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Six Flags America
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:06:25 AM »
Six Flags America was our first theme park of the summer trip. After 5 days of museums and tours in Washington, I hopped the metro and went to DCA to pick up our ride for the next two weeks (or so I thought). Budget, true to form didn't have what we rented (7 seat SUV, Explorer or Similar). It was cheaper than the regular mid sized SUVS when I booked. So, they put us into a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Which was more than acceptable considering there are 4 of us.

Now, back to the park. It's a smaller park, it is very well maintained and cleaned. Landscaping was nice, no weeds, ect, ect, ect. But... this park lacks shade trees and just plain shade. I had read that thus was the case but it truly is. Being a Tuesday afternoon, the park was mostly empty as many schools in the area were still in session. The plan of attack was getting all the coasters done, and spend some time at the water park section and hit up more rides between the water park closing and dry park closing. It was the busiest area as the metro DC area soared into the mid 90s from the perfect breezy low 80s we had starting off. We headed to the Cajun themed area first. We did it all, the drop, the flying scooters, the spinning wild mouse and Wild One woodie. It was nothing special aND after a front row and back row ride a distant memory.

Next up was Apocalypse, a B&M Stand Up. This was my first ride on this type. There's a bit of a trick to the restraint system. You want to bend/squat a little while getting locked in to give the boys a little clearance. There was nothing special about standing up, and head banging associated with Vekoma if you don't know how to position your head going into different elements. One front row ride was more than enough for the credit.

Next up was Joker's Jinx, this is a repeat as we have rode SFFT. It was alright, we got three rides in and moved on to Superman, Ride of Steel. It's alright, a front and back and we we on our way. Roar was next and did the front and back combo and there was nothing special about it. We did the rift ride and once was enough. Last and least was the Vekoma flying dutchman, Batwing. It is what it is and it's not a B&M flyer. The Wonder Woman themed Star Flyer was testing but not open.

Overall, the park is clean, well kept but needs lots more shade. There was some street entertainment like  Carnival dancing in the Mardi Gras section. It needs another something. There isn't one stand out in the park.

Next up Morey's Pier.
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