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Re: Memories of FITH/FITH Scavenger Hunt
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2023, 07:48:49 PM »
Back in the day, when Fire in the Hole was the only coaster at the park, we used to challenge guests who were determined to ride over and over to a little game - a scavenger hunt within the ride itself.

It all started when we noticed that some folks kept riding the coaster over and over again. We couldn't help but ask what they were up to, and sure enough, they were on a mission to ride as many times as they could in a day. So, we decided to make it even more fun for them by challenging them to a scavenger hunt.

The hunt began with simple tasks like finding the moon and stars or the howling coyote. But as the riders kept coming back for more, we upped the ante with more challenging tasks like finding a Baldknobber holding his rifle in the air or locating a chicken on her nest. And just when they thought they had found everything there was to find, we threw in a real curveball - where in the ride can you eat burnt toast? By the way, a lot of that stuff is not there anymore, but some of it is.

It was a great way to create a positive guest experience and make their visit even more memorable.


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Re: Memories of FITH
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^ Great stuff Smokey!  One of my favorite things in the ride is the Andy's Wagon Works sign that pays homage to the "founder of the feast" Andy Miller.  Such a genius with things like FITH, the Flooded Mine, and other "Andyisms" around the park.
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