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Cheapest ticket options


I had not planned on going to the city this year, but am thinking about a spur of the moment trip Sunday/Monday this week.  I thought about getting a season pass but remembered it would not be good until next year.  What are the cheapest options for day tickets?  I would think consider upgrading it to a season pass for next year if that is possible.  Does anyone know what the cost is to upgrade a day pass this year to a season pass for next year?  In years past I have bought passes well in advance and have never done the upgrade thing.

As season pass holders we received coupons a couple of weeks ago for $20 bring a friend tickets.  Since you have to be with the season pass holder to get in we can't help you with those dates but there may be others on the site here that can.  Good luck

Yea, I ended up not going.  Decided it was not worth messing with. 


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