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SDC Memories/ Park History / The Coin Press
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:51:00 AM »
I'm a longtime fan of Silver Dollar City, having spent many fall trips as a kid with my parents down there, and now recently I've started bringing my family down, even though my wife once said "I'm never going to Branson to relive your childhood memories".  One trip to Silver Dollar City convinced her we should get season tickets and she said it's pretty much the greatest place a little boy could ever want to go.

I recall as a kid getting to make my own pewter Silver Dollar City souvenir coin several times as a kid on a large wood/metal coin press.  When I was younger there was a horse attached to pull the arm of the press, but as I got older the horse was gone and they had me pull the arm.  Can anyone tell me is this press still there?  My recent trips this year haven't allowed me enough time to properly explore the area I recall it being near, since I've was chasing a 3 year old the whole time. 

It makes me sad to pass Huck Finn's Hideaway and see the tree boarded up.  I have fond memories exploring that treehouse and I know my son would have loved it too.  I wish I could remember what it looked like inside. 

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