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[Carowinds] Fury 325 Support Failure

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A major support structure on Carowinds Fury 325 has completely broken apart and the track is visibly floating. You can see the separation clearly as the train flies thru the track. Do note this coaster has some pretty intense G's and has a top speed of 95mph. I have been on this coaster and that is pretty shocking to see, especially for a B&M thats less than 10 years old.

I'd like to know if this literally just happened or has maintenance been cutting back on inspections?

Video of the separation while the coaster passes thru:


Hard to believe that wasn't already deadlined.

Well it made national news lol

The "band aid" for it ATTM

Another update with a detailed statement. Great transparency with Carowinds and B&M here.


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