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First time visitors to Dollywood
« on: September 18, 2015, 08:43:14 PM »
Hey everyone its me, I am a first time writer on this forum, I have a questions to ask about Dollywood. To start off I have been to Dollywood only one time and during my visit I rode the Tennessee Tornado and Thunder Head both of which are very good roller coasters. I haven't been back to Dollywood since they added the Wild Eagle and I am wanting to ride it and bad.

Anyway I have some cousins who have never been to Dollywood and if they ever get to go it will be their first time their mom (who is also my cousin) works so she can never find the time to take them plus they stay busy and active all the time. A couple of years ago they had season passes to Six Flags over Georgia yet they have never been to Dollywood.

So my question is this what would a good ride be for a first time visitor to Dollywood? First up is my cousin who is a female and is age 16 she has ridden Goliath, The Georgia Cyclone and The Great American Scream Machine but she doesn't really care for roller coasters that much however she will ride them.

Next up is my cousin who is a male age 10 he has ridden Acrophobia and The Dahlonega Mine Train however he didn't ride any of the big roller coasters.

Last up is my cousin who is another male age 7 but soon to be 8 and he rode the Sky buckets and Dahlonega Mine Train and some of the rides in Bugs Bunny world.

Anyway if anyone has any good suggestions on here it would really help Thanks.