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Re: 2021 Crowds/Trip Reports
« Reply #315 on: December 31, 2021, 10:28:04 AM »
Interesting follow-up:  I got a link to an online survey today.  Went through it in detail, reporting what was good and what wasn't.  I tried to submit but was not allowed to because I didn't answer a question which wasn't there (had to do with recommending food to others, which is probably part of a string of questions if you answered YES to buying food, but we didn't so I answered NO).

This is the second series of surveys I have been asked to submit online which would not let me do so because of a flaw in the programming.  I am getting the impression that HFE isn't really interested.  OK, fine.  But don't bother sending a survey if it can't be used.  It doesn't improve the appearance.  And don't ask a question unless you can stand all the possible answers.