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Branson Talk / Branson Weather 2019
« on: April 30, 2019, 05:27:32 PM »
So, I've got KOLR's stream up on my browser as they follow a bunch of different tornado-warned cells. They got a call from Brad Thomas letting them know that all the employees at SDC are in shelters. Someone just called in a minute or so ago saying they saw a funnel over SotH Expressway.

Anyone who lives in or near Branson, make sure to take shelter and I hope you guys don't end up with any damage!

SDC Memories/ Park History / Important: Flickr Update
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:18:42 PM »
Flickr has updated their storage policies, and on February 5th, they're gonna start deleting photos off free accounts if they have more than 1,000 photos, starting with the oldest.

Two of our members have an excellent stash of photos of the park as well as historical items (old maps, etc)... but they don't have Pro accounts.

I know tinmann still comes around here sometimes, but I haven't seen Beta Mike around in a while. I'm not sure which SDCFans member is the one with the "rubedugans" Flickr account, but that, too, is over the 1k photo limit and not upgraded to Pro.

Those three Flickr accounts have SO much SDC history in them. I sadly have literally zero money, so I can't gift a Pro account to any of them. But if anyone else wishes to do so, that'd be cool. If they don't turn Pro by Feb 5th, photos will start getting deleted. So just in case, I'm trying my best to save at least any photos that are pre-2000, particularly vintage and any maps/brochures. I know Beta Mike has dl'ing turned off on his Flickr, but I know how to get around that; I promise, though, I'm only backing these up to my own personal photo stash.

Anyway... I'd hate to see any of the old stuff disappear, hence why I've been spending HOURS a day (I have literally nothing else to do with my life right now) saving photos to my computer so that at least *someone* has them for posterity.

Here are the three accounts that are not Pro that have more than 1k photos, so their oldest will start getting deleted on Feb 5th:

Dollywood Discussion / Quick question about After 3 Next Day Free
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:00:41 PM »
Does anyone know if Dollywood still does the "After 3, Next Day Free" thing? And is the time different during the Christmas season? My friend is hoping to go soon and was wondering.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Need a couple answers for upcoming trip
« on: September 13, 2016, 09:40:25 PM »
I'm gonna be at SDC on Friday the 23rd. I haven't been to the park since July 2013, so I know there've been some changes (the Saloon Show; the addition of Fireman's Landing; etc) and I also just don't remember some things.

1) Back in, oh, it had to be 2009/2010-ish, I bought my eldest niece a customized mini-parasol (the size that fits with, like, a teddy bear or a doll). My niece and her little sisters are coming on our trip, too, and I'm hoping to get her sisters mini-parasols of their own. My main question is does anyone know the price of the mini-parasols?

Also, does anyone know the limits of what things the artists know how to paint? The one I got my eldest niece I had done with butterflies. The "middle" niece's nickname is "Liliebug" so her "mascot" has always been ladybugs, so I'd like to get ladybugs on hers. And the youngest niece... well, she doesn't really have a "mascot" besides me calling her "Roo" as in a kangaroo 'cause her name is Teeghan and it's an Australian name. I kinda would like to stick with the insect theme, though, so I was thinking fireflies for her because her hair is a very fiery red, so, ya know, FIRE.

2) I haven't been to the Wild West Show that they've had at the Harvest Fest. We're gonna be going to Dixie Stampede that Saturday, and based on the small description and the picture on the SDC website, it looks like the Wild West Show is kind of a smaller version of DS. So I'm wondering if we should just skip that since we're going to DS?

3) Does anyone know of a place I can find up-to-date menu prices for the various eateries? I'm gonna be limited on spending money, so I have to plan carefully for what I'm gonna buy at the park.

4) The rumors have very strongly suggested that we get lots of photos of the entrance to the park. How far should I focus for my photos/videos? Up through the turnstiles? Or should I also focus on the bakery and the Hospitality House?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Photography questions
« on: July 08, 2016, 10:16:23 PM »
Okay, so the SDC website says that photography is allowed in the park, but that's about all the info they give. I know that some places restrict what kind of cameras/lenses one can use (like, pro versus point-and-shoot), and I just wanna find out ahead of time if there are any restrictions set in place.

I'm hoping to go to SDC during the fall festival with my sister. She's a professional photographer and has an amazing camera, which she lets me use when we're together (I'm like the ONLY person she'll let touch it aside from her husband, lol). I've asked if we could bring the camera with us so I can take high-quality pictures of SDC that I've never managed to get just right with my little point-and-shoot. And particularly, I want to be able to document the entrance as well as possible since we've got rumors that it's going to be changing.

So, basically, I wanna make sure ahead of time that it's okay to bring a pro camera with lenses (her larger one isn't, like, SUPER large like the kinds people use to take pics of planes or somethin').

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Fire at SDC on Monday?
« on: June 28, 2016, 12:18:04 AM »
I was poking around on Facebook for posts about SDC, and someone said entry was barred to the park for a short while because of a fire at the Hospitality House:

Anyone know anything more about it?

EDIT: Could this be related?

(SDC posted a picture of the Ninja Turtles in front of the SDC entrance logo and, well, I finally hit my breaking point. The following is what I wrote as a comment on that photo)

Ugh. No, I don't want to eat breakfast with the Ninja Turtles at a park themed solely around an 1880s mining town. These character things have gotta stop. This is just way too out of theme.

If you feel you HAVE to have characters, couldn't you try getting the VeggieTales back? I'm personally not Christian, but I know the park is very grounded in Christian ideals and VeggieTales is a Christian IP. Plus, talking vegetables don't really stand out as much against theme as Dora or Ninja Turtles. In fact, the Veggies could have special costumes with cowboy hats and stuff specifically for appearing at SDC.

Just... please, PLEASE. This is not Six Flags. This is not the Mall of America. This is Silver Dollar City, the home of Rocky the Raccoon (now that y'all are partnered with Henson, maybe you could make a movie?) and the Beverly Hillbillies and the new Dalmatian character whose name I don't recall 'cause I've not been to the park since he was added. Add Rocky as a fur character to meet! Maybe create a bat character as his sidekick! Bats are so important to the history and theme of SDC.

Get more face characters! See if you can get a Becky Thatcher and a Tom Sawyer and a Huck Finn! Play up the Mark Twain connection more.

Just please, please try to do something different. Kids don't need characters like these to like SDC; I know I sure didn't when I started coming as a kid. It was the characters at the Saloon and the Sheriff on Main Street and Terry Wayne Sanders as the Deputy that kept me engaged.

I know this whole character thing is not a permanent fixture and only during the summer, but there's a reason I never come for the summer fest. It just feels way too out of place compared to the others (Rudolph for Christmas doesn't really bother me because although that IP isn't from the 1880s, Santa and non-era-specific talking animals are pretty timeless; they don't feel particularly anachronistic).

So, I track the "Silver Dollar City" tag on Tumblr, and I came home from some time out of town to find a new post in the tag from the original artist of the '70s/'80s-era SDC coloring books! He had revisited a couple of his drawings for the book and did new versions. You can see his two blog posts here:

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Disrespect for the park
« on: October 01, 2014, 05:57:28 PM »
I spend most of my online time on Tumblr. I track the tag "Silver Dollar City." And today a new post was in the tag and it REALLY bothered me. But I don't know if I should, like, report this to SDC because of the blatant disregard for park rules, especially since that disregard led to damage of property, or... I dunno. What do you guys think?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Your Name on Rice Jewelry?
« on: May 06, 2013, 06:25:33 PM »
Is there still a shop at SDC that does "Your Name on Rice" jewelry? I can't seem to locate it on the map on the website. I'm pretty sure it was in the same little building as the cut coin jewelry, next to the Waterboggan tower.

I was just wondering 'cause I have made my own jewelry like that and wondered if they'd ever be looking to hire someone who can write on a grain of rice. Figure I should poke my nose around to see if there's anyone hiring someone with my somewhat random skill.

UPDATE: We found an apartment complex that would let us lease for the 45 days. It's a bit of a way from campus, but we have a friend whose schedule lines up with ours, so she's offered to be our transport for the month and a half that we'll be displaced. We have free WiFi, so I should be able to keep up online.


So, I got home from my first day of classes and ran into our landlady outside our building. Turns out that the plumbing problem they've been having downstairs is WAY worse than it initially seemed. So much worse, in fact, that the people living on the lowest floor have to move out and can't come back 'til January 'cause the plumbers have to tear everything up to completely replace the pipes.

Those of us in the higher floors have to vacate for 45 days because the plumbing and water will be turned off that whole time. We have to be out no later than Thursday morning. So my roommate and I are now attempting to find somewhere to stay for the 45 days before we get to come back to our apartment. We don't have to take everything with us; just anything we need for a 45-day stay away from home.

One of our problems is that neither of us drive. And we both have classes this semester. So trying to find somewhere to stay for 45 days that's close enough to the Missouri State campus is, well, proving difficult. All the apartments and houses want leases, but we're not moving. We're just evacuating temporarily.

Is there anyone on here who is familiar enough with Springfield who could give some advice on any organizations we might be able to contact for temporary housing? Or know of any rental companies that would be willing to let us rent for only a month and a half?



So, I don't watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but I am a regular Tumblr user, and one of the tags I track is "Silver Dollar City." Well, the other day there was a new post in the tag (something so rare that I celebrate every time, lol). The post had a screencap from this week's episode, and lo and behold, the actor Charlie Day is sitting there wearing a vintage SDC T-shirt!

I was so intrigued, I downloaded the episode and took a screencap myself. Here ya go:

SDC Memories/ Park History / Another Famous Ozarker (and SDC worker?)
« on: April 18, 2011, 01:41:08 AM »
So, I knew that Don S. Davis (best known as General Hammond from Stargate SG-1) was from Missouri, but only now, when my friends were watching Psych and he showed up, I finally looked up his Wikipedia page.

Apparently he carved cigar store Indians that were sold at SDC. And looking on his art site, I see he had done a great drawing of Chick Allen and a great painting of what I think is the water wheel at Sullivan's Mill.

Anyone know if he did anything else at SDC?


PS: He also graduated from MSU (back when it was SMSU), where I am attending now!

So, I was looking at Dj Otzi vids on YouTube yesterday, and came across a video that was wrongly labeled as being by Otzi. It was a cover of John Denver's "Country Roads" and it was actually done by the Hermes House Band. I really enjoyed it, so went looking for more of their stuff.

I've now listened to tons of their songs, and I'm convinced that SDC should hire them to do a bunch of country song covers in the style of their "Country Roads" to be used for Moonlight Madness. It would allow us to have country music, but with a beat, thus satisfying both camps.

Here's a link to their official music video for "Country Roads":

Why is it all the best cover bands of American songs aren't American?!

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Show ideas?
« on: November 10, 2010, 09:32:59 PM »
I know in various threads people have sometimes mentioned wanting to see a change up in the variety of shows at SDC. Well, I was just watching a really great video that I stumbled upon and thought I'd start a discussion on people/shows we'd like to see at SDC.

This video I was watching was of John Cassidy, the Guinness World Record holder for fastest balloon sculpture creator. Here's his website:

I think he'd be an awesome addition to the KidsFest show lineup, now that the magic show is done.

Any "unknown" or "mostly unknown" people/shows you know of that you'd like to suggest for SDC?

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