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Got a survey today with 2 festival options they are looking at to replace street fest.
Most of the questions I got focused on the flower and food fest, then they showed the great America exhibition and asked which one I preferred.

Im a huge fan of street fest so it going away is rough. I was hoping with it going away theyd bring back world fest. Out of these two Id prefer the flower and food, but Id really like something more like street fest or world fest.

Ozark Outlaw:
I took the survey as well. Interestingly, my survey was just the opposite. On my survey, there was a heavier focus on the Great American Exhibition, and less focus on the Flower and Food Fest. However, I was not thoroughly excited about either of the two concepts. Perhaps it was due to the way it was presented, but they both seemed somewhat weak to me. I hope whatever they go with I am pleasantly surprised by.  :)

They both sound kinda generic. Could do a lot with the Great America Exhibition theme though and it would obviously go over well here. Bluegrass and BBQ already has a heavy American theme to it though...

Food and Flowers seems like a small rip-off of what Epcot currently has going, lol. That's about as generic as SpringFest. People do like both food and flowers though.

I assumed that it would be Food & Flower to align with Dollywood.

History Buff:

--- Quote from: mg on March 01, 2024, 10:05:50 AM ---I assumed that it would be Food & Flower to align with Dollywood.

--- End quote ---

Especially since the photos are from Dollywood.


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