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General Silver Dollar City Talk / VIP Tour
« on: June 15, 2018, 09:51:54 AM »
Has anyone done the VIP tour?  I know it is very expensive but I was wondering if it might make visiting during Christmas time more enjoyable and more efficient.  Thoughts?

Thank you all for responding!  One more question.  This might be crazy talk since it's so expensive, but...has anyone done the VIP tour and would that be a big help with the crowds during Christmas? 

What about the Sunday prior to  Vetrans weekend?  Theose are our only two options but if both are bad times to go,  we’ll skip it and try again next year. 

I really want to take my family to SDC to see all the lights but I am afraid of the crowds. I am thinking of visiting on Thursday, November 8th because I have read Thursdays are best but I wasn’t sure if that held true with Veteams’s day being that weekend. Anyone have advice?

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