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Re: Your Travels Thread (2019)
« Reply #90 on: January 26, 2020, 02:32:00 PM »
I know you just closed the book on 2019 travels, but I thought I'd throw it back open for a bit.  I never put up the links to my Vermont/New York travels to study at Fort Ticonderoga, so here goes:  they are all at the bottom of this page:

What a terrific experience in the French fort, holding a document signed by King Louis XIV, rowing on Lake Champlain in an authentic reproduction French bateau, learning the craft of shoemaking, driving oxen, learning about the French and Indian War and comparing it to WWI, and more.

Nerd  ;)  Thanks for sharing.  Have you used any of your experiences from that trip in the classroom this school year?

We spend the entire year in the 18th century in my classroom, so yes.
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