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Our system of development threads is getting a little convoluted, but perhaps carving one more to the mix will help sort things out a little better.

This thread is for targeted speculation on development projects at SDC past the current year's cycle. Topics such as the "5-year plan" or long term projects are welcome here, but keep rumors/construction talk about the current year's developments in the other thread.

For posting cool attraction concepts or ideas you think would go well in SDC, post here:

For discussion on the current developments, see the current yearly project thread at the top of this board.


Original Post:

When I talked to the Woman running Wings of Wonder yesterday, she heard that they would be making a circle from GE to FL with another guest train crossing across the tracks. I said, I did see construction vehicles over there 1 day, but people said they were just resurfacing the employee parking lot, and they moved the cars back in place once they were finished, so that idea was out for me. She said, well that idea isnt totally out of the picture. I said, that is true. So, the questions are: Are they planning on making a circle here? What rides will be back here? What kind of rides do you think would go nicely here? Where are they moving the Employee Parking to?

She likes my idea of turning HDH into a peaceful park like CC had.

That project isn't even on the radar for the 5 year plan.
Sorry. She was mistaken.

History Buff:
The appeal of GE and FL for parents is that they only have one entrance/exit for the kids.  Traffic is not so bad in either area that a relief route is needed.  I'm not saying it would never happen, but there are some behind the scenes areas that would have to be moved for this to ever happen, including but not limited to parade staging.

True HB. Swoosh, what 5 year plan? I have only seen 5 year plans for what people on here want or think will happen. I never seen an official 5 year plan from any SDC employee stating exactly what will happen because like people on here have said, They dont want people to know what will happen next until they are ready to start construction.

Swoosh knows things that most people don't.


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