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Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: July 15, 2018, 01:09:06 PM »
Six Flags has made a recent change to the price It cost for parking at Frontier City. The recent increase went from $9 to $15. I asked a representive about the price increase they said it is expected to increase more during Fright Fest. It is expected too rise to $20 before the end of the season to be inline with the rest of the Six Flagís Parks.

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: July 10, 2018, 10:09:25 PM »
Frontier City is my home park.  It's 20 minute drive for me.  I saw the screamscape story about Tumbleweed.  It's up and running I haven't seen it closed all season.  When I read the story about the ride I went up too the park too see for myself.  It's running with a line of riders.  It has become a popular ride with kids and pre teens and teens.   The floor still Drops and raises a few adults ride the ride.  I can't stomach these rides had a bad experience just watching it from the observation platform I felt those bad experiences coming back to haunt me.   

For the down rides  Wildcat been running they been taking it down on Monday's to work on the far turn around track.  For some reason when they cleaned up some of the trees this past winter it made that turn around unbearable to ride.  For the past 4 weeks they have closed the ride on either Monday or Tuesday to work on the track.  They have replaced alot of track on that turn around it is now alot smoother then it was at the beginning of the season. 

Diamond Back is awaiting a sensor from what I understand will back in operation sometime this week.  It broke down this past weekend. 

Gunslinger from what I was told is waiting on a part that has to be shipped in from overseas. That is why it has been down for this extended amount of time.  The park has posted a cartoonish sign that the ride operator is on vacation in Hawaii. 

The rest of the rides have been operational so far this season.  The train kept derailing so a few weeks this season it was reduced down to 2 cars.  This past week they put the 3rd car back on the train.   It's been running smoothly. 

The parks log ride Tunnel has had some theme-ing updates Music added and as the outside track area some extra wet things were added to splash you.    Also Renegade Rapids Theme line has some interactive theme-ing and Music added to the queue line.  Pretty entertaining and nicely done.

Starting this week and next  the Circus makes a stop at Frontier City with daily shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:19:33 PM »
OH and no more media circus events with Silver Bullet. The Park has now over the past few weeks installed a brand new cat walk that extends over the lift hill.  So they can now easily evacuate the ride safely without having to have the Fire Department harness guests and have them climb over seats. 

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:15:51 PM »
Do they have a disk-o yet?  Thatís probably a good guess on whatís coming

The new Zip line doesn't look at all tacky it fits the area of the park. The riders will glide over main street and one end pretty close to guests underneath.  I saw it this weekend going to be a very popular attraction especially if they are going to have a 5 dollar up charge.

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:03:10 PM »
Attack of the clones!...  I wouldn't be hurt if they add a tower ride a Skyscreamer or a Drop tower.  Coaster wise if they add a S&S Freespin,  Skyline Skywarp,  or even a RMC Raptor Track coaster.  Even some of the flats they have added to parks like a Zamperla Endeavor or a Giant Discovery Ride also by Zamperla.  It would be nice too see a clone. Please keep it a Wild West themed park.  DO NOT bring in DC comics or Looney tunes. 

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:25:26 PM »
According to NewsOK website Six Flags paid 23 million dollars to lease the 5 parks.  I'm still curious too see what they do with both Frontier City and White Water Bay.  Part of me is I'm afraid they will treat the park like a stepchild of the chain like it was last time it was under the Six Flags name.  Same with White Water Bay.  The other part of me is super excited maybe this time around will they expand both parks and grow it too fit the OKC Metro rapid booming economy.  Only time will tell but I'm happy to not having to buy two separate season pass it will save me more money in the long run.  I know it's business as usual this season.

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 22, 2018, 11:00:03 PM »
Well itís not really ďagainĒ as it was owned by Premier then and then Premier bought the Six Flags parks.  This is a dramaticly different company.  I would imagine itíll be called Frontier City a Six Flags Park.  Now the water park might  get branded a Hurricane Harbor.

I think White Water Bay will keep it's name if you look at the Logo at this White Water Bay in OKC and the one used at Fiesta Texas it's the same logo. 

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:25:30 PM »
I can't believe it like History repeats itself.  I can't wait to go on Saturday talk with some of the managers get their take on this whole transaction.  I pray it's a good thing something major gets added to this park.

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: May 06, 2018, 11:56:41 PM »
I haven't updated on here since the park opened up for the season.  Since I frequent the park.  They have made some great improvements to the park.  More with landscaping and theme-ing and upgrades to the buildings and rides.  Prarie Schooner the ship part had a detail Paint job.  The artist did a great job.  Also Winged Warrior now fits the parks theme not some random tropical parrots.  The food options have changed through out the park. Stuff has moved around.   They have a new Beer Stand in Fort Frontier, Also a brand new French Fry Stand.  The shows they have added more shows.   New this year replacing the kid shows they have is a country and Western Show.  Very fitting for the park.  The Two John saloon has two shows instead of 4 different shows.   A smaller Magic Show and PT Barnums Flea Circus  Both are highly entertaining The performer they have is one heck of a performer never breaks character even when walking around the park.  The characters in the show if they are out and about walking the pathways in their costume like the Gunfighters they remain in character. It adds charm to the experience.   This season the park added a exclusive show to celebrate Frontier City's 60th anniversary.  The show is very original its  called "Celebration: A Musical Review" s Music through the decades of the parks Existence.  It covers Pop Culture of each decade starting with the late 50th through today.  A Frontier City gunfighter does the narration between the decades talking about the park.  There is a nostalgic video at one point that reflects on the parks past that transition you to how the park is today.  There is also a Frontier City song that begins the show, has a bit in the middle and closes out with the Frontier City song.  The new Soaring Eagle Zip Line attraction has started to rise up from the ground. I like the location where it will zip over main street.  The loading platform will be elevated there  will be a ramp to lead up to the platform.  Also the park has 60th anniversary merchandise in the main gift store.  The smaller Gift shop has old mugs on sale from the park 50th anniversary.   So for me  that mug was a nice souvenir to purchase.  The park has done some great improvements and I can't wait for the future. 

Other Parks / Re: Thunder Falls Indoor Water Park and Resort
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:53:38 AM »
I took a screenshot from the management company.  I researched the local business men via their FB page. I'm more on board with this project. They pretty much teamed up with EPIC water park in the DFW area. To build this park here in Oklahoma.  the sign is up and construction has actually started.  Spring looks like they will be doing the official ground breaking ceremony.  So that is exciting for Oklahoma to have this type of year around development.  Location will be good to draw people in from Amarillo and Western Oklahoma.  Also people from Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma will travel to this Water park in the Winter.   

Other Parks / Re: Thunder Falls Indoor Water Park and Resort
« on: February 21, 2018, 09:32:56 PM »
It is a rendition of what to expect.  It is being designed by the guy who designed Volcano Bay in Orlando.  I'm sure it's going to be a very nice waterpark.  Epic Waters in DFW is 80,000 square feet and deemed the largest indoor water park in the nation.  This park is going to be 65,000 square feet.  Larger then a Great Wolf Lodge waterpark.  Those are normally 45,000 square feet.   

Other Parks / Thunder Falls Indoor Water Park and Resort
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:17:42 PM »
Learned this week that a brand new Water Park Resort is being built in Yukon, OK .  Just outside the OKC metro.  The new water park which I haven't held my breath on the project till i did a little more research.  Now that construction has started with a schedule opening date of May of 2019.  It's Great wolf type of project done by a local businessman who is getting enormous financial support from local companies and banks to build this resort.  The sign is up and groundwork is underway.   The park is going to take over a year to be built.  It is designed by the makers of Volcano Bay in Orlando.  It will be managed by the same company "ARM"  American Resort Management who is the company that manages EPIC Waters in the DFW area.   The park is 65,000 square feet with an attached 200 room hotel.  It's going to be a massive development located off I-40 and Frisco Road. 

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:59:04 AM »
Yes Wildcat had that rough ending before the double down the one thing that ruins that double down is that stinking break run they add on that last hill before the station.  It's a rough stop.  I have to shout Break check.  I have saved numerous riders from getting the wind knocked out of them when they hit that break run. I always ride in the back.  I know the hill before the turn around I  discovered if you lift your feet you get 4 seconds of floater air time before you are bounced back into your seat.  I always sit on the left side too absorb the bouncy turn around.

One thing I liked about Frozen Frontier I learned that they been cleaning around and out the storage areas in and near Wildcats in field.  They discovered the original sign Wildcat sign from Fairyland Kansas.  They didn't know yet what do to do with the sign.  I suggested they do what they did with the Wildcat Station with the history of Wooden Coaster.  Use the East wall of station Encase the sign just clean it up and add history information boards about the coaster. They liked the idea but one of the managers think the sign is in to much disrepair that it wouldn't look good for the park.  I think it would work  I stand inline and those information boards get a lot of attention from all age groups.  I attached a photo of the sign. 

Alot of needed paint and different things done around the park this season will give a image to park guests I have a feeling will in return make a big impact. I would share the information but I don't want too jeopardize future events for any group.  They made clear what we could share and not share on social media platforms.     

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: February 05, 2018, 09:02:38 PM »
I went to Central Plains Coaster Clubs Frozen Frontier at the park.  After the visit I was walked away excited to find out all the changes this year.  Pretty much infrastructure work through-out the park. Much needed work. I can't go into detail because out of respect of the parks request is that they did want this shared on public media outlets.  I know they are not adding a major ride for their 60th.  There major addition which has been shared by the park is "A Frontier Christmas"  I have a very strong feeling that it will be one of the most popular Holiday events in OKC.

Other Parks / Re: Frontier City Developments
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:34:52 AM »
I'm going to Central Plains Coaster Clubs  "Frozen Frontier" at Frontier City next Saturday February 3rd.  I will find out more information on the coaster and other plans the park has for it's 60th season. 

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