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General Silver Dollar City Talk / Dec 31st, Jan 1st, 2nd - Question
« on: December 14, 2020, 07:54:19 PM »
We're going to make one final trip to SDC this year - but we will be in Branson Dec. 31, Jan 1, 2. I know Holiday in the Park is over during those three days, but what does that mean?

Are there still lights on in the park at night (still open until 7pm)? Will the Frisco Barn still be selling Christmas ornaments? I'm assume all the shows are done, and the special food will be gone...I just didn't know if they kept the lights on and were still selling Christmas merchandise.


Random Talk / 24 hour Marathon Build
« on: October 17, 2020, 01:40:40 AM »
Its been quiet around here so I thought Id share something we did this summer for a St. Jude patient.


General Silver Dollar City Talk / Silver Dollar Membership
« on: January 07, 2020, 08:45:16 PM »
I received an email announcing a "Silver Dollar City Diamond Membership - for Tulsa Area only". I'm betting though there are other locations they are offering this as well.

The membership is $250 or $25/month and includes:
Unlimited Visits to SDC
Unlimited Visits to White Water
8 One Day Guest Vouchers
1 Free Showboat Cruise
10 Visits to Incredible Pizza Tulsa
1 Front of the line on Mystic River Falls
20% off select food and beverage at Silver Dollar City and White Water

The two park pass is $168 and the difference between this pass and the two park pass:
1 Free Showboat Cruise
10 Visits to Incredible Pizza Tulsa
1 Front of the line on Mystic River Falls
20% off select food and beverage at Silver Dollar City and White Water

So is the above worth the additional $82 to you? The cruise is around $57. If you go to Incredible Pizza the buffet ticket and $10 in game play is worth $20.99 itself. So had I not already purchased my season passes, I might really consider one of these passes instead.


Other Parks / Six Flags Hotels?
« on: June 25, 2019, 10:21:18 AM »
I received a survey from Six Flags asking quite a bit about lodging, where I would stay, why we stayed there, etc. when going on vacation that included a theme park. Then they asked if a "Six Flags" hotel (that was within walking distance to the front gate of the park) would be of interest to me if the cost was $199/night. My answer was no because I could get a much better deal somewhere else.

Then they asked me if I thought $199/night would be a good deal with the following options:
1. Lunch and Dinner included in the park
2. 5 - front of the line passes
3. Front of the line passes for all of the big attractions.

So maybe, Six Flags will be entering the "resort" type market soon?


Branson Talk / Branson places to skip so not to waste your time....
« on: March 24, 2019, 05:35:18 PM »
I know we have a list of Branson restaurants to go to when in town, but what about places to avoid?

My contribution to the not waste your time: The 80's Store
I'm a kid of the 80's so when I saw "The 80's Store" I was excited to visit......However, I was very disappointed. Vintage Stock is a better "80's" store than this place. There is so much potential to be had that wasn't being reached at all....maybe it's just early in the year.

They had a few t-shirts, a few albums, etc. - But no real selection. No 80's memorabilia that was worth admiring, etc. Looking on Amazon, you can search for just about any 80's band and find posters, t-shirts, etc. so there is a source of 80's inventory somewhere. Anyway, ended up being a waste of 5 min, 8 if you include parking.


Other Parks / Six Flags Coffin Challenge
« on: September 24, 2018, 01:40:59 PM »
For those that dare.....

The prizes though - are they worth it?
(This is just $10/ this isn't too much of a prize.)

Two 2019 Gold Season Passes
(two passes at the current sale is $113.98)

A Fright Fest Prize package including two VIP Haunted House passes 
($69.98 + what's in Fright Fest prize package)

A ticket for two to ride the Freak Train for Freaks Unleashed
(not sure the value of this prize)

Their coffin! That's right - the handcrafted coffin is yours to keep!
I had read a description on one of the sites that these were "slightly used" coffins. If these are real coffins and not just props - this could be the true value prize. These items are not cheap - so depending on the quality, material, etc. This part of the prize could be worth thousands of dollars.

So are these prizes worth you spending 30 hours in a coffin in the park?


Other Parks / Six Flags Over Texas 2018?
« on: July 18, 2017, 06:53:06 AM »
Six Flags Over Texas placed on Instagram a photo of action figures highlighting a girl figure with the caption "Winter is Coming". I'm not familiar with these figures, but it made me wonder if it was a hint for 2018. I checked other sites and no one was talking about the post.


Random Talk / Trex Track??
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:37:48 PM »
Could the new Skyline Attractions SkyWarp be the first "coaster" type attraction to use RMC's Trex track? Look at these renderings and pictures - it looks like Trex track to me:


Dollywood Discussion / New for 2017 - Tailspin Racer
« on: August 16, 2016, 10:47:41 AM »
Dollywood announced today that their new for 2017 attraction at Splash Country is Tailspin Racer. Maybe SDC's announcement isn't too far away.


Other Parks / Big Splash (Tulsa) being purchased
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:52:48 AM »
Big Splash in Tulsa is being purchased by "Safari Joe" Matthew Estes. Finally the Murphy's are out, so maybe something good can happen to this park. I haven't been here in years and never had any desire to go because nothing much had changed since it opened in 1984. Now maybe things will start to improve!

Good luck Mr. Estes!


Branson Talk / Crazy Cajun
« on: August 10, 2015, 03:56:56 PM »
I always like trying new places and this last trip to Branson, I thought I would try Crazy Cajun Citchen on Indian Point. The reviews on Google Maps were good, so I thought what the heck, let's go.

Crazy Cajun Citchen is not a glamorous dining establishment. It consists of mainly outdoor dining on a deck and a small dining room with about 6 tables. The food isn't served on fine china, and the crystal is kept hidden somewhere.....but the food I had was outstanding, and I'll go again, and again, and again, to the Crazy Cajun.

So you're not surprised when you go, drinks are served by the bottle, including water (no ice, no cups). They have beer in cans, with the exception of one type that you can get in a bottle (sorry I can't remember what brand). The food is served in "to-go" type containers with the exception of a couple of entrees. Nothing is fancy here, but again the food is great.

I had the Crawfish Acadian and it was excellent. My son had the chicken gumbo and it too was very good. The okra was good and their corn muffins were excellent as well.

Here is a map to the place:,-93.3468601,17z/data=!4m5!1m2!2m1!1srestaurants!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xddc832a234d6ba01

And here is their website:


Other Parks / Indoor Coaster Coming to Tulsa
« on: June 09, 2015, 09:59:09 AM »

General Silver Dollar City Talk / SDC/Branson work advice
« on: October 27, 2014, 03:26:41 PM »
My son graduates from high school in May and he mentioned last night that maybe he'd like to work in Branson for the summer. He is wanting to go into Performing Arts for a career and thought that Branson would be a great introduction for him into that field.

He's been involved with church choir, jazz choir, mixed choir, show choir, received all state vocal honors, been part of musicals, plays, etc. He's performed with Clay Cooper, Sandi Patty, Kristen Chenoweth and loves being on stage. He plans to attend college and receive degrees in performance and education.

Not being of the area, where would he find audition information (is there a Branson publication, or just news paper) and what about summer housing?


Other Parks / Six Flags Over Texas Survey
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:17:15 AM »
I got the most awful "future" attractions survey from Six Flags. The three new attractions they promoted were:

1. Cell Phone Charging Stations/Social Media update stations. This would be kiosks placed around the park where you can update your Facebook, etc. and charge your phone. - My thoughts: Why isn't there just cell phone charging stations placed around the park as a service to your park guests? We update our social status by phone anyway so no need for computer stations. And why would this be considered as an attraction - this is a service in my mind, and something they should have already been providing.

2. Coaster Theater. You are strapped into a coaster car but experience the coaster without ever leaving the ground. - My thoughts: this just sounds like one of those "coaster simulators" that you can find at pizza buffets. I really didn't find this interesting......but if they constructed something like Spiderman, now that would be cool, but from the description - it was just going to be watching a coaster on a screen which I think is very blah.

3. Private Suites. Suites you can rent that are air-conditioned, have TV's, etc. - My thoughts: I do not want little suites to pop up all over the park, if you put these in the group picnic area it may work, but I really do not like this idea for just a select number of people and as an upcharge. Just provide some more relaxing areas of the park for your guest to enjoy. Enclose some of the restaurant areas and provide air conditioning, or construct a large pavilion that can be used by everyone. Frontier City has something like this that blends really well with the park.

Anyway, I am just concerned that Six Flags thinks these are attractions. I get the Coaster Theater as being billed as such......but a phone charging station and Private Suites? Those last two items should just be amenities that are provided to guests to better their experience at the park.


I know they have the flash drives for pictures that you can purchase when you leave, and then bring back to the park, but what if they had a better photo package right when you entered the park. For example:
1. Purchase a flash drive at the entrance for $50 bucks and they give you a wristband identifier for the day.
2. All on ride photos, cave pictures, saloon pics, etc. that are taken that day are free to download just show your wristband to the photo booth.
3. traveling photographers throughout the City that will take "party pics" of wristband groups and you can download all the pictures to the flash drive at the end of the day.
Basically a easy way to get "professional" photos of your family throughout the day.
4. Maybe have some other "photo spots" throughout the park that could be used by the service or just people wanting to take pictures (kind of like the old Kodak Picture Spots you could find in parks).

I know some people get pretty annoyed with the picture people, but if it was a "service" you could purchase to get more than just one or two photos, I think it could be a good thing.

So what are some other services you would like to see expanded, added.......or maybe even removed.


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