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General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: What Would You Do?
« on: August 06, 2009, 09:14:59 PM »
I agree regarding the basketballs, air brush shirts and tattoos. They all need to go.  I would add to that list the glow in the dark light sabres kids were running around the park with when I was at Moonlight Madness last week. I felt trapped in a movie that featured Star Wars going back to the Old West.  I kept waiting for Terry to show up dressed as Darth Vader. I love 70's music, but when I heard Firefall playing over the park's sound system I about passed out. I realize it was part of their effort to change the mood for MM but it just didn't feel right.  My family left early because it was kind of depressing to see SDC making a half hearted effort.  So many things were closed or not operating.  They need to do Moonlight Madness up right or not do it at all.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / What Would You Do?
« on: August 06, 2009, 08:52:11 PM »
If the powers that be at SDC came to you and asked what one thing you would do to improve the park, what would your answer be?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Crowd Levels
« on: August 06, 2009, 08:43:32 PM »
I realize you can ask what the attendance was for a particular day at the park. I have done that several times myself. I am more curious about the cumulative attendance figure year to date as it compares to the previous few years.  Is the total number up, down or flat?  If the cumulative number is up, as many on this site have hinted at, what are the factors driving that? We know it's not the new ride SDC rolled out for 2009. What impact has the closing of Celebration City had on SDC's numbers? Is the economy keeping more people closer to home? Are lower gas prices (compared to last year) allowing season pass holders to make more trips to Branson?  Just wondering out loud.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: Crowd Levels
« on: August 05, 2009, 09:28:00 PM »
Has anyone heard any news regarding attendance figures at the park this year?  Just curious to see if attendance is up, down or flat at this point in the season compared to the same time period last year.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Re: The Train Holdup Skit
« on: August 05, 2009, 09:20:09 PM »
Hello all...long time listener, first time caller. We were at the City
several days last week and rode the train each day. We experienced
the entire spectrum of that was pretty good, one that was not so good and one with a single robber that hardly qualified as a robbery. I don't know, sometimes the characters seem to be going through the motions. But, I guess I can see how that can happen since they do so many skits a day every day of the week.  Some might find it tough to keep that enthusiasm going.

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