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Random Talk / Merry Christmas everybody 2017 here we come.
« on: December 24, 2016, 11:50:54 AM »
Hope you all have a great year and that we all have many more trips to Branson and our favorite Ozark Park. 

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Do you prefer the new LED lights?
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:20:55 PM »
We were commenting on how bright the new leds were this year, not so noticible on the buildings but on the parade and trees.  I have always really enjoyed the blue trees but this year could not stand to look at them, flickering and way too bright.  I was wondering if it was just us.  It seems like a less friendly look than it was with the old cheap lights.


This makes you appreciate that SDC hasen't started this.  Thinking that it would cost a family of 5 $650 PLUS taxes and parking (must nudge this up to $700.00 or so) for one day of a theme park.  I myself love the Disney Experience but this is falling out of bounds.  WDW has 40-50000 hotel rooms on property, will the 1% fill them?  The pricing is getting so high that a family cant do it.  This makes me appreciate SDC and their pricing.
I have been to WDW 10 times and stayed at the resort, ate on property, the entire deal and I will probably never go back to experience this again.  I cant justify this expense.  This is why SDC needs to become a reasonable option to a multi-day experience with lodging.

I was looking at the map this morning at the SDC website.  Interesting to note.

1. Strawberrys and Cream (in the path next to the saloon) and the island behind it containing plants is missing.  There is a clear pathway from the saloon to FITH (chip stand is still there)
2.  The Opera house is depicted to be painted very bright colors, I am hopping that they don't change the color palate Or if they do its not this selection, I know that artists take liberties when painting these maps and I hope the color chosen was part of the artistic liberty and not a planned change.
Anything you see that I have missed?

I always have tweaks I would like to share with someone who cares.  Is there anything you would like to change at the SDC OTC?
I myself would like to see a few new food choices.  What about you guys?


So I went to Branson last night intending to go to SDC today and had 2 BAF and had no friends that were free so I decided to find someone that looked like they could use a break.  ( Yes profiling )  Well the first group was a young couple with about 4 kids, I decided that they could use a little extra funds for the day so I asked them if they were purchasing tickets.  They said yes but they only had to buy one adult ticket and I explained that I could walk 1 of them through.  They were very appreciative and asked if I wanted money, I declined and asked them to do something nice for someone today.  I had 1 ticket left, as a side note for those of you who have not met me I am a clean cut approachable guy.  I work with the public and not in sales.  Well I could not GIVE that pass away.  I mean we stood there and had 2 busses unload and asked probably 20 cpls  but they are so scared that you are going to coral them into a time share they just would not take it.  I even told them " Hey, I am not a time share guy, I  am just trying to be nice" no dice...........  Maybe we are all getting too suspicious of people or the world really is getting bad or maybe they just are harassed too much around town.

Other Parks / NICE New Ride POV from Eteling The Netherlands
« on: July 03, 2015, 07:50:23 PM »
Check out the preshow to this coaster in Eteling, they are using projections and that's a hard sell for SDC but I do think one of the characters is a animatronic.  I was impressed and the coaster looks fun as well.
SDC needs to top Mystery Mine and invest a little more in a preshow to a well themed coaster.

Ride supporting video.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Guest Pass Delema
« on: May 14, 2015, 10:14:05 PM »
I am having a dilemma folks.  let me explain and you give me your opinion.
My brother and I are going to SDC Saturday without our mates.  We are all 4 seasons pass holders and have
4 BAF but it will only be my brother and I, no mates.
So usually I try to find a stranger on the way in that looks like they could use a break and get them in free. Under the new system can I get 2 in on my 2 BAF with only me? and my brother do the same with 2 others?

Readying this article this morning I have always thought SDC was missing the boat here.  What are your thoughts.  Would a plan like this encourage you to spend more per person in food?  I myself knowing that the meals run around $9,  if they ran tastes at $4 and trim down the " half portion by a touch I think this would work.  I they sold a $10 card and the tastes were $4 and the desserts samples were $2 then they could sell $10 passes for 2 tastes and a dessert.  I would be willing to try this out.  Thoughts?

Branson Talk / Disneys the Little Mermaid in Branson 2015
« on: April 27, 2015, 11:49:23 AM »

I was in B-town yesterday and saw the white house theater is going to have the Broadway version of the Little Mermaid for the most of the summer.  Also the pricing is right.
I was looking today the shows are 47.50 for adults but the matinee is always half price.  That's a great deal.  I will support this show in the hopes that they bring more large productions in.

Just got my passes, opened the envelope ( same stuff as usual)
I am looking forward to 2015.  There hasn't  been a announcement that the FL is opening at park opening but I bet it will.
The building is really something on the skyline down on the lake.  I think however it matches the GE more than it flows with the theming of the rest of the park.  If you consider the Victorian styling in the wood structures for the canopies shown in the MIG update it looks a lot like GE ( at this point).  I look forward to seeing how the new area flows.
As usual a new year brings new things to explore.  I am looking forward to March, if its warm I will be there, hopefully opening day.
What are you anticipating in 2015?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Day after Christmas Crowds?
« on: December 15, 2014, 08:57:33 AM »

I have a young relative coming in for the holidays and was thinking about going to SDC the day after Christmas or that weekend.  Does anyone have any experience with the crowds the weekend of Christmas?

  What would you choose?
1 thing, entity, show or attraction.

 Cut and pasted from Screamscape

General Park News -  (9/2/14) Disneyland fans may want to take careful note of the attractions that take your picture. While I know many of us have gotten to the point that you just walk on by Disneyland has been testing a new PhotoPass service where they will send the picture to your mobile device for just 99 cents on Splash Mountain and a few other attractions, which is a steal compared to the normal rates, plus you donít have to carry a picture around with you all day long.

What are your thoughts?  I have seen the thumb drives and the photos they offer at SDC but they are so high I am not willing to buy them on impulse. ( These photos are nothing but impulse purchases)  Bringing down the price really makes some sense. I may be willing to part with a buck for a ride photo.  On top of this is they are selling them then the purchasers will be posting them on Facebook ext. giving free advertising to the company.  Maybe even a $10 package for a photo from all the rides sent to your cell.  Very smart idea.

I got the times in the mail and went to check out what goodies they were giving out to us this year.  Much to my surprise they aren't really offering much this year.  A few discount coupons for $1 off a specific food item and $10 off if you spent more than $50 in a few shops.  What really took me back was they usually include an extra bonus Bring a friend or a really discounted bring a friend ticket but not this year.  With the exception of a bring a friend after 6 ticket for Moonlight Madness ( You cant pay me to go back during this offering ) the bring a friends were no more than what Country Mart is offering, either $30 or even a $40 BAF coupon.  If memory serves in years past these were from $10-20.  They have really taken a jump.  I just don't see the logic in the increase unless the park is really doing well and they don't need to offer the perks to entice a few more folks into the gates to buy food and drinks.  If they continue to whittle at the extra deals they are going to wear the shine off the seasons pass purchase for me.
 What do you guys think?

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