure hope they do actually have maintenance folks out there like the said they do collecting lost items.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: I am a complete moron
« on: April 13, 2019, 06:32:47 PM »
I am not too worried about the phone because most things should be backed up and it is a company phone so I can simply order a new one, no big deal.  The big problem is going to be come Monday morning nobody will be able to contact me via phone or text for work.  I can probably try to dig up an old phone and get it activated while I wait for the new one to arrive, if it comes to that.  What I still find amazing is I never noticed the phone leaving my pocket.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: I am a complete moron
« on: April 13, 2019, 04:59:59 PM »
I lost this phone in Mexico last  year.  It fell out of my pocked in the bathroom!  I looked over the whole resort then remembered the bathroom.  As I was going in a worker was coming out and had found it. That was lucky.  Anyway, since I received an email that it had been found we headed back up to the city in the pouring rain.  It was really a ghost town this time and we rode TT again.  We were the only ones on the ride.  Asked the operator and they said they did not have it.  I am not sure why it says it was reported found if it has not been.  I wonder if somebody picked it up down there but it just has not been turned in yet.  I will go back tomorrow and pray it has.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / I am a complete moron
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:59:45 PM »
So we got there at opening today and rode TT first.  After getting off the ride I discovered I no longer had my iPhone.  Crap.  At that moment I realized I left it in my shirt pocked and not in my pants pocked or in our back like normal. Completely forgot about it.  It must have fallen out during a loop and I didnt even notice.  I was the dummy today I normally make fun of as to how somebody could be so stupid as to lose their phone on a ride.  Reported it to the ride operator but of course they wont go looking until park closes.  The bad part is, rain is moving in and it is supposed to rain all night I think.  We were only here last night so now I will have to stay another night and go back tomorrow.  When we got to the hotel I logged into my icloud account to locate my phone and I can see where it is on the sat map but that shows the area before the ride was put in.  I set it to lost mode and a few minutes later received an email that it was found.  I assume that means maybe they found it because a message will pop up on the screen saying it is lost and if somebody finds it they can report it found on the device.  Never have used this feature before so just guessing.  Anyway, here is a screen shot.  Looks to me like this might be where the building is.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2019 Daily Attendance
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:47:08 PM »
So while eating at the Mine today I mentioned how it was slow and she said they had figured the mine/mill would be slow because everyone would be down at the barn for the festival foods.  She said that and the rain kept people away today.  I told her I like coming when its going to rain then said something about I heard last weekend was slow for YCW.  She said it was way slower than they had planned.  She said many of the regulars have told her they stay away that weekend so maybe our theory is correct.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: 2019 Trip Reports
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:44:44 PM »
We were there yesterday as well.  Just left about 3 today.  It started out seeming like it was going to be busy at 9:30 but by around 1-2 it seemed like a ghost town.  We rode TT first this morning and waited about 10-15 minutes.  Waited about 10 min for PK, everything else we rode was walk on after that.  We ate lunch in the Mine, first time in 2 years.  Food seemed better than it was last time.  We were the only people eating in there at around 1:30.  Then walked on to TT again. 

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