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This is a bit delayed, and I apologize for that. I'm so excited to read about the happy experiences that everyone is having so far!!! It's been WONDERFUL to be able to meet everyone. The entire staff here and myself feel very blessed to have all of you team up with us for the 2019 season. I'm looking forward to meeting more of the SDC Fans members as the season goes on.
Our sincere thanks for all the positive comments that have been left so far. It has been our pleasure. 

We hope that you enjoyed your stay. It was great getting to meet you and your family!!!! I hope you come back again

We will be having some guests in this Friday and we are so excited for our 1st SDC fans to come in!!! We look forward to seeing all of you throughout the 2019 season.

Thank you for the kind words. I'm very excited to be working with you all.

FINALLY!!  A New Home for the SDCFans..!!

                OZARK VALLEY INN

      Locally owned - American Owned -
      Andrea (manager) lives onsite.
Located just up the street from Classic and on the other side of SOTH..

I talked to Andrea (manager), she, the owner and the asst to the manager (
Melinda) all sound thrilled to be able to accomodate our group.  We worked out most of the details this morning, I will list them.  As more details and items come up I will add that to the thread.

This will be a good change for us.!    Effectively Immediately!! 

There are 64 rooms available, with stairs to upper floor
Room Rate will be 42.00 per night + tax.  (first increase we have had in 10 years).
This rate is for a Double Queen room. 
     Add-on fees for King room (as I understand it, may have to be clarified again)
     King Room only - 5.00 per night surcharge
     King Room with chair or couch - 10.00 per night surcharge
     King Room - with Jacuzzi tub and Shower/tub - 15.00 per night surcharge.

Each room has Fridge, Microwave and Coffee Pot of course.

They do have 16 adjoining rooms available.
Approz. 10 King Rooms.
7 Pet Rooms are available- They will wave the 10.00 per night fee for us, as long as you have "small" pets.
3 Smoking Rooms
Quest Laundry
Outdoor Pool
Game Room
Meeting/Conference room
Breakfast - Waffle bar, Boiled eggs, Biscuits and Gravy, home made cinnamon rolls, cereal, milk juices and the
                 other basics of course.

Only Blackout dates this year will be July 4th-5th 6th, (thurs-fri-sat).   AND  Nov 29 (Black Friday)..  These will
                 change year to year obviously

I think this a great deal for us, Make sure you thank K.D. for helping me get in contact with these people. She told me how much she appreciates our business in the past, and how she is missing seeing us. We know this will be fun for all, call them soon for reservations.
As always any questions? concerns? PM me, and I will help sort through it with Andrea and we will figure it out.!!

I warned them they would start receiving calls for reservations right away. LOL

So start calling them!! @ 417-336-4666.  Talk to Andrea. 
Remember to identify yourselves as SDCfans members...

As the General Manager of Ozark Valley Inn, I'd like to join in the discussion and announce how truely excited and grateful we are to team up with SDC Fans! We are looking forward to meeting as many members as we can and to make this a wonderful season for all.

Andrea Belden

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