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Other Parks / Six Flags St. Louis: Then vs. Now
« on: September 29, 2017, 01:03:20 AM »
I came across this really neat post about Six Flags St. Louis when it was Six Flags Over Mid-America in the 70s.

The guy took his old photos from back in the day and recreated them in the modern day park.

I LOVE history so this got me really excited. My husband and I spent the last couple hours finding everything on the modern day park map, and from our memory of how the park looks now, and tried to figure out every detail of what has been changed.

I would love to find more things like this of other places. Six Flags was a really cool find for us since we go all the time, only living 20 minutes away. I saved all of the old pictures on my phone and I'm going to do my own scavenger hunt next time I go, hopefully uncovering more details of the past that have been left.

One of my favorite things I noticed: Most the street lights you see in the old pictures are still there today! We used some of them as clues to figure out some specific details.

Random Talk / Missouri Centennial Passport
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:29:19 PM »
My husband and I picked up a Missouri Centennial Passport that the Missouri State Parks are selling for their 100th birthday. In it is a complete list of state parks and historic sites. By going to these places, you get a stamp for each place. The first 1,000 people to get all the stamps by October gets prizes. Since our hobby is hiking and visiting historic sites, we thought it would be fun to try to fill the book and document our adventures.

We set up a YouTube channel where we do a review of the places we go. It's basically a travel vlog. We only have two videos at the moment since Chris and I basically have opposite schedules. It's hard to find time to go places, then find time to edit the videos. We're working hard to get at least one video up a week.

The videos are kind of rusty, but we'll get there. ;)
If you're interested in checking it out, our channel name is Chris & Tiff.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Garters
« on: August 07, 2015, 03:32:36 AM »
I'm getting married in October and I want to use a garter from SDC. Our colors are blue and black, and I'm pretty sure there are (or used to be) blue garters at SDC. I was there last week and couldn't find any in any gift shops. I know they sell them in the saloon, but it was a HOT day and all indoor activities were packed. I think I have a blue garter packed away somewhere. Even if I dig it out, I don't want to chance losing it if whoever catches it decides to keep it, it gets lost in the excitement at the reception, etc. Does anybody know if they still have blue garters? Or maybe someone would be willing to part with one...?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Vacation!
« on: July 09, 2015, 01:03:12 PM »
I'll be in Branson July 25-Aug 1. What day do you think will be the least crowded at SDC?

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Saturday or Sunday? Crowds...
« on: December 06, 2014, 11:06:34 PM »
I'll be in town next weekend and we're taking two kids with us. I want their first experience of the best festival to be without hoards of people blocking the decorations. Which day do you think would be less crowded... Saturday or Sunday?

Or would Friday be best?

Branson Talk / 7th Annual Ozark Craft Festival
« on: November 22, 2014, 12:24:00 PM »
I probably should have posted this earlier, but I'm doing a craft show today in Ozark (30 minutes from Branson).
If anyone is in town, come by and see me! It was yesterday and today, ends at 4. I'm in the conference room! We're not as busy as we'd like to be, so come on over!!

General Silver Dollar City Talk / PowderKeg Mug
« on: November 15, 2014, 09:35:17 PM »
I bought a mug from the PowderKeg gift shop a few years ago. It jumped to it's death from the cabinet tonight *a moment of silence please*. It was one of my favorite mugs and I really hope they still sell them. I haven't paid much attention because I haven't needed to. It was larger than the average mug and it looked like a barrel. It said Silver Dollar City on one side and PowderKeg on the other.

Has anyone seen these lately?

Random Talk / It's been a while!!!!!!
« on: September 26, 2013, 12:01:53 PM »
I've missed you guys! I've been so busy lately with a new addition to my family (in form of weeny dog), school, work!

There's been a lot of new stuff in my life that take up A LOT of time:
-I had a baby! By that, I mean I adopted a Miniature Dachshund  ;) If any of you are my friends on Facebook, you've seen millions of pictures!!
-I started working at Hallmark.
-I'm in my 3rd semester of college.
-My sister got a cat which I'm also partly responsible for because it breaks everything so you can never let it out of your sight.
-I've been volunteered for a lot at my church. I don't mind helping, but I guess that's what I get for switching to a different church where I've known most everybody my whole life...  and everyone knows I can't say no lol

I'm gonna do my best to keep up with everything on this site from now on! With better time scheduling, and trying not to play as much Candy Crush, it should be a lot easier  ;D

My baby, Harlow Jean <3

I'm a Purple Apron Girl!!

Sapphire, my sister's kitten sleeping on my lap.

General Silver Dollar City Talk / Salt Water Taffy
« on: June 15, 2013, 08:12:42 PM »
Does SDC make all of their own taffy, or do they have a company they buy it from? Because I just bought a bag of taffy from a gas station (having withdrawals) and it looks identical to SDC's and taste pretty darn close (anything with an SDC label always tastes better. Trust me, it really does ;) ). I Googled it, but of course, couldn't find anything about it...

Random Talk / I'm back!!
« on: April 02, 2013, 04:23:02 PM »
I haven't been posting lately because I was in St. Charles at the Missouri District Youth Convention and the WiFi in the hotel cost $10 for a 24 hour period... so stupid.
So I'm behind on homework and email. You'd think paying $160 a night for a room, WiFi would be included.
Other than that, I had a GREAT time!!!

The theme was [Continue...] We are to continue the Apostle's mission from Acts 28 ("...preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.")
Pictures to follow :)

Random Talk / Happy Spring, Y'all!!
« on: March 24, 2013, 11:32:37 PM »
I live in Stanton, MO, and I do believe the snow got up to 13.5"...

I cleared a path on the porch, 1 hour later it looked like I never touched it.

Also, the skylight in my parent's bathroom collapsed. Good thing it's right over a bathtub!! My dad put a slab of wood over it for now. Hopefully that holds!

How's it looking in your neck of the woods?

Random Talk / Youth Week 2013
« on: February 27, 2013, 01:02:57 AM »
I have been hanging out with a different church's Youth Group recently (had issues with the group at my home church).
This coming Sunday is when I officially become a member of the Lighthouse Church of Pacific, Mo. I grew up at the Washington UPC, but when it's time to move on, it's time to move on.


This past week Lighthouse had what they call Youth Week. It's 4 days of teenagers worshiping God without our parents breathing down our necks (kinda awesome). Wednesday night was just regular church, then it was music/drama practice Thursday so there was no service, Friday was regular service, then Saturday is when it really got fun. We had a service with the guest speaker Bro. Matthew Johnson. Then after church, we had pizza and soda in the basement. After the pizza ran out, we went back upstairs for a little meeting-like-thing. Bro. Johnson basically just talked about how Youth Groups should be united and did a demonstration where he had someone stand on a Solo Cup (which crumbled as soon as it was stepped on) then had some volunteers stand a bunch of cups next to each other until they covered an area of space the size of a foldable table. They then folded the table legs in and laid the table on top of the cups. Bro. Johnson had several people stand on the table and the cups were very sturdy. The point of that was to show that if everyone stands together like the cups, we are a lot stronger than one single person.

First half of the people.

The other half, making it 9 people total standing on the table.

After Bro. Johnson left, our youth leader basically let us do our own thing... his mistake. We played a version of volley ball, I got nailed in the face and made fun of... we had a karaoke thing where we rewrote words to worship songs to see who was the most creative... I went outside to get my phone charger from my car and I got locked out in the cold while a couple people stood in front of the door and laughed at me, one guy said, "Sorry, we're closed. Not taking anymore souls today." (I left my jacket inside the church... ugh.) Then somebody got the idea, WE SHOULD MAKE A VIDEO!!! Of course I was inspiration for the first part of the video... people getting locked outside of a church. We shot this around midnight, 1 o'clock... (I'm the one in the yellow scarf.)

Sunday morning was just regular church, then Sunday night was a few skits and a really powerful church service. We then went to Applebee's afterwards and took up half of the restaurant.

Good times...  :D

Sunday night videos...
Youth Group Skit:
Sign Team:
(I'm not in either of the Sunday night videos due to scheduling conflicts.)

Random Talk / Getting Rid of a Mouse...
« on: January 04, 2013, 02:55:45 AM »
We've had a mouse living with us for almost 2 months. He is eating hair stuff and dragging it all over the house, like ponytail holders and headbands, and he eats bars of soap and chews on everything. We even found Christmas ribbon in the back of the stove. He has been leaving "messes" all over the house and he's starting to get brave, letting us see him. He doesn't hide much anymore so I'm afraid someone is going to get bit since he isn't afraid of people. We have tried spring loaded traps, glue traps, any kind of trap, you name it. We've even brought the cat inside to catch him. He is getting to be really annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him gone?

Random Talk / Ghost Hunting
« on: January 03, 2013, 05:03:05 PM »
My boyfriend is kind of a girl when it comes to stuff like back roads, abandoned places, things like that. I think being scared is fun (I love an adrenaline rush), so I thought it would be fun to take him ghost hunting just to see how scared he gets as a way to get back at him for picking on me all the time. We had visited his aunt and uncle who live in New Haven, MO and somehow got on the subject of haunted places around New Haven and Washington. His uncle mentioned Enoch Knob Bridge that isn't too far from their house. By the time we left his aunt and uncle's house, it was too late to go out there, plus my mom was wanting me home.
So a few days later I brought it up and kinda talked him into checking it out (I was driving, so he didn't really get a choice on where we went). We got directions from a gas station but still managed to get lost. It was day time when we started on our way there, but by the time we actually found it, the sun was going down. The road the bridge is on is closed, so we parked by the gate and I was planning to walk down towards the bridge until Nate told me to wait in the car for a second. I grabbed my phone and started recording. He got half way out of the car and said he heard footsteps in the woods next to him. I said it was probably an animal but he swears it was something else. So ok, whatever. I get out of the car and stand by the gate. He starts whistling Twisted Nerve (if you watched American Horror Story, season 1, its the whistle Tate does while he's shooting up the school). All of a sudden we hear a crash sound down the road towards where the bridge is, then it sounds like someone running in the snow, like that crunching sound after the snow has frozen over). It sounded like it ran a few feet then stopped. It startled me but it scared the pants off of Nate. He jumped in the car and said, "LET'S GO!!!" So I get in the car and go to close my door then I dropped my keys in the floor, and it landed on the padding where the door closes so I lean over to pick them up then hear what sounded like someone slap, or maybe punch the back of my car. My first reaction was to look back there, but I didn't see anything. So I pick up my keys. I get the keys in the ignition and try backing out. My car gets stuck and it looks like Nate is about to cry. By now the all you can see is a pink stripe in the sky where the sun is almost gone. My check engine light comes on, so now I'm worried. We have cell phone signal, but how am I gonna explain to my parents why I'm out in the middle of no where, alone with my bf...
I pull forward a little bit, then back out just fine this time, probably just stuck in the snow. My check engine light stayed on the entire time we were on that road. The second we turn onto 185, it goes off.
After we calmed down, Nate said we should come back in the day time with a group of friends. I laughed and said, "Ok."

Random Talk / Carter Michael
« on: December 07, 2012, 02:21:26 PM »
My godson was born yesterday at 9:51am, 6lbs 10oz  ;D
He has the blondest hair and the bluest eyes, just like his mama :)
He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
His mom, Kelsey, and I have been best friends since the 2nd grade, so about 12 years. She's been to SDC with me several times so you might have seen her in some of the pics in my trip reviews.
She called me around 3am yesterday morning on her way to the hospital. I wasted no time getting out of bed and getting up there even though she told me I didn't have to worry about it. I had already made plans to be in Branson yesterday to drop some stuff off at Branson Mill Craft Village, but I told her I'd rather be with her. We argued about where I should be, but I won. So I spent 8 hrs by her side. After Carter was born, she told me I had to get out of there and get to Branson to drop the stuff off, "After all, if you don't sell your stuff, where is the money that you're gonna spoil this baby with gonna come from?" ...haha, gotta love Kelsey ;D
So I left the hospital, picked up my bf who said he was dying of boredom and loneliness at his house (he's a little dramatic), and headed to Branson. We dropped off my stuff at Branson Mill, shopped around, I bought almost $40 worth of stuff for Carter, and some stuff for Kelsey (for Carter, lol). After that, we went to the Landing and I spent another $80 on baby stuff. I left Branson around 8pm, went straight back to the hospital. Kelsey was sleeping, but Carter wasn't. So I rocked him for a while until he fell asleep. My bf held him for a little bit, but his mom kept calling asking when he was gonna be home. So I took him home, then went back to the hospital. Kelsey was awake this time, so we talked for a while until my mom called and told me to get home.
I'm gonna go back to the hospital later today because Kelsey says she is bored out of her mind and doesn't get to come home until Saturday. (Let's just say Carter's dad isn't what you would call a winner... that's the nicest way to put it. Also the baby got Mom's last name.)

I wish you could see his blue eyes and bright blonde hair, but this was the only pic where he wasn't crying.

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