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Frontier City's very First Holiday in the Park opening night
« on: November 25, 2018, 10:43:00 PM »
Friday I attended opening night of Frontier City's very first Christmas event, "Holiday in the Park".  The original name was going to be called " A Frontier Christmas".  Six Flag's came in this past summer. Decided to change it to be inline with the rest of the company parks.  Opening night wasn't very busy most all rides were walk on or longest wait may have been 5 minutes.   So the park was slow enough that you can actually sit in and enjoy the lights and decorations.  I was very impressed for the park very first event. Especially how much work went into the park in 3 weeks from tearing down Fright Fest and setting up for Holiday in the park.  I was very impressed.  Don't expect Silver Dollar City it is not that established and elaborate.  You can expect a very nice overall impression of what the park did  and it is very impressive for it's very first year.

The park did close down a section of the park Renegade Road which eliminates some of their attractions like the Gunfighters stadium, Sidewinder, Gunslinger, Go-Karts, Renegade Rapids.  They block it off with a temporary Wooden fence except the ends by Best of the West and the Starlight Amphitheater entrance.  They have a barricade they can remove if they have to for vehicles when the park is closed.   naturally all the water ride attractions are now closed just because  Oklahoma can get down right chilly in the evenings. 
The lighted displays they have throughout the park is absolute amazing.   As you walk down into main street there is a show that runs every half hour where the buildings are synchronized to the music and fake snow is blasted from the roof tops.  The Train ride is nothing very special it takes you back along the closed section of the park in a area the now call the North Pole.  It is lighted displays Wire lighted canopys and the Tunnel is lined in white lights.  This is in the closed section of the park.  They have one station so they can keep the line moving for the train.   There is other attractions you can take in the lights like the Ferris Wheel where you can get a overall view of the park.  Other attractions with great views.  Diamond Back station, Soaring Eagle will take you gliding over the dancing lights of main street and Brain Drain where you can look at the lights upside down.  All of the attractions are decked out for christmas. I like what they have done with the  roller coaster signs they decorated them.  My favorite Easter egg at the park is Quick Draw!  The ride was decorated inside and out and as you ride they have Christmas Music Playing.  the small touches like that make the park extra special.   

The shows!   It's Frontier City so a long tradition of the park you normally get is both Gunfight shows and Magic shows.  Both have been a staple at the park since the park existed.  Well A gun fight show just doesn't fit with Christmas so the park eliminated that show for Holiday in the Park.   They do have a magic show and the showtimes are 5:30pm and 7:30 pm.  Their main Christmas show will not start until December 1st those shows will run about every hour.  Roaming the park is Carolers who are dressed in Old West / Victorian clothing. There is no set area of the park they will be they just roam around the park.   I like that they are very interactive with guests will allow you to join them in caroling and will take photos with you.  Of course you can't forget Santa he has his own little house built inside Ft. Frontier.  The pizza parlour has been turned into letters to Santa and custom cookie decorating with Mrs. Clause.    That is it for entertainment. The park is only open 4 hours of the day. You have a lot to take in with all the Photo op areas around the park.  They have some really good photo op areas spread all through out the park.   

The park does have Holiday games one is a paint ball shooting gallery where you shoot Grinch and all those Scrooge type characters you find in pop culture.  Another game I saw was a holiday grab bag game. 

They did add those Holiday foods you would find at the other Six Flag Parks.  Bread Bowls , Holiday Funnel cakes etc.  They also have S'more kits and Hot chocolate served to you in a Holiday in the Park Christmas park. 

That is my brief review of Frontier City and hope to see you soon at the park.



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Re: Frontier City's very First Holiday in the Park opening night
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2018, 12:37:30 PM »
That would be very exciting to visit!

I went to Six Flags St. Louis's Holiday in the Park and they had half of the park blocked off too... That wasn't the case last year. We figured it was to cut down on decorating costs but that also meant several rides were closed. It was rather disappointing considering the St. Louis park isn't very big to begin with.
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Re: Frontier City's very First Holiday in the Park opening night
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2018, 08:05:49 PM »
SFSTL has never had the Illinois section open during HITP.  I will say they are really lacking on lights this year compared to the past two years, but considering how this season went - itís to be expected.  This new GM is horrible and Iím starting to think heís the reason that LeRonde is in the state that is (he came to STL from there)