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Outlaw Run restraints?


Correct me if i'm wrong but did they change the restraints on Outlaw Run a few years ago? I rode it back in 2016 and fit just fine. Tried the test seat out and i couldnt even get the lap belt thing to come over my sides. Still around the same weight and height i was back then. also dont remember the restraints over the legs. Didn't know if they changed belts or what.

They have been accused of changing the restraints. I seem to recall all RMCs getting modified after the Texas Giant incident years ago. They are definitely tighter now.

I rode it again last month and yeah I felt like they were gonna kill me. The operator did confess they did shorten the seatbelts and changed the restraint locking system a couple years ago. I really hope FITH 2.0 isnt gonna be this way, that was my only disappointment when I saw the RMC trains. I was really hoping they were gonna refurb the originals.

I was just curious because my first thought was I was never that small and was able to ride it. The belts now are like for someone really thin. That was a fun one to ride. I hope FITH 2.0 has something like the same style lapbar as the original.

History Buff:
Assuming the center of gravity is similar, the restraints should not be too restrictive.


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